Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha threatens Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Raman and Mani left from office, we shall go. Karan asks Ruhi to move towards right side. She asks what happened. He says that girl will get after me, tell her that you are my GF, please help me. Ruhi says okay, fine, what shall I do. He says hold my hand, say something nice. The girl Reema comes to them and asks Ruhi to get away. Karan says I like her. Ruhi says yes, we both like each other, we are dating, can we give us privacy, else we shall leave. They go. The man tries to commit suicide. Raman and everyone stop him. The man says don’t come near me. Raman says fine, what’s the problem. The man says I got ruined. Raman says maybe I can help. The man says you are also ruined. Raman asks what are you saying. Romi slaps the man and says I know this

man, he is acting, he came here for interview, I didn’t hire him as he isn’t qualified. Raman says you are beating him. Romi takes Raman.

Ishita scolds the man and takes him out. She says you shouldn’t take a wrong step, tell me, how can I help you. He thinks Sudha won’t leave me if I say anything wrong. He says stop this drama, you are Raman’s wife and will take his side. He goes. She says he can do anything and put blame on Raman. She sees him leaving in some car. She says he came here to commit suicide, now he is going with someone. She follows the car and says I find something fishy. Raman asks where did Ishita go. Romi says she went to market, your number was not reachable, so she called me. Raman says what’s going on here. Romi says that man is mad, don’t take stress, Ishita handles situation well, I was at auditor’s office. Raman says you left from there when I called, how irresponsible are you. Romi says I went there again, sorry, I thought you will scold me if I don’t check papers well. Raman goes. Ishita reaches somewhere and thinks where die that man go, this house looks lavish. She sees Sudha’s pic. Sudha welcomes her. Ishita says you tried to bribe Romi first, now you want to buy shares and control Raman’s company, you did this drama.

Sudha says you are smart, but you failed in this case, I came to your house and insulted your family, this was my small tricks to distract you, well, you know it now, I m the one ruining Bhalla industries, Raman will become my slave. Sudha says I will teach you a lesson, Raman won’t be able to bear torture, he will take his life, like Rajat left, Raman will also die. Ishita shouts enough and raises hand. Sudha holds her hand and says don’t dare to raise hand. Ishita scolds her. She says you think its easy to break me and Raman, do what you want, we won’t break. Sudha says interesting, it will be fun to defeat you. She laughs.

Ishita goes. The man looks on and tells his boss that Ishita left from Sudha’s house, she looked worried. Ishita says Sudha will ruin my family, how shall I save Raman and everyone, Raman is planning a grand wedding for Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla calls her and asks are you done with shopping. Ishita says yes, I m coming. The man looks on. Ishita hears everyone and says who has come at this house. She gets in smiling. She says so you guys are here. Pihu says this dog’s name is Dumbell, he is cute, Rohan got him. Rohan says we thought of meeting you all. Aaliya says Mrs. Bhalla asked you to have dinner. Ishita says you can come anytime and order your choice of food. Karan says yes, I m Rohan’s brother and don’t need formal invitation. Ruhi says we have to tolerate you. Raman sees Ishita worried. Ishita goes and says what do I do, Sudha is dangerous.

Ishita says its good Rohan stayed back, we can know him well. Raman asks what’s bothering you. She says nothing. He says you become nervous when you lie, what’s the problem. She says nothing is wrong, Aaliya is happy, we wanted this, I m very happy. He asks is this how you express joy, I know you stop smiling when you are hiding something. She says I m smiling. He says don’t pretend to smile, what’s the matter. Pihu says I knew dumbell will be here. Ishita worries.

Sudha says I will ruin Raman. Ishita says shut up, you can’t win. Sudha says you just treat kids’ dental problems, this is business. Ishita says do whatever you want, I will see how you will takeover Bhalla empire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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