Kasam 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika kidnapped by the corporator

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Kasam 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A lady comes to meet Vikas Sharma. Kritika offers her a seat, Vikas recognizes her as Malishka and tells Kritika it’s her case she has been handling. Malishka complains about Balraj’s son who misbehaved with her father and got physical. She told him to do everything legally. Vikas sends Kritika to get coffee while he speaks to Malishka that all their paper work is fake, else they can lose everything. She must not repeatedly mention it as legal. He suggests her to win their hearts for now, they must see their daughter in law in Malishka. Kritika returns with the coffee but Malishka leaves without having it. Kritika gives a full guarantee of winning over the case this time.
Mahima asks Ranvir to take her to temple. Ranvir apologizes as its team’s party. Akki offers to take her as he won’t go with Ranvir to his boring parties. Ranvir says there won’t even be any music or hot chics in the temple as well. Mahima warns them not to speak lose in front of her. After the guys leave, Mahima tells Balraj not to argue with Batra.
Pummy and Ishani were watching television with Koli. They watch the promo of Mard ka Naya Suroop.
Akash thinks about his insult in hands of Kritika. He decides to write the story of this Jhansi ki Rani now.
Ranvir drops Mahima and Akki to temple. Akki asks Mahima to think he is standing with her as two. They joke for a while. Mahima advices Ranvir to drive slow, this isn’t Canada but India. Ranvir promises to even wear a belt.
It was night. Akash’s man comes to inform him he has seen Kritika take the short cut to her house through a lonely street. They head their jeep to stop Kritika’s way. Akash comes to Kritika laughing that he likes lonely girls and no one around.
Ranvir was driving his car, reminding his mother’s lesson to drive slowly.
There, Kritika stammers while she warns Akaash about yesterday’s lesson. Akaash shouts for help, and says no one comes to anyone’s help here. They make fun of Kritika warning them against police complaint. Kritika warns the men to try and touch her, else they will bear the consequences.
Pummy and Ishani were watching television together. Jiana returns home after a good day at work and asks about Kritika. Pummy says she already warned her to come home early at night. Jiana was worried about Kritika who promised to be home at seven. Pummy was irked at her as it was 8.30 now. Jiana dials her number. The goons held Kritika who still resisted against them and warned them against the police. She steps over their feet and try to run away but Akaash holds her back. He warns to kill and bury her here otherwise. Akaash boasts about being a corporator who leads the police here. Kritika’s phone bell rings them. The goons snatch her bag. Akaash offers her to speak to Jiana but drops the phone to break it. Everyone laugh together. Akaash says they will warn her sister later about torn clothes, and she will surely bring it. Jiana was worried as the call to Kritika didn’t connect. The goons force Kritika into their jeep.
Ranvir hears Kritika’s call for help. He thinks its only that she is controlling his mind. He passes by the street and spots Akaash and the goons taking Kritika. He decides she will take care of herself and he must drive home. He later decides to help as the girl is in trouble.
The goons bring Kritika into a godown, tied with ropes. They had gathered here, Kritika asked them to leave her alone. Ranvir stops the car tracing the jeep. Inside, Kritika tries to run from the goons but was caught by Akaash.

PRECAP: Akaash was trying to molest Kritika. Ranvir enters the godown then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice, but preleap tanu rishi were best . Still we have not seen their romantic side , and channel is not promotingit disappointed by the behavior of channel. Hope they show something different not like krtika and ranbir fighting their also in front of goons but show caring side too

  2. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Yeah Lilly, I too feel that preleap was best when their was rishi and tanu because Tanu was caring innocent and soft but I think Kritika is a little bit version of Tanuja and I know she will not gonna show any caring side. Instead she will start blaming ranbir and start her shouting which really su!cks. The show was perfect in preleap but start loosing its trp after tanu’s death and lost it’s charm after 7 years leap and exit of bedi family but now there is all good except one thing and that is kritika.Kritika character is even worse than tanuja . She should be a bit soft and caring, less talkative.
    And can someone tell me what happened to rishi’s marag dosh and tanu being savior.

  3. Wow you just said my mind lilly and undertaker justin bieber . Kritika is little arrogant in approach , like I alwys saw her shouting like tanuja , thats good that she is independent , strong and capable but she is harsh and judge people too easily without going in dept or have that mature understanding which tanu had , she easily judged ranbir as cheap without knowing that he is star and fan does so , this can be misunderstanding but not once but many times I saw she is fighting a lot and not mature . Like at airport she shouted on that boy , if it was tanu she would have made him understand his mistake sofly but she is rude and rough , I still not got that connected to kribir , coz they have too much attitude , I too want to see their romantic side not attitude , ego fights and comedy . Preleap was really nice . Still will see what they show

  4. I thonk in the show rishi tanu jodi was best…. tanuja is little bit ..
    new one I don’t like.

  5. Tanu and rishi jodi was superab but the creators hit axe in their own feet by killing tanu. And tanuja i just hate her. And kritika is a little good than tanuja but still bad. Tanu was best character cause writer made her character by taking lot time of thinking and show was gaining a lot of trp in the begaining but when the two tanuja and kraitika came they just made both by thinking about their charaxter quick and they donot want the show to go logically and nice. They just want to increase their bad episodes in the show. Look creators thibk logically and make kritika like tanu or the show will go floop like it is going right now. U can never make it to the trp list . And the things that the show used to be in trp list will be just history

    1. Loving Kratika as Kritika. So much different from Tanu and Tanuja.
      I want to thank the writer for making her character so bubbly , cute at the same confident

  6. OMG .now SM fans dont like kritika they can’t see kritika insult RK..Kritika s the best thing happened in kasam2. Nd better than tanu nd tanuja.

  7. Thanks for the update . Loving Kritika’s character how she is shown independent and confident at the same time me happy go lucky. As usual Kratika is living the character . Camera rolls she transform herself into Kritika.

    Hope her character continues to be like this.
    She is looking beautiful by the way …
    Would be great if she wears different kurti n dresses with jeans

  8. Seriously some stupid people fight here and think that we are bashing one and praising one and doing partiality with their favorite characters then they are fools because as a kasam fan and krasha fan no one is bashing actors but the characters personality made by writers so stop keeping notions that he is bashing because he is ks fan or sharad fan . This is the reason our fandom is less powerful now coz here people want to be one supporter . Why cant you respect both actors . Krasha are good friends so the so called ksians or smians respect both . Especially ksians are too much negative , if someone just point out they were liking tanu much than kritika or tanuja then they are smians who are jealous this is statement by ksians . Kratika herself is so sweet , flawless, bubbly ,no one is bashing her but character made by cvs where truly she is loud anew judges too easily no body said bad about her but indeed tanu was better therefeore she was brought back to show . Rishi was also better than ranbir , ranbir is also attitude one but gentle too so he is less bashed but still few people think one is being in favour of their idols . Even ranbir has faults , take it sportingly . No body is bashing your idols

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