Maha Epi – Ishq Subhan Allah 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara kidnapped again

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Ishq Subhan Allah 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone says Kabir the food is so good. Ayesha says we are glad we have a son like you. He says kids are supposed to serve parents. Zara says parents are the gateway to heaven. She says what about the girls who are away from her parents. He says parents are parents regardless. husband and wife should support parents of both of them. She says its my parent’s anniversary tomorrow. He says we will all celebrate together. Ayesha and shahbaz say we will come to celebrate too.

Ayesha receives a letter for Zara and Kabir. Zara and Kabir along with their friends plan to to celebrate. They come to Zara’s parents. Kabir says Zara’s friends have a function they want to celebrate it here. We want you both to be guest of honor. This sherwani and gharaa are for you. They say of course we will come.
Zara and Kabir come home. They dont’ see the letter. it falls on the floor. They both get ready. Zara gives him money. She says this si what you spent. He says aren’t they my parents? He returns them and says they are my parents so I can serve them too. She hugs him. Shahbaz leaves.

Police comes and says we want to meet Kabir and Zara. He says we left summon here. you both have to be in court at 11. Ayesha gives it to them. Kabir and Zara read it. She says what is it? He says siraj case. Ayesh says what is all this? Kabir says for a friend’s case. Nothing to worry about.
Kabir says to Ayesh lets get ready. He says we should give this statement so Siraj gets his punishment. He says ami is worried. He says I know but everything will be fine. He says are you scared? She says I have a responsible husband like you. WHy would you be? He says how about loving? She says you will learn.
Kabir and Zara leave. They reach Kashmir.
Reema calls Zara nad says we have kept something in your back. She sees that its a rope. A man sings in lobby. They recalls their moments. He hugs her. They come out of the lift.
A drunk man stops them. He grabs Zara. He says my wife.. Kabir hits him. He says she is not your wife. Security comes and takes him. his wife comes and says he is my husband. He does this when he is drunk. Zara says thank God i have a husband like you.

Scene 2
Zara and Kabir come to police station. A lady police comes. He says we read this summon. We came from Lucknow. She says what was the case? Kabir tells her everything. The constable comes and says there is no such case file. She says there is no case here. I checked in our system. He says how is that possible? She says you both are deceived. He says we lodged an FIR here and Siraj was locked here. that was the commissioner who lodged it. Th

A man follows them. He calls someone and says yes they have reached the hotel. The commissioner comes in. Kabir says you filed our case. You arrested Siraj. He says no you are fooled. He says madam I wasn’t here for a month. Inspector says this was never registered here. She says think again maybe it was some other police station. Reema calls Zara. She goes out. The inspector tells Kabir no such case was registered here. Forget it and don’t waste our time.

Reema says how is it going? She says good. How are amma abba? they come out. Zara says you friends have dressed us like grooms. See this. Abbar asks Zara where is kabir? She says the arrangement looks so pretty. Happy anniversary. They cit the cake. Zra says let me bring Kabir. Someone snatches the phone from her had. Everyone gets worried. The phone falls down. Everyone is worried. They arrest Zara. She says you are under arrest. Everyone is worried. They take Zara to police station. Zara says what have I done? Stop it. Leave me.
They call Kabir and ask him to look for Zara. He says we saw it on video call.

Zara says to inspector something happened to my wifee. Look for her please. She asks around and asks her constables to look for Zara. The fake police officers take Zara to the back street. Zara shoves them and runs but they catch her and put her in a jeep. Police and Kabir are looking for Zara. Kabir is worried. He says see Zara’s phone. Why would anyone arrest my wife? She says this is Kashmir. We will help you. he says please come to the place of kidnapper. They go to Siraj’s place.
Kabir and police come to Siraj’s place, He says yes this is Siraj’s place. We will bring him. They bring a kid and says this is siraj. Kabir says you are a liar. This isn’t real Siraj. They show the kid’s ID card. Inspector says don’t waste our time like this.

They lock Zara in a jail. Zara says what have I done? What is my mistake. Inspector says we will do everything. He says this is the second time this happened. SHe says without our help you can’t find her.
A woamn in jail says to Zara shut up. dont’ make noise here.

Precap-Kabir is badly tortured. The inspector is with Siraj. She shoots Kabir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aafiya

    Thank you so much for the update..

  2. What the heck is this!!!! Was expecting it though… You see Cathy, that’s just what I predicted yesterday and in Kashmir too.. I think Kabir and Zara should live in Kashmir, he’s a different man when he’s there, he becomes romantic…this is coming across like a movie scene. Good episode though..

    1. Cathy

      Naz did you get it? i got Woh Apna Sa..WTH?? boy am i mad, maybe i’ll catch it on Desiflix…Zee Canada SUCKS!

    2. Cathy

      Naz did you get it? i got Woh Apna Sa Superhit..WTH?? boy am i mad, maybe i’ll catch it on Desiflix…Zee Canada SUCKS!

    3. I hear you Naz, I was just wondering if it’s something in the air or the water in Kashmir. Kabir suddenly turns back into this sweet loving husband. So cute and affectionate and in pubic too. I was thinking the same thing. Zara and Kabir should move to Kashmir permanantly. But then again every time Zara goes to Kashmir, she gets kidnapped and Kabir will be spending all him time looking for his wife.

  3. Cathy

    Sorry about the double post.

  4. Wah Kabir Saab apko kya hua itna pyaar Zara ke liye, yeh kya joke hai Siraj don hai aur uski wife ACP. Hiiii frnds, hiiii Naz, cathy, I am new here. Naz Apne teek kaha Kabir is diff in kashmir. I think Kashmir ki hawa me magic hai, maha epi Sunday bhi hai

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