Shakti 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer decides to impress Suomya in his style

Shakti 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night. The doctor inspects Harak Singh’s leg. He suggests Harak Singh to make some effort to walk. Preeta says he only walks a few steps. The doctor forces Harak Singh to take a few steps. The doctor says he doesn’t need this wheel chair anymore. Preeta sends the wheel chair away.
Sameer’s mother comes calling him and finds the other door open. Sameer was drinking on a bench outside. He says he fall in love thrice in life, but never felt like drinking alcohol. This time he is helpless. His mother was worried and asks what he is doing. Sameer says this alcohol does no harm, it only destroys one’s liver. He says everyone makes a fool of him like that girl did. He was hurt being slapped without realizing what she means to him. Sameer’s mother says whenever he will watch Suomya, it will hurt him. She asks him to send her back home. They were passing by the street when Harman comes across them. Harman recognizes him as toy vendor and shows him Suomya’s photo. He asks about Suomya. Sameer says he hasn’t seen her and asks about his name. He asks how Harman lost such a pretty girl. Jasleen forbids Harman to say anything. Harman and Sameer turn to leave the opposite way. Sameer then turns around to stop Harman. His mother asks him to come home, but Sameer walks to Harman and thinks he will never find Suomya. Sameer asks Harman about his name. Harman replies its Harman Singh, Sameer smiles saying Harman Ji!. Harman was at once suspicious. Sameer’s mother says her son always respect others, and tells him to let them go. Sameer watch Harman and Jasleen walk away together. Sameer’s mother asks why he didn’t tell them about Suomya. Sameer says he will get Suomya in every case, he shouldn’t have forced her earlier. But now he will win her love as Sameer.
Suomya was asleep. She opens the door for Sameer and his mother. Sameer’s mother asks till when she would punish them, and must see what condition Sameer is in. Sameer accepts his mistake and apologizes her even ready to take his life. Sameer’s mother allows Suomya to leave right away if she doubts their intentions. Suomya stood silently. Sameer’s mother takes the stuffed toy from her hand and tells her to rest in the room, while Sameer takes her luggage.
The next morning, Sameer was restless that it’s six already and Suomya still didn’t wake up. Suomya wakes up in her room and finds a bouquet of flowers with Sorry card. As she picks the flowers, a string tied to it rings the bell. Sameer was happy that Suomya found the card. Suomya smiles while she reads the sorry plea from Sameer but poses to be angry as he and his mother enters. Sameer’s mother requests Suomya to forgive him at least now. Sameer goes to prepare tea for Suomya, if she drinks it he would consider she had forgiven him. Suomya says he must let the tea boil if it does and not to pick the pan hot. Sameer dances that Suomya has forgiven him. Sameer’s mother hugs Suomya.
Later on the table, Sameer serves the tea. Sameer’s mother teases him that it’s ordinary. Suomya says it’s nice. The ladies gathered at Sameer’s house thanks him for tea, and asks him for toys. Suomya goes to give them the toys. Sameer tells Suomya not to leave home for a while, she is being searched across the city. He promises to take care of the shop and even behave well with the clients. Suomya agrees.

PRECAP: Sameer compliments the kheer Suomya prepared. Suomya says she should have gone at least somewhere. The doorbell rings them. Sameer was shocked to see Harman and Jasleen outside. Suomya stands up behind Sameer to leave the dining table. Harman was shocked to see her behind Sameer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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