Kasam 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Malaika presents Raaj with a drink and asks how the party is. Raaj clarifies it isn’t a party but a wedding reception. He then asks if she has seen anyone else wearing such dress, they are traditional people. He just heard someone say she must be married to Rishi, people lie in such parties. Malaika asks how? He says just like she just lied about being responsible for all these arrangements. Raaj boasts that in a while, Tanuja will come downstairs wearing the saree he gifted and everyone would be in awe. Rano goes behind Malaika who hurries upstairs. Rishi was coming downstairs, Malaika smiles watching him then notices he was in some stance and didn’t notice her present.
Ahana comes to inform Rano that Nakul called that he is coming with Super Bee jee.
Malaika comes upstairs to find Tanuja’s room unlocked. She takes the saree on her bed and thinks Tanuja would never wear the saree Raaj wants. She looks around, then finds a scissor and cuts the saree; cautiously leaving the room. Tanuja calls from behind. Malaika asks if she isn’t still ready. Tanuja says she got a bit late, then notices her saree had been torn. Malaika screams watching the torn dress. Tanuja was worried that Raaj had gifted this dress. Malaika suggests her to wear anything, Tanuja brings all her clothes out and asks her to suggest one. Malaika says nothing is worth wearing in a party, as she is now Bedi family’s daughter in law. Tanuja was worried, as she has nothing else. Malaika suggests her a few outfits for party. Tanuja goes with her.
Bee ji warns Rano that Super Bee ji is really angry and is coming over after a long time. UV wonders what they would call her elder sister, Manpreet suggests they would call her Super Bee ji. Raaj advices them to do what she says, else she would be angry. Smiley and Nakul come to announce Super Bee ji is here. A man enters the house with a bunch of gift boxes, Super Bee ji comes behind. Manpreet asks Nakul if she is like Hitler type, Nakul only smiles. Super Bee ji asks Manpreet how do you do, Manpreet thanks him and goes touching his feet. Super Bee ji forbids them, as this must only be done with Bee ji and Rano. Bee ji confirms if she is really Gayatri, Super Bee ji scolds Preeti. She says people call her as Gayu, and sends Nakul inside with gifts and calls for Rishi.
In the room, Tanuja was upset watching the clothes and say she can’t wear anything for reception. Malaika wonders if she would wear dull and boring clothes in her reception. She denies wearing crop clothes. Malaika tells Tanuja that in the party everyone is wearing western; then hands her a mini skirt and top. Tanuja says in her village, no one wears westerns in receptions. Malaika hurries her to wear something long with this top. She tells Tanuja that Raaj even complimented her western dress and turns to leave, smirking.
Raaj asks Super Bee ji how she recognized everyone after so long. Super Bee ji boasts about foreseeing matters. Like she can tell right away what’s going on in Rano’s mind. Raaj protects Rano. Super Bee ji asks why everyone so upset is, then laughs she was just joking. She says Nakul had shown her photos of everyone. Rishi comes to greet her. Manpreet complain she didn’t bless them while they touched her feet. She holds their ears saying they did that only on Rano’s call. She reminds Rishi about herself, then asks Rishi why he lost 20 years of his life after Tannu; and wish to meet the one he married now. Raaj was sure Super Bee ji won’t resist once watching Tanuja.
Malaika comes downstairs looking around for Rano. She tells Rano that now everything would be fine, she would now make her space in hearts of Rishi and specially Raaj; what that Madhubala would come downstairs as Priyanka Chopra. Rishi comes to inform he is going to take Tanuja, but Rano stops him as everyone would be left watching her when she comes downstairs.
Ahana takes a tray from John, and smells Laddu eating them. Manpreet watches on from the bar and comes to her. He teases if she is full now? Ahana asks if he can’t leave her alone. Manpreet doesn’t let her eat another full Laddu, else she would get diabetic. He warns people would begin calling her Super Moti otherwise. Ahana asks if he is done with taunting, Manpreet leaves saying she is his digestion tablet.
Rishi hears the song being played and sends Smiley for change of music. Every eye stays at Tanuja who walked downstairs, nervous.

PRECAP: Rishi takes Tanuja to dance vigorously with her, and hurts her. Malaika smirks.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Tanujha is rocking suberb designer you have made skirt and blouse look like salwar itself awesome I became a fan of yours

  2. Raaj lecture to malaika just like a tight slap on malaika face.


  4. @ Catherine yaar I too big fan of today’s tanujha ‘s designer yaar ….epi was osum

    1. Hey Arbi Hw r u dear??? Seeing u after long tym….

  5. Sona uhhh said ryt …!!

  6. hi @catherine. hope do well yourtest.guys please watch serial on tv.and watch repeat serial on tv.
    @tanshi dear . donot upset. instead be upset .go and help omg -its-krtz-dheer . go to link:
    and help her.

    ************************for kasamfamily

    (Omg-its-krtz-dheer) requset of.. @all kasamfamily and kASAM FANS HELP her :

    help her in spread the word: stop posting full episode of#kasam on social Media.
    lets cooperate and help increase the trp of ourshow

    and persons that yourchanels are block can watch on site.

    kasamfamily . persons that are in #facebook and #twitter and on# instagram please go and help her . because sharad tell that stopped them of posting all episodes online.

    so kasamFamily and kasamfans persons that want go and help her.

    trp kasam last week was 2.3 and was top5.but now cause people that start posting episode online trp is 2.o and sharad is upset them and say that stop them.

    so please person that want help please go and help omg-its-krtz-dheer.(on instagram-pagekasam)

    thanks kasamfamily

  7. guys you should stop (kasamterepyaarki-fc-nagine2 on instagram page krasha on instagram kasamterepyaaki-fc-nagine2 of posting full episode of kasam because he or she still is posting full episode of kasamand also other of posting eposide of kasam.because now trp kasam becuse its effecting ourshow .trp is lowcause them . and if trp continue going dwon we may not have a show.
    please @kasam family and persons that want help . hurry up and go help omg-its-krtz- dheer
    on instagram page kasam.

  8. One and half episode, full of nonsense , rubbish , just for tanuja get dress and come to the party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is why it’s TRP dropping so badly .the dra……..gging is unheard and intolerable , there is not any fact and positive point to learn. ekta and mum have been lost in their greed and oddness.

    During last 5 or 6 previous episodes , just one was nice and worth 2 watch. Now for those selfish ,who jumping in and sticking their nose in other’s right , I have to remind them,

    apart of our right of free speech regarding the show, not the members , they can have a look at thapki page and see how everyone criticising the show and nobody has any rude comment or objection to them.

  9. 17/11/16

  10. wat is wrong wit rishi!how many sides he has/in their room he’s all over tanuja but in party giving pain and hard time 2she/malaika is very ugly /roni is worse than nightmare/

  11. comment

  12. Tanuja was looking superb.

  13. @tanshi dear. omg-its-krtz-dheer requst help for increase trp ourshow. because shara say that stop them.trp kasam lastweek was2.3 and was top5.but now cause people that start posting episode of kasam online be 2.0. please my dearfriend read first mycomment.if i write this comment just for something that sharad tell.

  14. if kasam serial wasnot good . people didnot watch it even online and if wasnot good so why
    trp kasam last week was 2.3.and if trp is low just cause people that start posting episode of kasam online.

    and if trpnagine2 and shakti and udaan and-…. …..isnot low just cause this people donot start posting episode of nagin2 and shakti and udaanand ………

  15. persons that donot believe cause darping trp want go to page and see posting sharad :

  16. Sorryvafa, I don’t have instegram account, but I can watch repeat episodes also.

  17. tanshi dear. i also like u donot have instagram account .tanshi trp kasam season1 was 2.7 cause that people donot start posting episode of kasam online. iamot rude. i only for something that sharad hadposting and also for omg -its-krtz-dheer that requst of all kasamfans that help her write this comments .i write letter for colortv and ekta mam .because only colortv can more help serial kasam.

    1. Dear, Kasam season 1 was awesome so , it deserves the trip rate of 2.7 but season 2 storyline is getting worser day by day…..If the way kasam 2 going was gud or exciting then people would have watch it on TV itself but they r watching it on online bcz kasam is loosing its interesting story….people r not that interested to watch it on TV lyk before….

  18. thanks tanshi dear. yes if watch serial on tv and all repeats episodes on tv be sure that again increased trp kasam and hope that bolck all page instagram.

  19. kasam become so osm
    i will now watch it regularly its just rocking now………!!!!!

  20. Vafa, you wrote a letter that’s great. Thank you

  21. where are you siddihi/for two days you become the siddihi that we knew by commenting ,welcoming, and saying good night , SOMETHING THE HONEST,LOVELY KASAM WAS CRAVING AND ASKING FOR, KASAM I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, then today there is no sign of you , or a part of good sia anyone good ,that we knew from past .by being at your place , maybe there would be a normal page , is it possible your presence be regular and the same as the time , kasam was picturing?thanks

  22. vafa dear people are also posting episodes of naagin 2 and shakti and udaan and kumkum bhagya Oline.real thing is story .kasam is dragging unnecessarily.while in naagin 2 just in half an hour of episode one thing is done.which is done in kasam in five episodes and also kasam has not its original vamps bani and neha.malaika and rano acting as a vamp is not gud.when bani,neha,pawan and other guy with whom tanuja will have an affair will come.and love triangle will be made ,when rishi jealous of tanuja romancing another guy,then surely trp will increase.they are showing just romance between tanshi now,not real plot,then how trp will increase? but also feel very bad when ita award was given to rubina dilaik instead of kratika.kratika acting is original and natural and rubina dilaik acting is bakwas.shakti serial to dekhne k laik bhi nahi h.no story no plot is there in shakti serial.kasam serial buht buht acha h.naagin 2 k bad kasam ko number 2 p ana chahye but ye Jo trp banate h ye ghalat h ,Hume in k khilaf awaz uthani chahiye k shakti serial has no sense while kasam tere pyaar ki is excellent serial for two soul mate lovers

  23. vafa dear people are also posting episodes of naagin 2 and shakti and udaan and kumkum bhagya Online
    nlne.real thing is story .kasam is dragging unnecessarily.while in naagin 2 just in half an hour of episode one thing is done.which is done in kasam in five episodes and also kasam has not its original vamps bani and neha.malaika and rano acting as a vamp is not gud.when bani,neha,pawan and other guy with whom tanuja will have an affair will come.and love triangle will be made ,when rishi jealous of tanuja romancing another guy,then surely trp will increase.they are showing just romance between tanshi now,not real plot,then how trp will increase? but also feel very bad when ita award was given to rubina dilaik instead of kratika.kratika acting is original and natural and rubina dilaik acting is bakwas.shakti serial to dekhne k laik bhi nahi h.no story no plot is there in shakti serial.kasam serial buht buht acha h.naagin 2 k bad kasam ko number 2 p ana chahye but ye Jo trp banate h ye ghalat h ,Hume in k khilaf awaz uthani chahiye k shakti serial has no sense while kasam tere pyaar ki is excellent serial for two soul mate lovers

  24. ita award should be given to our tanuja tanvi tanuja instead of rubina dilaik.what a nonsense jury.rubina dilaik acting is bakwas and rubbish.and acting of our tanu tanvi tanuja kratika is excellent.

  25. thank god for your comment sweety, prays mighty god the comment of someone does make sense, saying awesome to something that is full of dragging ,repeat and nonsense would be done by enemies to keep the subject in dark and unwanted , but showing the weakness is job of the friends ,as they wish the object improve and being in demand.

    Kartika acting is perfect and nobody can be as gorgeous as she , she is acting even better than rishi , also rishi is an admirable actor , but the story line is lost in dragging , repeat, and giving more time to very unwanted actors like malaika and that mistake of universe’s creatation , Rano ,it seems ekta and mum enjoying people’s suffer.the show once was the best now become a beggar for increasing the rate/ as result of ekta’s stubbornness

  26. Hllo guyzz… I have seen some latest promo of tanuja and rishi’s honeymoon where they went in a bungalow and first tanuja scared rishi saying there is a ghost and then rishi also dressed up like ghost and scared tanuja and then she started crying. So rishi promised her that he will not leave her alone… Their fun was really amazing. Waiting 4 those episode to go onair… Really excited…!!!

  27. snow white. mycomment wasnot for you dear . you can go tand see posting sharad and next speak . i all mytalks is with reason. if kasam isnot good . people donotwatch even it online.i know that you donot like kasam season 2 cause shivani. isnot here and this normal that person like other actress or other actor. you should know that kasam is promise kratika and sharad . but i love kasam season2 because fall in love acting of tanuja kratika more tanu. and you should know that most people wtach online and gave yourcomments . you go and see yourcomments about serial kasam and acting of kratika as tanuja and so speak instead of them . but know that most kasamfans isloveing kasam season2 more of kasam season1.and also ekta just fo rnagine change kasamsdrictor just for nagine.
    @sweety dear. i will asked you are most people posting episode s of naginge and shakti andudaan on line social Media .be sure that most people arenot posting episode of nagine and shakti and udaan. because if was they at all didnot watch nagine and shakti and udaan
    and … on tv. @sweety dear. about ita award . u r right.i also very sad because that place was right kratika . acting of vivan is real and amazing like kratika but acting of rubina is bakwas. i feel that rubina for play in serial shakti with vivan .infact if with vivan didnot play in serial ita award didnotgive her that place
    about t
    @Maryam dear.thank you .please watch serial on tv.please watch even repeat episodes on tv.

    1. Dear I know ur comment was not for me but It was my POV as I feel Kasam 2 is not as gud Kasam 1 was…. Even I also agree with Sweety one thing that people r even posting episodes of naagin2, udaan, shakti, etc.But they r in top 5 bcz their stories n tracks r awesome….But sorry to say I’m not agree with words that rubina”s acting is bakwas….i found her a gr8 actress but I agree that krathika is better actress than rubina….I’m saying this to u bcz I remember some people were saying some negative things against krathika then u only said respect every actress lyk Shivani n krathika n rubina is also an actress so plz respect her…..Somewhere I’m happy for rubina n she is so pretty….

  28. why takes so long the moderation /they are holding back our comment wit that excuse so long /and sometimes the comments are coming too late/

  29. comment

  30. yes @tanshi dear. i write letter for colortv and also for ekta mam. dear.i havenot account on instagram but if i have be sure .i stopped people are posting episodes of kasam.only for all actresss and actors kasam and also more for posting sharad.tanshi dear we will more romanc . because i saw lovelyscenes tanshi that rishi scare tanuja and next tanuja start cring …. and also will see more nokjok and naughtiness tanshi.

  31. snow white dear. people that watch serial on site because most people theirchannels are bolck or this that they havenot channel colortv on theirtv.you first go and see theircomments about serial and also about acting kratika and next speak instead of them.

  32. siddhi and sia dear where are you guys? you promise that give yourcomments [email protected] and
    @ siddhi all kasam family are missing you guys. please reply me. and give yourcomments. please hope that you be fine and happy.

  33. Hi @Aakriti dear . how are u ? you are right. i also saw it. and that was really awesom. .. i also cannot waite .i fall in love with acting tanuja of kratika more tanu. infact l loved kasam season2 more kasam season1.
    thanks my dearfriend.
    [email protected] please watch serial on tv . please even repeat episodes of kasam on tv.

  34. snow withe . i amnot agree with you . because i compare episodes of kasam on social Meida
    with otherserials .snow withe we all are a kasam family .and i say you that i compare them. dear. i surely say u sharad is right.something that he had sposted really was right. even sweety tell that serial kasam very very good and also tell that no story in shakit . sweety tell that kasam is ver very good and lovely.

    i even read all comments persons that watch on site . and all they love kasam even loved acting tanuja of kratika.even they hadsaid that loved kasamseason2 more season1
    most they watch on site havenot channel colortv on theirtv and some they channels are bolcked.cause they watch serial kasam on site.you also if donot believe me go and see theircomments. and then talk instead of them.
    be sure if kasam was bad . people didnot watch kasam even on tv and they dIdnot watse their time watching kasam even online.

    I also tell truth about rubina . even @sweety also tell truth about her . most people indian and even persons that are in other country know about this that place was right kratika not rubina. rubina should thank vivan. i donot insult her and respect her but i just tell truth
    about heracting. acting of drishta and surbhi also is very good and real and amazing like
    acting of kratika . but acting of rubina isnot like acting of drishta and surbhi and kratika.
    if that place was for surbhi or drishta .i donot be sad because acting of them is like acting of kratika.

    be sure that most people world loved kratika . and persons that you said that they talk bad about kratika they are just some of shivani fans .because all they did not judgment fast about kratika .because they know that acting of kratika is amazing.

    snow with dear. iranian loved kratika and acting of kratika. in mycounntry people they have
    watched all kratika serials and all they know kratika.

    1. @Vafa, Dear, I know Sweety also was saying Rubina acting is bakwas but I’m not agree with her n I only replied to ur comment bcz once u only said that we should respect every actress….if a viewer say a single utter negative word about krathika u just get so hyper about it n reply that person with anger…so in my sight u respect every actress so that’s why I said those words to u….I know some people were saying bad about krathika bcz of shivani exit from the show but here u r also saying bad about rubina’ acting bcz of her krathika did not the get best actress award then what is the difference b/w u n those person….

  35. @sweety dear . serial shakti aslo have plot . i didnot watch it serial .but saw prom that .shakti also have plot becuse for same reason is that rubina alwayz is cring in serial shakti and serial udaan also have plot.because i already watched season1 but now didnot watch that but i know that have more plots in serial udaan. so @sweety dear all serial even serial nagin also have plot. because if all serials just story that be just happiness serial be meaningless.because even in real life there is also happiness and sadness Not just happiness.in gerenal all serials have plot (for twisting).

  36. @snow withe . i am not agree u dear . i respect rubina but really acting of rubina isnot kratika and even ita ward also know that acting of kratika is best. about acting of rubina i tell truth. u when somene say truth about acting of rubina ,shouldnot worry because it isnot just something that sweety or me told but most people world had said such something . because i notice that in all world in some wheres and countrys didnot right persons.i thinked that just myuniversity didnot right person but now i notice that in all world people do such something even in indian .forexample: myteacher have myright to otherperson. infact like something that ita award do. ita award have (kratikas right) to rubina

    and about shivani .1. this that even if kratika didnot comeback kasam .be sure that ekta changed shivani .
    2.kratika : if didnot ciomback kasam people will be worry kratika. because herfans and people that requset ekta that bring kratika kasam
    3.u dear. yourself emptied with this that told serial kasam is bad . cause that u hate k ratika
    while seial kasam is very good .but becuse this that shivani isnot here, u sisd that serial is bad .now u compare yourself with sweety . sweety tell truth about acting of rubina. even yourself know that acting of kratika is best and better rubina. but for hate kratika said that rubina is best while all world know that kratika is best actress . and also they known that ita awrad give right kratika to rubina.
    4.shivani in every serial also have exit. if people want kratika . then this isnot fault kratika.kratika when leave kasam sharad also witness that she tell all herfans and all world people that watch serial kasam and accept changes . so this isnot fault kratika

  37. I’m not getting what u r saying as I’m talking about something else n replying about something else….dear I never compared my words with sweety….whatever sweety said with some I’m agree with n with some I’m disagree with lyk ‘rubina acting is bakwas’ but she never said respect every actress, that was u who always said respect it so something these kind of comment was unexpected from u….dear me, my sis, my brothers, my parents ny friends all luv rubina all lot especially my father..Her popular show Choti Bahu season 1 n season 2 was my father fav show ever….n if most people said bad about rubina then how she won the best actress award??? Its bcz Rubina has more fan following than krathika n everyone voted for rubina instead of krathika….n she won that award….n just bcz i don’t lyk kasam 2 as much as i luved season 1 it doesn’t meant that I hate krathika….n u also don’t lyk rubina acting so if I say that u hate Rubina so is it rite…n don’t say I hate krathika as I already told I luved kasam 1 the more n krathika was tge main leadlead of it ifif i hate her then I wouldn’t have luved season 1also…..

  38. u dear . u if mycomment hadreaded u notice that i tell ita award give kratikasright to rubina. if want know that why she take that place read well mycomments .because for best actress someone cannot vote cause Authorities ita award yourself choosed best actress ( if u donot know . u want to go and asked sharad and persons know about it) . Authorities ita award themselves chooose best actress and best actor) because if was for vote . be sure that kratika fans are more of rubina fans . and votes for kratika more than votes for rubina . just for choice best actress and beast actor donot existe vote ( this is clear that yourdata is low . all kasamfans on instagram know it) . Authorities ita awards themselves choosed and they only and just for this that she play with vivan in serial shakti . they give her that place. she should thank vivan . this is clear that i agree with sweety.
    also sweety tell kasam is verygood . and about acting of rubina . i tell truth . i donot hate her. i even tell that acting of vivan is like kratika.
    snow with . i and sweety are honest. but u arenot honest. u when hate person said that that erial that that person isplaying in that is bad . just for hate.
    u hate of kasam season2 just for this shivani isnot here. and kratika is here. for same reason that u said season2 is bad.while kasam 2 is very good. but if shivani was here u surely said that kasam2 is very very good. i amnot like u. i if acting of person wasnot good and real. honestly will tell her . heracting is weak.
    about kratika . just her fans and people werenot that requset ekta bring kratika kasam but all kasam fans requset ekta. and ekta have all theirtags and thericomments.
    execellent seial. and you that didnot believe me about most people start posting episodes of
    kasam. u if want posting yourtalks for sharad. and see that and be wite that sharad what somgthing will tell u . sharad also said truth like kratika. even sharad tell that kratika very honest.

  39. @ snow withe. dear. even gurmmeet in ita award : choose kratika as best actress drama when that ask his. he choose kratika as best actress drama and tell kratika is very good actress, down to eatrh and extremely talneted and tell that he like to work her agin. if u didnot believe me go to page instagram #kasam and see .
    now u see that even best television atcor also know that best actress drama was kratikasright. be sure that sharad know that that place was kratikasright.

    1. I’m sorry to say vafa u r a king of insane person…why u r getting obsessed with kasam serial n mad about tanshi I don’t get it??? n dear by calling ur self a honest person u don’t become a honest person…lol…I’m not a honest person bcz I lie to my family, my friends n to people bcz I’m not a god but just a human….I say what my heart feels some r rite, some r wrong n even some can be ignored as well….the person who is honest n always tells truth they don’t needed to prove by saying it in every sentence so plz stop calling ur self a honest person….u had the most fights with people here in this page lyk siddhi, Luna, kasam now with me then how u become a honest person???

  40. @snow wihte dear. first . siddhi and kasam they were that fight with me first siddhi when fight with me. i donot tell her something and even leave this page and witness mytalks mycommnets that recored in that page . i even do. but i apologize of luna. if i wasnot honest . i tell that luna also fight with me . i amnot like u. u arenot hoest. siddhi and sia know that kasam alwayz was fighting with me. all comments in pags witness mytalks while i respect his. i alwayz kasam call hisname(kasam) . big god know that didnot know that kasam is man when that niteced that he is man ,. i said sorry. i didnot know .he is man because i never read hiscomments because he most times insult me. this is right that he is fighting with me . but i neverhate his. i even missed somuch. because really hisplace is empty is this page and this is right that we are a kasamfamily even if fight with each other . why u didnot go that asked vote? . if you go and asked about something that i tell and write in mycomment. that
    time clear that what.
    i am going and say you goodbye for 3week .dear. i also didnot hate you. i just tell that that place was really kratika and even gurmeet also in aita award 2016 choose kratika as bestindian actress.dear this isnot talk about heart but talk about acting of actress or actor . i even tell tthat if drishta or surbi were i be happy . because acting them is amazing. acting rubina just is good not very good and not amazing. i when about acting actress or actor aske me. i honest will tell truth . i hope that you also alwayz be happy and bouncing
    this will be last comment goodbye and goodnight.

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