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Kindly note that this one shot is completely based on Dev’s POV
“Dev!” she yelled out as I cuddled with the pillow and smiled to myself. I knew it, very well indeed, that it was Sonakshi who was yelling out at me. I mean, who else could it have been except for Sonakshi over here while we’re on our honeymoon?
Yes, here the two of us were, in Switzerland, celebrating our marriage. Honestly, I’d have preferred going to some isolated place along with Sonakshi, get a nice room over there, and enjoy romancing with her all day. But, it seemed as if my lady just wasn’t agreeing to my idea. And, as a result, we ended up booking tickets to Switzerland. To add more to my miserable condition then, the trip was planned for a whole 15 days. Here, the problem didn’t seem to be the number of days, since I would actually take her to some place for a lifetime to be spent if I could; but, spending 15 days roaming around the world just wasn’t the thing I’d ever look much forward to. If I were to be honest, I’d say that all that I’d been looking forward for in this trip was just those 15 nights. Only the nights. At least, after all the tiring travelling during the day, I’d get a grip onto my winsome lady’s body at night.

“Dev! It’s nearly half past eight and you’re still stuck on bed! Get up! We’ve gotten loads to do today,” I heard Sonakshi screaming in rage. “Sona, it’s just half past eight!” I spoke as I stressed on the word ‘just’. “Dev! Quickly get up or…I’ll get myself another man to hang out with for the day!” “Aye aye captain,” said a dull looking me as I slowly got up from bed and walked up to the washroom to freshen up. I’d lost again. Again, as always. Another 15 minutes of sleep would’ve done wonderful, but the thought of Sonakshi hanging out with another man was something I badly dreaded. I very well knew that Sonakshi too dreaded the thought of enjoying with another man, but I didn’t even want to give her a chance to think of it.
After another 10 minutes, I was all dressed up and sat on the chair waiting for Sonakshi to get ready. Tired of waiting, I yawned for a moment and then, the very next moment, I saw Sonakshi standing in front of me, looking stunning. She’d worn a scarlet coloured top with her thick black jacket on top and black jeans with black boots at the bottom. I truly loved her modern look, which was a seldom sight. We both walked out of the door as I locked it behind us and left towards the lift, where Sonakshi stood waiting for me. I grabbed her from the side and whispered in her ear, “Watch out for me in the snow.” She smiled at me and we both made our way to the lift. Thankfully, we were alone in the lift, which gave me a chance to kiss her neck all this while. It felt amazing. I felt as if I was on top of the world. This was the first time I’d ever done this. This was actually the first time we’d gotten so intimate. One thing I noticed was that Sonakshi wasn’t stopping me at all. Perhaps, she too, was immensely enjoying just as I was. Once we reached the ground floor, I quickly kissed her on her lips before the lift doors opened. She went scarlet and tried to run out of my hands, but failed to do so as I tightened my grip even more. She buried her head in my chest and I hugged her tightly.

As soon as we entered the coldness outside, I felt Sonakshi shivering. To provide her with comfort, I put my arm across her neck and pulled her close to me. Both of us felt warm and cosy and comfortable. We stood by the road and waited for a taxi. After a couple of minutes, we boarded a taxi and left to our destination, which obviously had been decided by Sonakshi. Since me and Sonakshi were on the backseat, I decided to take full advantage of the same and got closer to her. She looked in my eyes trying to warn me but I ignored her eyes and ran my fingers down her leg. She looked afraid as she eyed the driver signalling me to not do all these in front of him. However, I simply couldn’t resist the feeling I’d been getting all this while to get closer to Sonakshi. So far, we’d spent 7 nights in Switzerland and not a single had gone the way I’d wanted it to be. Each night, Sonakshi would fill me with the plans for the next day and before I could further do a thing, she’d put me to sleep saying that we’d be having a tiring day ahead. Right now, I was the hero. I was the one who could control the situation and Sonakshi was helpless. She sensed the danger coming from me and pushed herself to the corner of the seat while I quickly leapt up to her. I put my hand around her waist with ease and lifted the bottom of her top as I let my hand in. Slowly, I started to move my hand upwards. Throughout this, I made sure Sonakshi’s slightly bare back was out of the driver’s sight just for the sake of her comfort. As I moved my hand further ahead, I could feel a cloth blocking my way. Realising what it was, I skipped it and placed my hand on the back of Sonakshi’s neck. I caressed her hair for a while and then, took my hand out of her top, passed on a mischievous smile to her as I leant in for a kiss. However, my actions were interrupted by Sonakshi as she but her finger on my lips and softly spoke, “Dev, this is not the time to do this,” as she pushed me back. I scratched the back of my head and grinned sheepishly.
Another half an hour of simply sitting and doing nothing but staring at Sonakshi, we reached out destination. I paid the taxi driver as we exited the car and he, grinning to himself, spoke, “Enjoy your night sir!” as he left. I was taken aback by his words. What did he mean? Had he been seeing be and Sonakshi romancing on the backseat? And, most importantly, what did he have to do with my night? Enjoy it, huh? Ummmm…that means..God! Perhaps, Sonakshi was right! It definitely wasn’t the time for all that!
I quickly walked up to Sonakshi as she started filling me with facts about the place we currently were in. “Sona, let’s go ahead, shall we?” I asked her as she nodded. I quickly put my arm around her neck, once again, as we started walking ahead. While we were strolling around, I told Sonakshi about what the taxi driver had said to me as he had been leaving and surprisingly, Sonakshi simply giggled and hugged me.

After a nice walk around the place, we entered a coffee shop and occupied two seats in the extreme corner of the place. We ordered two cappuccinos, which were thankfully quite very warm. As we sipped through the cup, I kept on stealing glances of Sonakshi. No matter how hard I would try, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her, her big, black, bold eyes which always made me get lost into them, her slender nose which simply enhanced the beauty of her face, her cheeks which would often go scarlet, her keen ears which wouldn’t miss a word I let out of my mouth and, her lips which were gracefully warm.
After the completion of the coffee session, we went to yet another place. And unthankfully, Sonakshi said that since it was only at a distance of ‘just’ 3 kilometres, we’d go walking to that place. The thought of walking for 3 kilometres appeared to be creepy to me as I considered it to be equal to a thousand miles. So this time, Sonakshi had no choice but to drag me to the place, if she wanted to go.
It was quarter to six and the weather around started getting cooler than ever. Thankfully, we were done with all the places that were to be visited today by now. I was standing outside the entrance of our hotel when I felt something hit my back. As I turned around, the same thing hit my leg this time. I took a moment to recognise the thing and then, I realised it was a ball of snow. I looked ahead and saw Sonakshi getting ready to throw a handful of snowballs on me. I quickly sat on the cold snow beneath my feet and began making a few snowballs myself. Sonakshi’s attack grew stronger but I wasn’t going to accept defeat. After a minute, when I saw Sonakshi was busy preparing snowballs, I threw five of them on her. The moment they hit her, Sonakshi looked startled. She surely hadn’t been expecting that sudden attack from my side. As I turned back, I felt another snowball hit my back hard. “Ouch!” I screamed out, pretending to be in pain. As soon as my scream had reached Sonakshi’s ears, I could hear her footsteps nearing as each moment passed. She really did think I was hurt and injured. “Dev! Are you alright? I’m really sorry,” she said as she placed her palm on my back and started rubbing it. “Sona..” “It didn’t really hurt much, did it?” “Sona…” “Dev, I’m really ashamed of myself. I thought having a bit of fun wouldn’t do any harm but…,” her words were stopped and the tears from her all vanished as I threw a big snowball on her. She looked shocked at first, then angry, then shocked again, and finally, she was left with a bewildered look on her face. I knew this was really fun for me, however, another thing I knew was that this definitely wasn’t fun for Sonakshi. She was burning with rage. The anger inside her could clearly be seen through her big eyes. And finally, just a minute before she let a word pass out of her mouth, I realised that this was not going to be very fun now.
“Dev!!!!” Sonakshi yelled at me. “Sona..,” yet again, this was all I could say. “Thought it would be funny, didn’t you? However, Mr.Dixit, I must say that..,” I placed my hand over her mouth, watching her struggle to speak. “Ms.Bose..,” this time, my words were stopped by my lady-love. “It’s Mrs.Dixit for you,” she added as she looked away, looking unpleased. “Yeah, so Mrs.Dixit, I just thought of having some fun, you see,” I spoke softly, especially as I stressed on ‘Mrs.Dixit’. Before Sonakshi could further utter a single word, I hugged her tightly and started tickling her. To my surprise as well as pleasure, Sonakshi was laughing her heart out and I assumed that she was quite not in the mood to fight with me again. She indeed was very ticklish. Then, after having a good enough laughing session filled by mine and Sonakshi’s voices, we headed back to the hotel. I thanked god for making Sonakshi forget all about our fight.
Once again, not even today’s night was the night I’d been waiting for. Although there was a lot we’d done in the day, specifically in the lift and taxi, nothing could match what all could happen at night. Just as it was time for me to sleep, Sonakshi began feeding me with the plans for the next day, but the problem was, I was too bored of them and as a result, I fell asleep while she continued talking.

The next morning, turned out to be the same as each and every morning did. My dreams were disturbed with Sonakshi waking me up and sending me off to freshen up. Just as I was instructed by Sonakshi, I was all ready by half past nine. I sat on the chair, as always, and waited for Sonakshi to arrive. After 5 minutes, I saw Sonakshi come up to me, looking absolutely glamorous. She had worn a saree and she looked wonderful in it. It was the same saree I’d gifted her on Karwachauth. I’d fallen for her, all over again as soon as I’d seen her. I thought why she wore a saree. Surely, we weren’t going to some temple, were we? And even if we were, although I was sure we weren’t, why would Sonakshi wear a saree and go when she doesn’t wear one back in India itself? Maybe, she just wore it randomly. But why?
“Interestingly, the temperature has risen up quite a lot, hasn’t it? It’s really hot,” I said looking at her. Hearing those words of mine, she went as scarlet in colour as her top was the day before. By now, I assume she must’ve understood that I’d just indirectly passed on a compliment to her. “Make sure you don’t get naughty over there,” she said as she walked out, still blushing to herself. I wondered what she meant my ‘there’. What could ‘there’ possibly mean? I quickly closed the door behind us and ran towards Sonakshi. “Sona, what do you mean by ‘there’?” “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten, Dev,” she said as we entered the lift. “I think I have surely forgotten then,” I spoke with a hint of fear clearly spotted in my voice. What if this made Sonakshi really angry? Neither would I get to enjoy the day with her nor the night. “Dev! Tumi ekdom impossible!” she spoke in a grumpy, old manner. The lift stopped and Sonakshi exited as I ran following her. Surprisingly, the voice of her footsteps had increased and so had her speed. Now, I knew it that she really was mad at me.
We stood by the road, waiting for our taxi, which I’d booked two days back. Surely I would be knowing where we were heading for, wouldn’t I, if it was me who booked the cab? And then, I thought of last night. I bet Sonakshi had been talking about today’s plans. What did she say back then? And suddenly, I remembered that I’d soon fallen asleep when Sonakshi had been feeding me with all that information. So indirectly, after a lot of thinking and recalling, I concluded that it was all my fault. While I deeply lost in my thoughts, the taxi arrived and Sonakshi went it, without bothering to call me too. Thankfully, the driver was kind enough to blow the horn to help me realise that I had to get on board. I walked to the back door but was not permitted inside as Sonakshi closed the door ahead of me. I understood what she meant. I was to keep away from her until I would realise my mistake and, it even meant that this definitely was not what she had expected from me. “Gotten yourself into some trouble, Mr.Dixit?” I muttered to myself as I sat on the front seat, beside the driver. “Not a good night you had, eh, Sir?” he said as I fastened my seatbelt. I was puzzled hearing his words. What did he mean? I looked up to him and was surprised to see that he was the very same driver who’d driven us to our destination yesterday and had wished me for the night. “Hmmmm..seems so,” I replied in a dull voice. Thankfully, the rest of the journey was spent without him questioning me. However, the bad part was that till now, Sonakshi hadn’t said a word to me or even looked at me. Generally, whenever I sat on the front seat while Sonakshi sat at the back, we’d keep on stealing glances of each other. But today, this was a different situation which was definitely not being liked by me. Perhaps, she really was furious at me.
Nearly an hour had passed since we’d begin our journey and yet, I was completely unaware of our destination. I seemed to be clueless about everything around. Even when I was asleep, I’d always catch a few of the major points Sonakshi stressed on; but I don’t think she’d ever mentioned going to some unknown place which was far away from the city, like we currently were. Then, after troubling my mind for what seemed like ages, I decided to do nothing more but to wait and see what lay ahead. Another thirty minutes when finally, I sensed the car coming to a halt. I thought that this might just be our destination. However, I seemed to be highly confused as I gazed at the building in front of us. It was a large bungalow with rich interiors to be seen around. What did we have to do here? To add to my confirmation of this actually being our destination, Sonakshi elegantly stepped out of the car and proceeded towards the main door and stopped there. She signalled me to quickly come up and thankfully, she finally looked at me. I paid the driver as he spoke, “Hope you have a good night today, Sir,” winking at me. “Surely I will today, my man,” I replied confidently as thoughts of tonight started entering my mind.
The driver drove off as I ran up to Sonakshi who’d been waiting for me. She still looked miffed with me, but at least I had her on my side. Sonakshi rang the bell as we waited for someone to arrive and let us in. Even after all this, I had no idea where we were. We could her footsteps nearing us and as each sound grew shriller, I started getting worried. What if the person who opened the door knew me but I didn’t? Wouldn’t that be a shame? Admist all my worries and tension, I was given a clue that could probably save me from the trouble I was going to get into. In front of me, right beside the door, was a name plate stuck on the wall. I walked towards it, making sure that the door had still not been opened. Once I was near the name plate, I successfully deciphered the writing and finally, realised where we were. The name plate said ‘SUBAL BOSE’ and as far as I could remember, Subal Bose was Sonakshi’s Mamaji. A great feeling of victory passed through my body as I’d finally cracked the mystery. Now, all I had to do was make sure that Sonakshi too would know that I very well knew at whose place we currently were. Immediately when I returned to my place, right next to Sonakshi, the door opened and an elderly man probably in his sixties came up to the two of us. By now, I was a hundred and one percent sure that the man standing in front of us had to be Sonakshi’s Mamaji.

As Sonakshi reached out for her Mamaji’s feet, I quickly hugged him as I cheerfully spoke, “Namaste Mamaji!” Sonakshi was taken aback by my words as she stared at me with a pale face. “Namaste Dev babu,” Sonakshi’s Mamaji replied cheerfully. I loved it when the Bose family would call me ‘Dev babu’ for it showed their unconditional love and affection towards me. Sonakshi got up to her feet and hugged her Mamaji tightly while he reciprocated. He led us inside his house as he talked to Sonakshi, while I followed behind, admiring their house. I knew I too had a grand house, but this one was huge and grand. It looked majestic; the artefacts hung all around, the paintings, the statues and idols, all seemed fascinating.
After the short stroll that we’d just taken, we entered a huge hall, which undoubtedly was the living area. It was a bit too enormous, I supposed. In the front was a huge, grand antique sofa which must’ve been worth a few millions. We seated ourselves on the soft cushions of the sofa and then met another woman, whom I surely wasn’t familiar with. But, somehow, I figured out that she must be Sonakshi’s Mamiji. She was an elderly woman in her late fifties, I assumed. I greeted her with utmost love and cheerfulness while she too gave me a tight warm hug which gave me a motherly feeling. Her hug made my heart melt.
After 20 minutes of brief introductions and greetings, we were led to the dining table, which looked splendid. The table was made up of pure marble, which was sparkling and had designs on the centre made of ivory. The chairs were highly comfortable and soft and their handles looked very royal indeed. In fact, as much of the house I’d seen so far, not a single thing was there to be found which quite didn’t look royal. More than an ordinary bungalow, it was a palace and even my house back in India was nothing in front of it. And then, once lunch had been served to us, I made sure to fill my appetite. Yes, the lunch sure was delicious.
It was quarter past six and all of us were seated in the lounge, chatting and discussing about various matters when I suddenly happened to look at my watch. I was surprised to see that we’d nearly spent a day out here and it only seemed as if we’d just come an hour or two back. While Sonakshi was busy speaking to her Mamiji, I silently gestured her regarding the time. Thankfully, she didn’t ignore me this time, and understood what I’d meant. Doing me a mini favour, she told her relatives that it was quite late now and we’d better be leaving or else we wouldn’t manage to get a taxi back. Her relatives sure did insist upon the idea of the two of us staying back for the night, however, Sonakshi herself politely refused the offer, surprisingly. I too kindly refused the offer since I already had plans about the night today, and I was determined to make them work. Thus, we soon bid adieu to Sonakshi’s relatives and proceeded towards the taxi which had been waiting for us at the entrance.
Surprisingly, Sonakshi let me sit with her on the backseat now. I guess she couldn’t help but be impressed by me. The moment both of us were comfortably seated and we’d left the place, I looked ahead to see the driver’s face, half hoping he was the same one we’d gotten earlier on in the day. However, he sure wasn’t him. The journey back to the hotel wasn’t much great though. Sonakshi still didn’t speak a single word to me. But much to my pleasure, she kept on stealing glances of me while I simply smiled back at times. Soon, after a long drive back to the hotel, we exited the cab and left towards the entrance of our hotel.
When we entered the lift, I stood in one corner while Sonakshi in the other. I thought of our kiss in the lift the day before, and our current situation where we both simply stood apart, not speaking a single word. I smiled to myself. Really, time could change everything. Then suddenly, while I was busy smiling to myself, Sonakshi came to me and smiled at me. I was so happy seeing her smile at me once again after all the trouble in the earlier part of the day. I smiled back at her as she hugged me. “I’m so sorry, Dev,” she said as she tightened her grip over my body. “It’s okay Sonakshi. You know what, I wasn’t even mad at you,” I said, tightening my grip over her body as well. Admist our words, I suddenly felt something really soft hit my lips. I looked down and was surprised to see Sonakshi passionately kissing me. I couldn’t resist any longer and left her waist and quickly held her face and reciprocated to her kiss as passionately as I could. We kissed and kissed, falling short of breath, but not letting go of each other. We reached our floor, but didn’t quit our kiss. We came out of the lift and walked towards our room, still not letting go of each other’s lips. We entered our room as I quickly locked the door behind us. At first, I sure did feel awkward, but soon, even before Sonakshi, I felt my tongue exploring the inside of her mouth. It felt heavenly. Then, when both of us were on the verge of getting completely breathless, we go of each other’s bodies as well as lips. Sonakshi looked at me as she turned cherry red and went running to the restroom, leaving me smiling to myself. I touched my lips and could still feel the warmth of her breath. I was completely ready for our night now.
I was seated on the bed when Sonakshi came up to me with a glass of water in her hands, still wearing the saree. I smiled at her as she handed the glass of water to me and spoke softly, her cheeks going crimson red all over again, “Have it. You might end up getting breathless later on.” I quickly gulped down the entire glass of water all at once and then, as Sonakshi was about to leave ,I grabbed her thin wrist and pulled her towards me, making her fall right on top of me, leaving our noses touching and our lips hardly an inch away. I pulled her even closer and made her soft lips touch mine, again. Sonakshi was stunned seeing her current position, but didn’t argue a single bit as it seemed that she too was enjoying as much as I was. Within a moment, I tightened my over Sonakshi and caressed her hair gently.
I placed by hand on her bare back seen through her backless saree as she slightly trembled. Then, we rolled a bit and I see myself above Sonakshi this time. And then, our lips finally let go of each other as we heavily breathe. I began kissing her neck as she slowly caressed my hair. Within a few minutes, I was back under Sonakshi. I let go of her neck and placed both my hands tightly on her back once again. This was really fun now.
I looked into Sonakshi’s eyes as she nodded in approval. Soon after her acceptance, I slowly started to untie the knot of her saree; the only piece of cloth at the very top of her blouse. I looked into Sonakshi’s eyes and smiled at her as I went as slow as I’d even been while I untied the knot. One thing I’d noticed was that all this while, neither of the two of us had spoken a word, surprisingly.
“So Mrs.Sonakshi Dixit, you weren’t letting me get close back at your relative’s place, huh?” I said with a naughty smile along with a nasty smile to be seen on my face.
“Dev, it was different over there,” she said cooly, “And now it’s JUST the two of us.” Perhaps Sonakshi had stressed a bit too much on the word ‘JUST’.
“, are you ready then?” I asked with a hint of excitement visible in my voice as I nearly completed untying the knot.
“Yes Mr.Dev Dixit, I am ready,” she softly whispered in my ear.
And finally, letting my hopes rise, I opened the knot and ran my index finger on her spine right from the top till the very bottom. Both me and Sonakshi were communicating through our eyes and yes, we both were loving it. At first, both of us were afraid since this was our first time. However, our worries didn’t last any longer when we were under the snow-white blanket, making love under the rooftop.

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    1. Hey Maria di!
      I’m doing good, what about you? Yes, long time no see!
      Well, hard to say but yeah, I sure am 12! And vaise bhi di, age isn’t what truly matters. It’s just the willpower to do and I’m always willing to please all my lovely friends out here!
      I’m soooo happy to see that you liked it! Your lovely words are really so lovely!
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    1. Hey Nishi!
      Thank you soooooooooooooo much for your wonderful comment sissy!<3
      All those grades are nothing compared to your unconditional love towards me!
      I'm so glad to hear that you loved it and found it equally beautiful, amazing, fanatabulous and thankfully, long as well!
      I'm happy to hear that you like my vocabulary! Hmmmm…we don't have spelling bee quizzes over here, but back in Singapore, we sure did have them and I'd secured to place as well!
      Awwwww….I hope I can match up to your expectations! Bringing about contributions to the wonderful world of writing is really a remarkable achieve the and even if I can't make it till there, I'll be more than glad thinking about your kind and lovely words!
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      And, it’s absolutely fine if you can’t write long comments. After all, even after being such a die-hard SwaSan fan you’ve been commenting and this is more than I can ask for!
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      Firstly, thank you soooooo much for this wonderful comment! Awwww….I love it!
      Well, my health is improving but still not perfect. However, with all your wishes, I bet I’ll be fit and fine really soon!
      Now, I have no words to express my gratitude for all these heart touching words of yours!
      I’m glad to know that you liked each and every scene, especially DevAkshi’s passionate kisses!
      I can’t believe you were waiting for my FF! Like, really? And the fact that it’s your favourite surprises me! I’ll definitely try to be back with it as soon as I can!
      No award can be greater than your unconditional love and support towards me, according to me!
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    1. Hey Pari di!
      Awwww…I too had been missing presenting my FF in front of all of you!
      Thank you sooooo much for your kind words! thinking that it was great just because of it was written by me makes me feel at the top of the world! It’s a really big compliment for me, really!
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    1. Hey bro!
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      I’ll definitely try to come up with more of these articles and whenever I do, I’ll make sure to pass the links on to you!
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      Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful words di!
      Ummmm…me being a great writer, eh? It’s such a great compliment for me! Really!
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    3. Hayeeee! Di, mujhpe to dher saara pyaar hai aapki dene ke liye! Aap bas aise hi yahaan aate raho aur main aapko apna pyaar bhejti rahoongi ???
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    1. Azzuu! It’s so good to have you back after such a long time! Had really been missing you dear!
      You really miss my FF! Awwww….thank you soooo much! I’ll really try my best to post it as soon as I can!
      I’m so delighted to hear that you loved it! All your kind and sweet words truly mean a lot to me!
      I’ll surely try to come up with something else soon, if time permits!
      And, coming to Sona’s decision between Dev and her passion, I hope you’ll soon get to know that! But, for now, you might have to wait a bit!
      You too take care and loads of love to you!??????

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