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May almighty God give u all happiness ur my true genuine friend it’s my luck to have u as my friend hope our journey continue throughout our life. Once again I wish u a very happy birthday dear?? ur my favourite and close to my ❤❤❤ I dedicated dis Os to u..dis is my 8th OS. I got best OS writer award in one fb page…i got dis award only bec of readers thank u friends keep reading…

Police station is shown police beating one man again if I see u Thier I will encounter u constable leave him sanskar angrily come outside took his bike come to one house hey Saba come outside u send police to beat me na come outside today one thing should decide he start to beat house door then he saw door is locked..neighbour told yesterday only they shifted Thier house, from tat day onwards he waited so many days, one day he saw Saba on d road he run to her??‍♀hey Saba my God how many days I waited for u he hold her hand Saba where u went, pls don’t leave me yar suddenly he saw her mangalsutra and left her hand No Saba,,, I. M sorry sanskar I have family I have husband please forget me sanskar says how easily u easy u get lost..she say don’t worry sanskar u will get good girl more than me.i know all girl will say same dialogue when they break? our heart at tat time police inspector come jaan can we move( now sans understand tat police one who beat him is Saba husband, here Saba mistake is not Thier his parents force her to marry she married tats it)

After dis sanskar got married to big business man daughter swara shekhar today is Thier first night??

sanskar sitting in room swara slowly comes to room she comes near hello sanskar I want to ask something he says ask she says I want DIVORCE from u he says wat , I mean I want divorce I don’t want to be ur wife pls break dis relation sans without delay he says k but one thing y u agree for dis marriage I didn’t agree my father force me to marry with u..moreover I don’t want to give explanation for u he feel very bad and thinks something

Sans how many days u be in sad.morever ur dad has got major heart attack v don’t know how many days v leave before our death v hv to play with grandchildren pls u forget tat girl I and pa have seen you one girl u should marry her, ma when I say I. M loving one girl without questioning me u agree my and Saba love now it’s my duty to fulfill ur wish I agree with dis marriage..thanks San girl is very beautiful she show d photo but sans doesn’t c her photo because he thought her parents would c perfect girl for him.no ma I. M happy with d girl who u show..but did girl agree for dis marriage s pa she completely agree for dis marriage..?

Fb ends //

He feel bad he told k but one condition because of my parents I agree for dis marriage infornt of them v r husband and wife u should act such a way they shouldn’t get any doubt anyways tomorrow v r going to bangalore till then u should act she says k soon they both dose off..

Morning they took ashirvad firstly swara disagree to take ashirvad he hold her hand and brings down all gets happy to c them close and teases Swasan.swara father says San pls tc of my swara she is d only daughter for me if she gets angry pls keep in ur stomach and forgive her beta he says k and both says bye and comes to bangalore because sans works in bangalore as radio anchor? in radio mirchy..all apartment members all welcome them oh Mr sanskar and Misses— swara interprets swara tats it k Mrs swara and sanskar as ur marriage happens yesterday v apartment members plan honeymoon suit in room hope u enjoy..both goes to room sanskar c decorations and say dis first night not for us swara gives daring look then he say k k he goes swara c sans photo and says oh ur anchor ur staying here only na no I staying in slum today I came here. without sense ur asking I. M anchor yar k anyways now for me hungry go and do some food she wat food no no I mean I don’t know to cook sans says k u know to eat she gets angry k I know only to do Maggi he makes Maggi both eat and sleep off

Next morning
Sans comes to room without knocking swara wearing saree by miss he saw her oh sorry sorry I didn’t c anything he comes outside feel ackward she says can’t u hv sense to knock d door he says sorry actually I came to say u alone go to lawyer I hv important show after tat I accompany u..later swara goes to lawyer later San joins and ask divorce lawyer told u should wait for 6 months before tat u shd stay both in same house afterwards u will get divorce and told to sign on divorce application swara sign has Mrs swara lawyer says wat generation comes asking divorce for one day not even signing his husband name along with her name.for one sign marriage happens for one sign divorce ++ our generation is not like dis..sanskar asks her sit in bike she told i can go in auto while swara coming many pupil rag her wow she is very s*xy want to ask how much she take per day hey girl which flat per day how much u charge tel ur door no san says 100 hello guys she is my wife can i say which is her door no## they all ask sorry and goes..he gets angry hey stupid where is ur mangalsutra sindhoor she says I don’t want dis relation so I kept inside do u hv commensense if site has no documents all built house in it..if I put mangalsutra no one rag me.not 100% but 80% it’s respect given to women if she tied mangalsutra it means she tied relationship with him she belong to him.she is his property..but I. M not ur property I.m my lover property I belongs to him moreover u don’t come to my room without knocking, u sleep with tat room i sleep in other room and whatever money u spend for me after when my bf comes I will settle all ur money hello excuse me it’s my house so i will order u?? c swara morning I will clean d house evening u clean d house.one week u wash my clothes one week I will wash ur clothes..then Sunday holiday I.m full free I. M full with my friends so no work on tat day, then u sleep with tat room I sleep with dis room if I CALL U IN MY DREAM ALSO U SHOULD NOT COME if u k u can stay here or else u may go she says k he says k go and bring food she go and bring BREAD AND JAM what’s dis OMG ma which girl u tied to me like wise days r going Swasan busy in Thier works in middle San parentsCalls swasan to ask about Thier health San teases she cook very nice if v keep cooking competition She would get best chef award wow then I should come to bangalore to taste her food he laughs??& says mom she don’t know anything daily giving BREAD AND JAM and killing me, San mother says she don’t have mother so she don’t know how to cook so u shd teach her and adjust with her, ma ur swara side ah so bad when u will come to bangalore I want to c u she says I too want to c u both? I come soon●● one day sans best friend loving one girl he helped his friend to marry with her so swara asked him u help many people but I. M here only ur not helping me na, u didn’t ask one day also give hiis adress I will bring him she says I have his phone no tats it he laughs and says with mobile no v cannot search him v required adress anyways I will try she gets angry u don’t know value of love I only search myself u better get lost he goes he spread d no in radio ?live at last he got call?

He comes to home swara in sad swara go and ready soon, she ask y, I said go and ready she ready nd come he brings swara to hotel and shows c ur SAHIL go she goes and tells sahil where u went I miss u so much please don’t leave me again no worry swara I have came know I won’t leave u SAHIL dis is~~~ Sanskar Maheshweri I know he only called me told about u anyways thank u San, it’s k now swara is ur responsible please tc of her later he went off afterwards sahil drop her to home.next day sahil invite swara to hotel for valentine day celebrations swara goes sahil drank alcohol try to miss behave with her, my wife is not s*xy like u even ur married u keep same charm how many days San enjoy u stop it sahil don’t say any word about sans he is not like u.sahil do u have wife s I have wife u have husband know so line is clear // now spend a night with me he try to rape her sans comes and beat him later they both come to home and told today onwards u should not say his name u should forget him if I hear his name i don’t know what I will do he tells and goes swara goes to Room and hang herself to fan San comes to swara room calls swara she didn’t open he felt something wrong he broke d door swara trying to hang mean time San stops her and slapped her u idiot u don’t have manners if something happens to u who is responsible for it wat can I answer to ur father death is not solution for every prb I too love one girl she too cheated me if I dead what’s d value u should show them u too hv life u can leave happily without them I. E life v shd accept d fact she says sorry I won’t repeat again and hugs him he too hugs her as a friendly hug sorry I too slap u hardly■■ from tat day onwards Sanskar keeps swara happy by telling jokes he take her too radio station she makes new friends busy in house work and shows bread and jam teases her like wise she forgets him completely, San parents comes to c them..swasan shifted to same room( because they don’t know about Thier relationship divorce etc) daily she only clean d house she only select d dress purse watch she only try to make food by reading book like a typical wife she started to wear mangalsutra sindhoor at last she fall for him completely..San parents left San thanks for swara for acting has my wife don’t worry in one week u will get divorce and will be free bird..she feels very bad she wanted to say she want to be his wife she loves him truly but if I say wat sans thinks about myself if he thinks I. M Selfish who use his heart and break ?his friendship let my love keep with me only…

Divorce day both took divorce lawyer told to sign on divorce paper swara sign has MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWERI San also sign ed lawyer told today onwards ur not husband and wife u can go now..both come outside swara in teary eyes says sans today onwards no relation between us I going to my papa house u don’t bother for me hey swara I only drop u she says no need u may go then if u want to say anything say now only bec in furure u want get any chance I won’t distrub u again hey swara I want to say something she get so happy wat sans swara tat— please don’t give tat bread and jam to anyone he he he he??? laughs at her she says k bye…??

Lawyer seeing Thier conversation comes to San, hello San,,hello sir, San I will say one thing till today I hv seen many couples but not like u after divorce they are not like to c each other faces their waiting to separate but ur case is different I c love in her eyes I think she loves u, no no she is my friend tats it..no San open ur heart friendship is different from love a good pair should hv a true relationship tat co-relation I found in both every friends can become a lover and a pair u both made best pair go and speak to her still u hv time..he goes to home and think about her thier marriage her words ” don’t bother for me San do u want to say something because next time I won’t disturb u..omg wat happening to me then he c divorce paper in tat she signed has SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWERI then he realised o god swara loves me o God I didn’t realised only sorry swara I. M coming he soon goes to bus stop he searches thier all bus to mysore has already departed he feel very bad her words echoing sans do want to say something s swara I want to say something I love u swara I love u pls come back swara he scream loudly someone put hand on his Shoulder sans y u screaming here y u came here I told u know don’t come here sans raise his shoulder swara I love u.. she comes and hugs him I too love u San I love in beginning only but I don’t hv courage to say..k y u not gone to ur father place hey San I didn’t took my luggage only so I thought to come home morever I don’t like to go thier I want to be with u only k swara one good news and bad news for what good news ” Saba told u will get good girl more than me so I got u,?? o tats good news then bad news tat ” in dis life full I hv to eat ur BREAD and JAM know tats d bad news” hey sans hey just kidding Yar I love u swara I love u too Sanskar..

Now k today my girlfriend Saba birthday can v both wish her ya sure happy birthday Saba. Stay blessed??all d best ????
I hope swasan love and friendship last for ever❤❤❤…..

So friends now pls don’t exit without wishing my friend wish her a very happy birthday and thank u for reading dis story bye tc.???

Credit: Divya

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  1. Dhara

    Happy Birth day Saba.

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx I will send ur wishes to her

  2. It’s ‘Milan’ – kannada movie

    1. Divyashankar

      Of course rite please wish my friend saba dis is best movie I like most moreover I saw 30 times so I wrote dis pls wish her

  3. Which saba happy bday

    1. Divyashankar

      My friend Dr she is writer Dr more than she is my friend

  4. Rina Sivaguru

    Sweet love story…….. Happy Birthday Saba….. Stay happy always….. May God bless you…… ???

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx for commenting I will send ur wishes to her

  5. happyyyyy birthday saba diii… u know today is my sister’s birthday also…. we love u….

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx for ur wishes I will send ur wishes to her

    2. Divyashankar

      And I wish ur a sister a very happy birthday stay blessed saba also love u all soon she will join on telly

  6. Rabia0032

    Sooo sweet n happy birthday saba❤

    1. Divyashankar

      Thz for commenting and I send ur wishes to saba

  7. Zeestum2

    Happy Birthday Saba di…

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx I will send ur wishes to her

  8. Arunika

    Is it from a movie….I’ve seen the movie but not remembering the same!!!

    1. Divyashankar

      Then ur from karnataka na ya it’s best movie I have seen theatre only..if u ask any scene I can say without missing.. I love Thierr chemistry so I thought to gift dis for my friend thanks for commenting

  9. Sammykapoor

    happyyyyyyy birthday saba..

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx I will send ur wishes to her

  10. Nagamanasa

    Soo cute and Happy bday Saba

    1. Divyashankar

      Thz Dr I will send ur wishes to her

  11. hey ur story resembles to Kannada movie milana ! 🙂

    1. Divyashankar

      S Dr it’s best movie I hv seen u didn’t like it

  12. Hey my mom love this movie a lot…. u did a g8 job da…. and u explained every character and emotion beautifully… good try…. hope I see more updates… good work…. it’s really a nice concept….

    1. Divyashankar

      Even my mom love dis film so much because e film Hindu marriage sanskruti yella chenagide mathe edu best film pair ge irbekagiro yela quality akash anjali nali ide idu one year odide mathe I hv seen 20 to 30 times I watch in theatre only when it release so I thought to present dis for her thanks for comenting

      1. Haan edu… egina kalad reality ge suit aguvatthaddu…. no much fighting just a simple unwanted arrange marriage turning into love

  13. Manjula20

    Awesome Divya you nailed the it

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx dr u always supports me it’s my pleasure

  14. Beautiful

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