Kartik Purnima 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vicky challenges Kartik

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Scene 1
Twinkle eats a cake at the party and looks around. She comes to Purnima and says you are hiding? Purnima laughs and eats a cake with her. Twinkle says I can apply mehndi on your hand. What is your husband’s name? Purnima says Vicky. Twinkle is about to write it on her hand but Soni calls her so she leaves.
Vicky’s wife is looking around for Purnima and sees her in the garden. All start the dance performances. The woman comes to Purnima and says you are marrying a fraud. I know who you are going to marry. Vicky comes there and sees his wife. He says what she is doing here? I am gone now. The wife is about to tell the truth to Purnima but Twinkle takes Purnima from there. Twinkle brings her on the stage and calls Kartik too. She starts dancing with them. Soni gets angry. Kartik starts dancing with Purnima on Hello.. Soni is miffed to see it. All are tensed. Sumrit brings Shanaya on the stage and dances with her. All family members join them. Suddenly the lights go off. Soni has turned off the lights and says I can’t see that girl with my son, she has crossed all limits today. Purnima is looking around for the woman.
Kartik goes to check on the lights. Vicky grabs his wife and puts a knife on her neck, he says if you don’t stop then I will kill you.

Scene 2
Soni tells Purnima that you are shameless, how dare you dance with my son? Stay in your limits. Purnima says I am sorry. Soni says you know my conditions for this wedding, remember you begged to me?

Vicky’s wife cries and says leave me, I will runaway and not come back here. Vicky asks her to run. She leaves from there.

Soni tells Purnima that I don’t want your shadow in this house, you will pay for this. Get lost from here. Purnima leaves.

Kartik is looking around for Purnima. He sees a silhouette and thinks it’s Purnima. He says I want to tell you that Vicky is a fraud, he tells her everything. The person turns and it’s Vicky. Vicky says you know about me now? Kartik says you have confessed that you are a fraud. Vicky says who are you to Purnima? I am dangerous and Purnima is not going to listen to you, you have no solid proof. I am going to marry Purnima in 2 days and you won’t be able to do anything, he leaves from there. Kartik is tensed.

Kartik says Vicky is confident as I don’t have a proof.

PRECAP- Kartik tells Kuldeep that I want to talk about Vicky, he is not what he seems like.
Nani calls Vicky and asks what he is upto? Vicky says don’t worry, I will end Purnima’s chapter today.
Vicky comes to Purnima and tries to rape her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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