Shubharambh 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani tells Puhpha everything

Shubharambh 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani says to phupha please listen to me for two minutes. He says you have two minutes only. Rani tells him everything. She tells him how Raja was hit and how things were burned down. Rani tells him how she found about Kirtida and Gulwant’s evil plans. Rani says they have fooled Raja for years. What is the reason of their fake love? Now when you told me the will I got to know the plan. They brainwashed Raja into giving him everything. When the papers are prepared tomorrow, mummy ji and Raja will be kicked out of this house.

Phupha says why should I trust you a made-up story? You came to this house for theft. Rani says no. The accusation was on my brother. To save him, I took it on me. If I stole, why would I come back? I would have run away from here. I won’t have lived at a place where I was called a thief. I told you my truth. She says I hope you don’t have to regret not trusting me in the future.

Scene 2
Mehol looks for the bangle stall. He says the message said I have to place this mangasutra at the bangle stall. He sees the bangle stall and says how much are they for? He leaves the mangalsutra there and says I have to find out who is blackmailing me. He leaves. His wife comes there. Mehol says why do you come after me? She shoves him and picks the mangalsutra. Jharna says you didn’t respect this mangalsutra at least you should have respected our marriage. He says what are you saying? She says enough of your drama. Don’t lie anymore. I know everything about your affair. The seller is a girl. The girl takes off her beard and turban. Mehol is shocked. He looks at Jharna. The girl says you trapped me and you could carry on with this game if Raja didn’t tell me your truth. I could expose you but you should be taught a lesson. I blackmailed you so you can be exposed in front of Jharna. Mehol says she’s lying. She’s crazy. She edited my photos. She’s blackmailing me. You know girls like these. she’s characterless. You want money right? He gives her money and says get lost now. Jharna is my wife. She trusts me. Tell her Jharna.

At the house, everyone meets phupha ji. He says I will send you the papers Gulwant. Gulwant says Raja drop him off. He says I am fine. Raja isn’t well. Kirtida gives him pickle for home. Phupa takes out papers. He says these are divorce papers. Sign them if you feel like. Rani comes there. Raja looks at her.

Mehold picks a rope and says I know what you think of women now. You make us fight and fool us. If I didn’t trust Divya, no girl would ever be able to expose another man like. I am not a slipper. I will teach you a lesson. She makes a harness. Jharna says if our parents get to know you will not be able to show your face anywhere. Divya says I will tell the whole world. Mehol says I beg you please don’t tell anyone. I will do anything. Jharna says prove it. They make him a dog and tie a rope in his hand. He says all girls are my sisters now. I won’t fool anyone. I will do everything in the house. I will take you to shop. I will never lie. I will always be loyal to you.

Kirtida says we planned a pooja tomorrow. It would be great if you stay. He says I have work. Rani looks at him and holds her hands. Phupha says Raja let’s go. Raja says to Rani you can free yourself whenever you want. The doors are open. I don’t care. These are divorce papers. He signs them. Raja says no will ask her to leave. She can leave on her own if she wants. He signs the papers.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Verma4

    I think Puhpha is part of the conspiracy. Sign it you f**k head Raja and let Rani live in piece away from this f**king conspiracy. You deserve been treated like a door mat.

  2. I think Phupa has changed the papers and made Raja sign over everything to Rani. I don’t think that those are divorce papers. It will be nice if they bring in this twist. But Raja deserves to be kicked out by Gunvant, that is the only way he will realise the truth

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