Do you like Ankit Siwach’s entry in Beyhadh 2?

Sony’s Beyhadh 2 recently had Ankit Siwach’s entry. Ankit is playing an obsessed lover Vikram Jai Singh. Beyhadh’s track changes completely after Vikram’s entry in Maya’s life. He has saved Maya once again from Mrityunjay. It gets revealed that he had saved her life few years back and prepared her into a confident person. Maya suffers from memory loss. She doesn’t remember anything. She meets Vikram, who claims to be her husband. She doesn’t have any memory of her marriage. Vikram takes care of her, but has revengeful intentions.

Vikram slowly unveils the past and is deeply hurt that she had betrayed him. He had renamed Manvi as Maya when she lied that she doesn’t remember her past identity. Vikram married her and gave her the status of his wife Maya Jai Singh. She betrayed him soon after their marriage and went to take her revenge on Roy family. Maya lives with Vikram at present. She doubts his intentions after catching some of his lies. She finds Rajeev dead. Rajeev wanted Maya to escape from Vikram’s clutches. Maya finds Nandini captive when she tries to escape. Vikram wants Maya to return his favor of saving her life by accepting his love. Do you like Ankit Siwach’s entry in Beyhadh 2? Let us know your opinion.

  1. No….we liked the before track maya and rudra should be together

  2. Shesha485

    Instead of seeing dumbster Rudra’s face, this psycho Vikram’s face is ok. But missing MJ’s presence.

    1. Mkrishnadasan

      So u r loving dumbster Vikram got low by this fool.who wants mj.f**k.rudra is the only character which is truly good.u can’t even take rudra name.he is that handsome.u liked crap Vikram face more than sweet bad taste

    2. Shesha485

      Rudra is dumb. His father had done many things and so many crimes are happening in the house including Rishi’s death. But he doesn’t know even a bit. Simply, he hates his father for his relationship. He doesn’t even have idea of his mom’s swayamvar. By the way, I like Shivin for his earlier performance in which he may be innocent but not a fool. Of course yes, I too hating Vikram but he has brain. Don’t dare to speak about my taste. Plus if you hate Vikram character, then there is no use of liking Maya.

  3. Mkrishnadasan

    No.i don’t like this Vikram.unnecessary

  4. Aadat

    pls remove this ANKIT from the show asap

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