Dadi Amma Maan Jao 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Vikas no more

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha tries to call the ladies till Police reach them and says I didn’t ask them to hurt Pradhans but just scare them. Shraddha Sunderlal, Dhruv, Prabhas in hospital. Anjali and Shlok arrive, Anjali sees Shraddha wounded, Shraddha rushes to her and hugs her, Doctor walks to Shraddha and says your Ajooba is fine, he will recover soon but your father and Aaji are in critical condition, your farther has lot of blood loss and Aaji has spinal injury, both are very critical. Aaji and Vikas health goes to worst, Dhruv very guilty, Doctor closes Vikas face, Shraddha sees that and rushes inside, Doctor says we are sorry he is no more, Shraddha Anjali in shock.
Aaji opens her eyes, doctor says she is bit stable take her to operation theatre. Shraddha tries to wake Vikas, says why did you come to save me, and says this all happened because of me, Dhruv remembers not picking up Shraddhas call and is in tears. Sunderlal in tears too, he hugs Dhruv. Dhruv says I made a mistake, im such a fool hit me, I didn’t pick Shraddhas call, please forgive me, I cant live with this guilt.
Prabhas calls Rekha, and informs about Vikas death, Rekha in shock, she drops her mobile, she makes ladies call and yells at them, and asks why did you call goons, they tell Shraddha and that lady had doubt on us, and they slapped us too, so we did this in defence, and now we don’t want to be part of this case, we are going under ground, and we have dropped that money by mistake at pradhans house so manage that, do not try to reach us. Rekha breaks her mobile.
Rekha says I have to get that money bag, if found I will be caught. Rekha picks her mobile, and leaves the house, and throws the phone in dustbin. Shraddha, Anjali, Shlok, Sunderlal , Dhruv all walk to Vikas dead body, SUnderlal asks when can we take him, Doctor says this is police case, we need to fulfil some formalities, Shraddha says its all my fault I couldn’t save you, Shraddha says sorry didi.
Anjali Shlok, Shraddha Dhruv walk to aaji, Shraddha says we shouldn’t tell her about baba, Anjali says yes we should without them do all final rituals of baba, doctor says your Ajooba wants to meet you, Shlok and Anjali leave to see Ajooba, Police walks in and say we need your statement so come with us to police station, Shraddha says two minutes, says Aaji take care you are our strength.
Shraddha informs Sunderlal and leaving, he asks Dhruv to be with her. Anjali and Shlok walk to Ajooba, Ajooba asks when did you return and where is everyone else, Anjali says what had happened, Ajooba says Aaji warned us but we didn’t agree, and where is Vikas, Aaji, Anjali says Aaji is resting we will call her, you rest too, Ajooba asks Shraddha, Anjali says she is at police station giving statement, Ajooba says those ladies should be caught, and I want to see Vikas, Anjali starts crying and leaves, Shlok says he is with Shraddha, Ajooba says e was very injured, he shouldnnt have gone.
Rekha at Pradhans looking for money bag, Namrata asks what are you looking for, Rekha says nothing, Namrata says Sunderlal had called Vikas body will be brought here, but look at the situation of this house, Rekha says right come lets do cleaning quickly. Inspector walks in and says to Ajooba sorry for loss but we need your statement, Ajooba asks what loss.
Inspector says to Shraddha why didn’t you call Police or anyone close for help, when you had mobile in your hand, Shraddha remembers calling Dhruv, Dhruv says why are you asking her one statement so many times, she need her family now, inspceter says who are you, why are you talking so much, Shraddha remembers marrying Dhruv, so does Dhruv, Dhruv says she is my, Shraddha says he is my sisters brother in law nothing else, Inspecter says Dhruv to stand in silence or will be thrown out, Inspecter says to Shraddha why didn’t you call, we could have avoided this incident, Shraddha asks Dhruv to keep quiet, Inspector says to Shraddha oh you are 21, your age is your problem, couldn’t call us could call this hero, he could have come, Dhruv thinks I wish I could rewind time and pick her call, when I cant forgive myself how will she.
Shlok takes inspector aside and requests them to record statement later, he is dimensia statement and he wouldn’t take up with sons death news, Inspector asks how long will you hide, Shlok says as long as we can, Shlok says and can you please come in civil to record statement, Ajoobas health Detroit’s on seeing uniforms. Shlok gets call from Sunderlal to come for Vikas Funeral.
Anjali talks to doctor to give Ajooba sedative and mean time they will go perform Vikas funeral rituals. Anjali says I shouldn’t have gone Mumbai Shlok, this is all because of me, if I would be here I could help them, Shlok says don’t loose yourself, if you break who will look after Shraddha and Aaji.
Shraddha trying to narrate sketch artist about the ladies. Rekha tensed trying to search for the money bag. Dhrruv gets a call.

Pre cap:Shraddha calls Anjali and tells that Ajooba has left for home, Anjali gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I am so sorry for vikas…a good soul was died…but this shardha is overacting from the starting of the show.she called dhruv hundred time for help but couldn’call the police??

    1. Verma4

      absolutely correct, shardha could have called the cops but instead went for super dhruv .

  2. Verma4

    So Rekha , asking kanaji for help wont save you, you f**king b*t*h. Sad to see anyone pass on in anyone’s family. They should lock up Dhruv .

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