Beyhadh 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Aamir recognizes Vikram’s Kaka from the CCTV footage

Beyhadh 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vikram bandages Maya’s mother’s wound. It is a simple fact. We are a simple family. Our happiness is in Maya’s hands. We will be happy if all 3 of us will be together; only if Maya would want it. He asks Maya if she wants her mother to be happy. Maya’s mother and Maya look at Vikram and Maya’s photo. She shakes her head at Maya. Vikram sets a rule for them. Neither of you will meet each other till the time Maya agrees to stay with me forever. Doorbell rings. Maya’s mother shouts but Vikram covers her mouth. Finger on your lips! Vikram keeps Maya’s stick between them as Lakshman rekha. Neither of you will cross it. Maya rushes to her mother’s side as soon as he goes.

Delivery boy returns the tip money to Vikram. Can I have water? Vikram gives him money to have juice. He closes the door. Maya’s mother tells her to run away. It is a lie. Vikram isn’t your husband. Run away! Maya says without you. Vikram comes back. You broke the rule. Someone must go on exile now. Princess will stay with me so Mummy ji will have to go.

Rudra finds the white shirt with Maya’s footprints on it. He thinks of Maya again. Antara asks Rudra if he cannot decide who to fight for – for love or against love. Close your eyes. Fight for the first face that you can think of – Maya’s love or Rishi’s death! Rudra closes his eyes and imagines Maya. He opens his eyes. Antara asks him who he saw. He takes Maya’s name but then thinks of Rishi. He recalls Rishi’s death and how Maya lied to him all along. Rishi’s words about Maya echo in his head. He turns to his mother. Maya means hatred for me now. He tears the shirt in two startling his mother. I promise you I will kill myself first if my hands shake while killing her. She is shocked.

Antara tells MJ to find Maya and finish her. MJ says you haven’t seen his hatred for Maya. This time he will be the one who will shoot Maya.

Vikram has tied Maya’s mother in the study while he chains Maya to the bed. Maya shouts for help but he tells her that her voice cannot reach anyone. Maya’s mother notices a dead body nearby and panics. Maya shouts loudly. Vikram tells her to think of her mother atleast. How will she feel hearing you shout for help?

MJ and Aamir are watching CCTV footage of Hotel Mamba. They spot something suspicious and pause the video. They see Maya from the back and question the Manager. He tells them that the one who hired the pub gave special instructions about shutting down all CCTVs. This one was on by mistake. Aamir notices Vikram’s Kaka. Who is he? Manager replies that he is the one who had hired the pub. Aamir tells MJ he knows this guy.

Maya’s mother uses her strength to shout but in vain.

Maya is in tears. Vikram tells her not to cry. I also feel like crying seeing you in tears. I hate your tears. He tries to comfort her but she is afraid of his touch. He caresses her leg. She requests him to stop but he kisses her on her leg. He rests his head in her lap again. I love you Princess!

Rudra is sitting on the edge of his balcony. I hate you Maya! You snatched my brother from me. Naina plays as he thinks of Rishi and drinks alcohol. You will have to pay for it Maya. I will find you from wherever you are hiding!

Maya gets thinking. Vikram says I love you Princess. She calls him a liar. This is lust. Fine! Do whatever you want. I wont say anything. He looks away. I don’t love you? You have no idea what all I have done for you. There was no scope of your survival. Even doctors had given up hope but I dint give up. I used to read Bhagvad Gita to you. You call this lust? You were in coma for 4 years. All I wanted was to see you open your beautiful eyes but then you cheated me. You broke my heart. Maya is unable recall anything. Vikram asks her if she does not trust him. She says how to trust you. No one forces anyone in love You call me princess yet you have locked me here as an animal. Is this how you will treat your love? He says sorry. He opens her chains. She tells him to prove his love to her.

Precap: Aamir asks Rudra why they are waiting under Maya’s building. Rudra says I feel Maya is somewhere nearby. Maya writes help on a piece of paper and throws it down. It lands straight on Rudra’s car. They pick the paper and look up in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Hope rudra finds maya but doesn’t ill her bcoz she doesn’t remember anything. he still loves maya, its just the revenge thats taking him towards hatred for her. at least maya should not stay with psychopath vikram for long

    1. correction: kill her

    2. We are both maya and rudra and Pranbir fan.

    3. Hi. I never noticed that but glad u did

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