Karn Sangini 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Uruvi Criticizes Karn

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Karn Sangini 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Duryodhan drives chariot with Karn after kidnapping Bhanumati. Karn tells kidnapping Bhanumati is wrong. Duryodhan says he could not see his lady love being married to someone else. Karn says but his way was wrong. Uruvi rides chariot in front of their chariot and stops them. She picks arrow and warns them to return Bhanumati, else she will shoot them. Karn warns her to back off. Bhanumati asks why he is supporting Duryodhan who did a big sin by kidnapping a woman. Karn says he just knows to help his friend and nothing else. Bhanumati gets adamant. Duryodhan throws his mace and breaks Uruvi’s chariot wheel and says he spared her because of Karn and will not spare her again. He rides chariot ahead and leaves.

Arjun confronts Kunti and asks her to permit him to fight with Karn

as she took oath not to until she permits, reminiscing the incident. He says he will rescue Bhanumati. Kunti says when Bhisma kidnapped Amba and then returned her, Amba was not accepted by anyone and she remained unmarried whole life, similarly Bhanumati will be disowned, so better Duryodhan marry her. Arjun leaves. Uruvi meets Kunti and says Karn helped Duryodhan in kidnapping Bhanumati, she wants justice. Kunti says Bhisma will do justice.

Pandavs and Kauravs gather. Bhisma says they have to decide if Duroydhan did right or sin and starts explains rules. Duryodhan says he is just following Bhisma and kidnapped Bhanumati like Bhisma kidnapped Amba and her 2 sisters. Karn interferes, but Bhimsa warns him to shut up as he is here just because of Duryodhan. Shakuni says he shut Karn’s mouth, but he himself made a mistake once. Duryodhan asks Dushyasan howmany types of marriages are there. Dushyasan says 8 and explains each one. Duryodhan says he did married Bhanumati legally then and promises to give her respect she deserves. Dhritarastra says then it is proved Dushyashan married Bhanumati legally and did not do anything wrong.

Duryodhan celebrates at night with Karn and Shakuni. Shakuni asks Karn if he will not congratulate Duryodhan and praise his bravery. Duryodhan says Karn himself commends praise for his bravery. Karn leaves. Shakuni suggests Duryodhan if he wants to be in power, he has to give heir before Pandavs.

Urumi continues confronting Kunti, but Kunti disposes her request. Urumi then decides to free Bhanumati herself and smears poison to her knife.

Precap: Uruvi rescues Bhanumati and is about to escape when Karn stops Bhanumati. Uruvi slits his hand with poisoned knife. He falls down. She stops seeing his condition.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awwwwww so cute my karn and urvi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. but what about arjuna..he loves uruvi soo much..nooo

  3. Saw this show yesterday only. Till date various serials with the epic of Mahabharat as the background have been telecast. In Karnsangini, why is Duryodhan shown the way he is?.He was always shown as a scheming,cunning,but as a valiant Kshatriya. Why is he without his customary crown? And sans moustache which, in those days was a sign of masculinity? And why is Karna shown as always sad,forlorn, and as a person who lost everything? True, Karna did get some curses unfortunately, but, his character was of a brave, courageous,committed to friendship, yet, sensitive and soft nature. The costume incharge should set things properly.

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