Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal finds Mauli isn’t pregnant

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli watch a car approach a young child on the road and runs to save him. She falls on the floor along with the child. Kunal was in the balcony and was concerned but find Mauli fine. Dida’s cautions about holding weight echo in his mind, he wonders why Mauli didn’t feel any discomfort.
Mauli comes home where everyone was dancing. He walks to Mauli concerned if she is fine, he says he just saw her slip while saving a child. Mauli says the child could have hurt. Kunal mentions that Mauli should have been hurt because she is pregnant as well. Mauli asks if Kunal is suspicious. Mamma takes Mauli for little dancing.
Nandini stood in front of the mirror, eyes filled with tears. She watch her henna filled hands with Kunal’s name written in it. She daydreams about Kunal draping

her in red chunri, but soon realizes Kunal wasn’t there. The next day, Kunal comes to meet Dr. Aasha; Mauli’s doctor. He asks about Mauli’s test reports. Dr. Aasha says Mauli took the reports herself and was as well reluctant to give the reports. Dr. Aasha says she shifted the reports to her other clinic.
Mauli was standing for Pooja and wonders where did Kunal go. The flame on her platter goes off. Sweety claims it to be a bad omen but Mamma assures nothing happened, Mauli must light the flame again and continue her Pooja.
Nandini sat in front of her temple corner for Pooja.
There, Mamma tells Mauli whatever happened was accidental, she must move on and continue the Pooja. She lights the flame for Mauli who was still confused. Mauli thinks the winds have changed, and it beholds the consequences of a storm.
Kunal had forgotten the car keys in Aasha’s office. Aasha was recording a message for Mauli that Kunal came here and is dubious, Mauli must share the truth with him as soon as possible. Kunal hears this.
Later in the evening, Mauli prays in the balcony for moon. Dida was dialing Kunal’s number but all efforts in vain. Kunal comes inside. Dida cheerfully announce that he is back home. Kunal angrily walks to the balcony. Mauli breaks into tears and thinks she was worried for no reason, Kunal is back home. She turns towards Kunal and does the Karwachauth aarti. Kunal stood there silently fuming, then stops Mauli’s hand in midair. He drags her inside and wanted some answers. Mamma insists on Kunal to let her break her fast first. Kunal questions Mauli what’s most important for husband and wife Dida was angry over Kunal. Mauli replies, love and trust. Kunal swears her on the trust, opens the message of Dr. Aasha on her phone and asks what she wants to hide Kunal asks Mauli if she wants to start over this relation based on a lie. He place Mauli’s hand over his head and asks her to accept she is truly pregnant. Mauli withdraws her hand off Kunal. She accepts lying about her pregnancy and says she isn’t pregnant. Kunal shouts at Mauli that its because of this baby that he broke his relation with Nandini. He could never think she would fall to such limits. He brings divorce papers to Mauli and ends their relation, leaving the house. Mauli drops the thaal.

PRECAP Nandini was about to break her fast and looks through the sieve. Kunal comes in between. Nandini backs up and tells Kunal to go to Mauli. Kunal tells Nandini that Mauli isn’t pregnant.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bye everyone not gonna watch this serial from now on. The shit people do to justify ema is beyond me

  2. Wash your hands on the two cheaters Mouli. These two selfish cheaters deserve each other. They will start their journey on Mouli ‘s pain and curses from Mom and Granma. Karma has a funny way of hitting you in the face after a while. What goes around comes around. I hope no one feels pity for Nandini and Kunal after the leap.

  3. But Nandini’s character is ending then how can it possible. Such a crap. It’s good Drashti is leaving this show.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    So finally writers realised that they should show Mouli Great and let her move on in life with new partner, as Mouli and baby doesn’t deserve hubby and father like Kunal….???????

  5. Well done Mauli he doesn’t deserve you or your child I want to see kunal begging for forgiveness after the leap and I hope you find some1 and kunal regret everything that he has done to you

  6. Actually mouli deserves a better person so mouli plz dnt wry abt kunal.u jst start ur new life

  7. i can’t blame Kunal for doubting this time. Once already Dida made that whole drama of heart attack. If that hadn’t happened, then maybe Kunal wouldnt have suspected more lies… but that was Dida. Kunal could have atleast trusted Mouli. He spent so many years with her, just because he has changed, he thinks Mouli also has changed? But this suspicion is because of so many circumstances. Kunal thinks Mouli wants to have him back and asked the same from Nandini, completely ignoring Mouli’s drunkenness. Then Nandini broke this pregnancy news to Kunal in such a way that Kunal will think again Mouli called Nandini alone and said things to her to separate Kunal and Nandini. Nandini completely omitted Rajdeep’s involvement. The bottom line is, Kunal has lost all trust for Mouli. Forget love. He doesnt even respect her anymore. Good thing. he can run back to Nandini now. Mouli deserves someone who will love her and appreciate what a wonderful person she is. not this man.
    I don’t know what is the truth that the lady doctor asked Mouli to tell, maybe there is some complication or maybe its twins and Mouli asked her to not tell anyone untill she herself discloses it first. But it is confirmed that Mouli is pregnant. She was just getting fed up of Kunal’s continuous questions and doubts. When Kunal said he came back only for baby, divorced her in a second and ran away, it was the confirmation Mouli needed that their relationship cannot survive anymore. I hope now we will get to see the journey of a strong single mother who lives her life happily 🙂
    As for Nandini, everyone knows she has no other work except dressing up and thinking about Kunal. So it is no surprise that was what she was shown doing alone in her house. She is lucky Kunal is running back. Else there is no way she will be able to afford that house anymore. Let alone house, not even food, clothes and her truckload of make up…. Sometimes i feel, Rajdeep might be an abusive person, but he speaks the truth. In the beginning he used curse Nandini a lot that you dont make any financial contribution to this house but i have to spend all my money feeding and dressing you up.
    I get it. Rajdeep was abusive and Nandini could have done lots of jobs if Rajdeep had supported her instead of demeaning her. But look at her now. She is practically free to do anything with her life. But instead of trying to make herself financially independent, she still thinks all about dressing up and Kunal. She doesn’t recognize even one of her own flaws, always saying ‘hum to kuch bura nahi karna chahte the, hum to ache hain…’ Lady, you are not the epitome of the perfect woman. Atleast try to better yourself instead of again making your life all about a man.

    1. I don’t kno y this EMA doesn’t make sense.. How could someone in a perfect marriage suddenly fall in love with someone else so madly so quick? I get it if it wasn’t going right and they were fighting lots… The story was set up all wrong . and yes how would nandini support herself without a man… She is nothing on her own. Anything she sets out to do always is jinxed . eveb jinxed her own best friends life by allowing to let her help her.. So stupid

    2. Anjali Sharma

      Dhara, i love you for your comments and sarcasm. <3

  8. WHAAAT? Nooo
    Now Kunal and Nandini are going to live their happy married life and Mauli is alone.
    But she is better off anyways without them just wish that she would not have lied about her pregnancy.

    1. Did she lie tho? Its not clear

  9. Btw, i heard that Drasthi has quit this show, and Nandini’s character will be ended? Can anyone confirm this? She made an instagram post regarding this… Now, i have seen other actresses claiming to quit shows but still staying put and lying for god knows what reasons. So can anyone confirm if DD is really quitting? Because frankly, i dont want Nandini to die. She might be a selfish, self-absorbed person with a mahanta complex, but i dont want her to die at this point of the story. If she dies, then what will be the point of the story?? But i dont want another person to play Nandini either. IT was DD’s innocent like, shivering act that made me dislike Nandini so much. If another actor plays Nandini it just wont be the same thing. (But then again, maybe makers will finally stop whitewashing Nandini and we will finally get some character development for her with grey shades, so who knows). Can anyone confirm please?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hey even i read emotional good bye at her instagram, but if she leave show either show should end or I shall not watch show… As colors always do this, they changed Aarohi first as Nia who look dumbest person and now New Nandini, I can’t handle this…. If show will continue without Nandini aka Drashti, I shall not watch it….

    2. yes she is really quitting the show and her character is going to die

    3. Yep nandini is dying…kinshuk mahajan is new male lead opposite mauli. I m so happy ?

      1. Anjali Sharma

        Last night, we brought to you shocking news of Drashti Dhami quitting Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. The gorgeous actress posted an emotional message on her Instagram and informed about her exit from the show.

        When spoke to the sources on the set, they revealed that Drashti was unhappy with the way Nandaini’s character was shaping up in the show. Add to it fans hatred towards her character- this was another reason for her to quit the show. So, after makers planned a leap she decided that it’s the right time to make an exit.

        And now, after Drashti’s exit, this morning we woke up to the news of Kinshuk Mahajan making an entry in the show, which will take 6 years leap. Kinshuk will play a business tycoon, Ishaan, in the show and his character will be introduced after the leap.
        The character is strong and he will be introduced as Aditi’s friend, and the two will eventually fall in love.

  10. I think Nandani hates the negative comments about her character and decided to leave but her character may just be replaced by another actress. Oh well, lets see what happens.

    I am so glad that Mauli lied so that Kunal can leave thinking the lie to be true only to show a leap and Mauli has her baby. I think after the leap, the will just introduce a new actress as Nandini.

  11. Nandini is dying in the show….so without oxygen kunal will automatically die. Kinshuk will look greatwith aditi ☺

  12. DannyComments

    Well well well well well??? I didn’t expect this twist! So the honarable and pious Mauli can be dubious too????Epic !what more twist are you writers gonna give me again? Hahahah?

  13. I am happy after a long that mauli has decided to move on.finally she realised her self respect is more important than love.Good decision mauli because one can live happy without love but not without self respect.And one more thing don’t let kunal know you are pregnant.A person like him don’t deserve to be a father.

  14. So finally mauli lets kunal go
    She choosed self respect over a forceful marriage
    Drishti quits( i used to love her but for nandini so much hate). So happy for drishti
    I do not thinks it is end of nandini,someone will replace her
    By the way there will be decrease in kunan supporters after drishti quits
    Maximum people supports kunan only for actors not for characters

  15. Okay I am confused mauli pregnant hai ya nahi ?

    1. doubt is Mauli Pregnant or not? Confusing. As per the previous episodes mauli went to doctor to get some minor operation done to plan a baby acompanied by mamma. That means she and kunal were on family planning (before kunal changed feelings) and after wards when ,mauli was ready for the baby..kunal was reluctant as he loved nandini now. so basically, mauli and kunal were not together romantically after mauli minor operation. Confusing….

    2. She is pregnant she just fade up with kunal suspecting her she just doesn’t want to force kunal to be with her anymore

  16. She is pregnant
    But hidden the truth from kunal as kunal needs only baby not mauli

  17. Pathetic storyline…….. now they turn an innocent girl mouli in to a negative character….. disgusting……….. please show a new story…… dont start a new ek phool do maali concept… kabhi sautan kabhi sahelii…..geting borred from these type of storyline…..

  18. Anjali Sharma


    Silsila: Mauli’s reaction on Kunal-Nandini’s happy marriage.. Kunal breaks all ties with Mauli. This gets shocking for Mauli and family. Kunal proves once again that he doesn’t deserve Mauli. He ruins Mauli’s Karwachauth fast by reprimanding her. Kunal completes Nandini’s fast by surprising her. He decides to marry her. They have romantic moments. He also tells her that he can’t wait to marry her. He wants to make her his wife as soon as possible, before any hurdle comes in his way. Consequently, Kunal and Nandini get married. They exchange the marriage vows. Kunal has forever accepted Nandini. He fills sindoor in her hairline. He makes her have the mangalsutra. They turn into life partners. Nandini gets too happy to finally become Kunal’s wife.

    She wanted to get rid of the lover’s tag. Kunal’s dream also turns true when he marries the second lover. Strangely, he was also in love with Mauli when he had a love marriage with her. Kunal’s second love marriage also brings happiness for him.

    Silsila: Mauli’s reaction on Kunal-Nandini’s happy marriage
    Furthermore, Kunal promises Nandini that he will just love her, the same way as he had promised Nandini. Kunal and Nandini turn into husband and wife, in the marriage ceremony conducted in private. Kunal has hurriedly married Nandini, after assuming that Mauli isn’t pregnant.

    He feels cheated by Mauli’s life. Kunal breaks his old relation. He gives Mauli’s share of happiness to Nandini. Kunal and Nandini romance. They start having cute antics once they turn into a married couple. Kunal tells her that he will love the same way as before, he won’t throw any husband’s tantrums. He promises to become a good husband. He wants to clear all her bad memories. Nandini gets on cloud nine. Meanwhile, Mauli learns about Kunal and Nandini’s marriage. Mauli breaks down. She gets support from Yamini and Dida. She removes her Suhaagan bangles. She doesn’t want to have any relation which weakens her further. She wants to raise her child all alone.

    Silsila: Mauli’s reaction on Kunal-Nandini’s happy marriage
    She tells them that she will be a proud single mother. They ask her why did she lie to Kunal and let him go to Nandini. Mauli tells them that she has told Kunal that she isn’t pregnant. She further adds that Kunal was suspecting that her pregnancy is a lie. She keeps her self-esteem and tells them that Kunal isn’t happy with her.

    Also, she feels Kunal doesn’t care for her now. She tells them that Kunal was too happy when he learnt that he isn’t becoming a father. She doesn’t want to cage Kunal because of the coming child. Mauli makes a sacrifice for Kunal and Nandini. Mauli has decided to leave Kunal forever. She shares the truth with Dida and Yamini. They share the sorrow. They support Mauli and wants to raise the child without Kunal. Dida and Yamini decide that they won’t accept Nandini as Kunal’s wife ever. There will be a short leap in the show

  19. I badly hope that what Mauli told kunal about not being pregnant is a lie. I hope that after seeing her stupid husband not trusting her and trying to find a reason to return to Nandini , Mauli got tired of his behaviour and decided to end her relationship with this pathetic person.

    Mauli is an independent women and she doesn’t need any man to look after her and her baby , unlike Nandini who cannot take stand for herself.

    Please kunal go back to your so called true love because for a person like you , I don’t know how can you instill good values in your kid. That innocent baby neither deserves a broken family nor a cheater father.

    By the way I am new here and its good to find people knowing the difference between right and wrong . And not supporting wrong characters just because its there fav actors.
    Cause I know everyone of those are against the characters and their actions not the talented actors.
    Not to mention their wonderful acting that makes us hate them or cry for them.

  20. Shame on kunal.. big shame on nandini.. from now i stop watching this serial..

  21. Story should go on like film Artha of Smita Patil . I liked Mauli ‘s strong character full of self respect . Mauli that they are projecting is totally different and weak. Sending wrong message to society.

  22. Wow….like really…wht did kunal said tht how could mouly fell so low…nd love nd trust are most important in relations thn where were these love trust nd his philosophy when he was betraying mouli behind her back with her frnd .. nd is mouly the one who fell low…so wht abt himself nd tht b**ch nandini who snatchef her best frnd’s hubby(the frnd who was helping her nd trusted her much)buy showing herself the most pitious woman in the world……nd i totally don’t understand wht does the makers wants to show us…now they started changing a strong character like mouly so weak a weak woman who can even lie abt her pregnancy just to bring her husband back….

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