Bepannah 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana gets jailed

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Bepannah 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh calms Anjana. She is worried as Aditya is still not home. What if she dint agree? Aditya returns home just then. Anjana asks him about Zoya. He keeps quiet. Anjana says I know she went to police station. He requests her to let her handle this shock. Anjana says I know we wont be able to manage the situation if she goes there. She hates me. I know that. She will now destroy everyone! Aditya tells her to calm down. Harsh seconds Anjana. We could have handled the situation if it was someone else but seeing Zoya and Anjana’s equation, I am sure Zoya will go to police station. He tells Anjana not to panic. We are with you. Aditya holds his mother’s hands. I am telling you nothing will go wrong. You trust me right? I wont let you go to jail. They head upstairs followed by Arjun and Harsh.


is at Rajvir’s place. I wont bear it. They have cheated me! They should be punished at any cost. It is true that accident happened but they will be punished for hiding the truth. Mystery woman says we knew you wont spare them after finding out the truth. Rajvir says I don’t know if you said a truth or a lie but she will have to give a test to prove herself. Zoya refuses to give any more tests. You can do anything you want. It might be some old game or some enmity for you but it is my life which is at stake here! You guys have already done whatever you had to. I too don’t trust you guys even a bit. I might not be able to trust anyone at all now. Show me if you have some proof against Hooda family or you don’t need to waste my time! Mystery woman gives her few photos of the accident site. What could we do? You were blind in Aditya’s love. You should see and decide for yourself now. Zoya looks at the photos. Mystery woman murmurs in Rajvir’s ears that she was right. Zoya will be very helpful for us. Rajvir asks Zoya what she has to do now.

Anjana is packing her bag with Aditya’s help. He tells her not to stress. I will fix everything. Harsh and Arjun ask them what they are up to. Aditya shares that they are going away. I cannot disclose the location. Harsh tells Anjana not to do what Aditya is saying but she has faith in Aditya. Even Arjun tells them against it but Anjana and Aditya are sure Zoya wont agree. She will do what she has to do. Anjana nods. We will also do what we want to do. Harsh reasons that Rajvir wants them to react. We should avoid falling in his trap. Please. I am one of the best lawyers in the country. This case will open once again if Zoya goes to court. Let me handle this through law. Rajvir can only attack from behind as he knows he cannot withstand me in court. Aditya agrees he is right. We don’t know Rajvir’s plan of action and the proofs that he has. He will not believe in right or wrong. He will only try to trap Ma. We have no other option but to elope. Arjun reasons that they will finish all the options to defend themselves this way. Why do you guys only want to run away? Aditya insists they are only trying to trap Ma. We must do this. Harsh and Arjun try to stop them but Aditya and Anjana step out of the room holding the suitcase. They find Zoya standing outside with police.

Zoya says this is what I expected from these people. They only run away from the problems. They have no courage to face the truth. Aditya tells Inspector he does not know which story she has cooked but we can sit down and discuss the matter. She tells him against it. You know why I brought police here. He says it is because you brought them here. You are acting and need audience. You know this much that I wont let them take my mother! She calls Anjana a culprit. She accepted her crime in front of everyone. How did you have a change of heart when it came down to your mother? Aditya insists it was an accident. She asks him why it wasn’t reported then. She keeps the photos in his hand. You should now let the court decide what it was. Harsh advises her to mind her words if they are going legal. These pictures wont even reach judge’s table. Anjana will leave after having breakfast and will be home before lunch! Aditya smirks. Arjun points out that the court is closed today. Inspector points out that Anjana must come to remand room with them. You know the remaining procedure. Lady Constables walk up to Anjana. She tells them to step back. Arjun follows suit. Aditya stops them. He tells Zoya he will break all the ties if they take his mother away today. No one is greater than my mother for me! Why are you doing his? She was right about not liking you! You were doing it for all that only right? Zoya says she dint like me as her hands were bloodied. She was trying to hide them. Don’t talk about the vows. You hid such a big secret from me without thinking what I will go through? She turns to Anjana. You deserve to be in jail! Your crimes have decided your punishment. It just needs to be announced. Aditya raises his hand but Harsh holds it in time. Anjana cries that she hasn’t done anything. Police takes Anjana away.

Aditya tells Zoya to leave. I don’t want to see your face after today! Don’t come back again! Arjun looks miffed as well. Zoya reminds him she has married him. I wont leave this house! She begins to walk away when he shouts after her not to lie that she is staying here only for that reason. You are staying here as you have no other place to go to! Your Abbu has also thrown you out of the house! My mother is better. She has a roof over her head even if she is going to jail. She wont stay there for long. You have no one. No one loves you, neither your Abbu nor me! You can stay in my room if you want to but you will stay alone there! She says I know you are saying all this to hurt me and I step back. I will get your mother her due this time. You can hurt me as much as you want but I wont step back this time! She goes. Harsh asks Aditya to come. All 3 of them leave for police station.

Anjana removes her jewellery one by one. Lady Constable asks her to remove her mangalsutra too. Anjana takes it off reluctantly and cries. She cries inside the cell.

Zoya calls Rajvir. I have done my job. You have to accomplish the main task. Remember you are fighting against Harshwardhan Hooda. Not every lawyer can withstand him. He tells her he knows it well and ends the call. Mystery woman laughs thinking that Zoya has done just what they wanted.

Precap: Aditya holds Zoya. You cannot break down thinking all this. We have to be near Rajvir to find out his truth. She tells him that for that, she will have to stay away from him even after being so near. Title track plays as he feeds her water and food.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Finally, Precap is Amazing ?????

    I’m glad that atleast Anjana is in jail…And Adi was deliberately pressures Anjana to leave, According to AdiYa’s planning… Now eagerly waiting for 2morrow episode…

  2. Seriously I was angry when aadi raised hand on zoya.
    But precap is awesome..
    Waiting for tomarow.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Tooooooo much drama episode today….????? but precap is interesting….??????

    1. Neha1

      Me too yar…??

  4. So wait ,Anjana packed her bag to go to prison ?
    Wonder how long her holiday is going to last ?

    Seems like Zoya brought all the officers from the station to arrest Anjana lmao.

    Think I’m going to view the episode tonight.

    Neha I’m waiting for your links ?

    1. Not for long Seychelle, she will be at the party very soon.

  5. After prcap❤❤❤

  6. so their act started from today itself… If anyone knows Zoya or Aditya even a little, they will know both are acting. Zoya will never go to Rajvir in her senses neither will Aditya say all those words against Zoya. But i must say, both said a lot of harsh words, specially the bit about Zoya having no one, not even her abbu (To be honest, i feel if Zoya runs to her abbu now saying she hates Aditya, her abbu will happily take her back. Waseem only wants Zoya to do as he wish and he will forgive her in a second).
    I am surprised thought that Aditya let Anjana be taken to jail as a part of the act. But i am happy. Poosh murder might be an accident, but Sakshi murder was definitely not. Following proper procedures, the police should now try to contact Poosh’s parents. They will not find Sakshi anywhere, Hoodas will say Sakshi went to foreign land, but her phone location will show she was always near Hood Mansion and that mystery will be revealed. Am sure even Aditya wont support Anjana after that, but maybe Harsh will succeed into making it a mental illness case.
    Also, Anjana is wrong. Zoya never hated her. It was Anjana who kept hating her because of her won crimes.
    Can someone tell me where Adiya are talking in the precap? Because normally, Rajvir keeps an eye on everything they do even in their own room. So if they are talking about their act, wont Rajvir find out?

    1. It is victor who giving all news to rajveer
      No hidden camera

      1. i heard that…but victor hasn’t been exposed yet and he still can give information. That why i was asking where Adiya are talking as the precap didnt mention the location and i haven’t watched the telecast

    2. I had the same thought, they are talking at their room, that is not safe. But maybe they had already checked for hidden cameras and made sure no one is spying.

  7. Neha1

    In Precap, Aditya make feed Zoya Sargi (dry fruits and water)….I guess soon Karvachauth sequence is about to come… I’m very excited to watch the next coming episodes… It’s interesting.???

  8. Though
    It is all adiya drama
    I do not understand anjana confession( all of a sudden becoming so innocent, sudden accepting she did poosh accident, but it was clearly shown she pushed sakshi from hill)
    What is reality behind poosh dead and rajveer evidence?
    If adiya think anjana is innocent or not?
    Waiting for replays.

  9. Neha1

    Look at Anjana’s Face…. Zoya become so daring that she makes Anjana arrested only bcoz of Adi….else she would think and cry first if she’s not having Adi’s support…. it’s not that she can’t do but yes she thinks twice before doing this….but Adi’s support makes every problem quite easy to her…
    Love you Aditya…???

  10. I just saw the episode. Those pictures can’t be considered as a solid proof for a crime. That’s why Adiya took the risk to send Anjana to jail. They know very well this wont last long,Harsh will easily get her out of jail. At this point i am curious about two things, first does Adiya completely belive Anjana or still have doubts, and second i am dying to see Wassim’s reaction on knowing Anjana is suspected as Poosh murderer. Depending on his reaction some things will get clearer.

    1. Neha1

      @Eri, I think AdiYa can’t trust her(Anjana) blindly coz I had seen How Adi get Shocked ?? when Anjana confessed that she did that accident but not intentionally, Anjana’s that statement shaked him…But I guess that Adi’s aware that Rajveer is up to something and his planning/plotting is bigger than the last time…So both AdiYa will think that Anjana was also trapped by Rajveer like Zoya was… Anyway me too wanna see Wasim’s reaction on Anjana being suspected as Poosh’s murderer.

  11. Neha1

    I never thought that Adi would say such things to Zoya but thankfully they’re pretending.?

  12. Neha1

    Today’s episode… Upcoming scene… Adi too kept Karvachauth fast.???

    1. Neha1

      Aditya indirectly telling Zoya about Karvachauth fast…Will Adi too keep fast for her or not.?? I don’t think so coz both are pretending to be angry…Zoya Ka toh theek hai…but if Adi will keep fast for her then Anjana, Arjun and Paa Hooda will ask him many questions…. Let’s see…I’m eagerly waiting for edays episode…. Very very excited ?????

  13. Neha1

    Anjana packing her bag but she kept Pooja’s Saree too…??? Look same Saree.

  14. Thouroughly Enjoyed watching!!! I must admit, I was worried listening to the way Adi was speaking to Zoya. In my head I kept trying to figure out when did they they discuss this plan and I just didn’t see the when. I thought Zoya had already put her plan and will read Adi in on it. Well, I was wrong and I’m happy he said those things just to make everyone else think they’re fighting!! Zoya’s so heart broken planning against the family and for having to stay away from Adi. Awww, cute. So, the police that took Anjana are real, still hoping they’re fake but if they have to convince Rajveer and Nani, they have to be real. Harsh can fight anyone in court, it’ll be extra now as it’s his wife and reputation on the line. I wonder if Zoya & Anjana will ever get along after this. It looks like fuel has just been added in their bad relationship. Well, Anjana might be a jail bird forever there’s still Sakshi’s murderer to add.

  15. Adi was so relieved when Harsh stoped his hand, otherwise he would be forced to really slap Zoya and she was bravely waiting for it.
    I think their acting started immediately after Adi left from the fair. He would never let Zoya alone with Rajvir no matter how angry and hurt he was, and to me he was mostly concentrated is decoding the situation than angry. They already have discussed that whatever the truth is they will be together, and Zoya’s tears when she entered Hooda house were not for Poosh, but for Adi, because he was the most in pain in that moment, caught between his mother’s actions and what is right or wrong.

    1. It is not bad , roop will get more trp because of marriage drama
      Hope bepanah also rise

  16. Episode was good.
    I recall Anjana pushing Sakshi off the hill /cliff but I still think she’s not the perpetrator of Yash and Pooja’s accident. I could be wrong.

    Wondering what Waseem knows about that accident ?

    1. Didn’t she admit to Sakshi that she killed yash and pooja, now it’s all like it was an accident. I don’t trust writers half the time they seem to forget previous storylines. She still murdered Sakshi and that was deliberate. Funny Arjun and Adi have forgotten about her

      1. Lucy is not that Adi and Arjun have forgotten her ,seems like writers have Dementia.
        Mahi and her mom disappeared completely,not sure if Sakshi is dead ,hardly seeing Roshana and Noor .

  17. Neha1

    Wow…???What a Romance in AdiYa’s bedroom….Fighting, screaming n shouting in the room but going Romance, back Hug….??????????

  18. Neha1

    Adi kissed ? on her cheeks…What a fighting…??? Really gonna loved it…??

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