Karn Sangini 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi’s Shocking Discovery

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Kasturi congratulates her father their they won their first battle, everyone think she lost her memory and does not remember anything and Uruvi prepared medicine for her. Karn forgot his childhood wife for Uruvi and did not change even after her acting. She will use her wicked plans and outs Uruvi from Karn’s life soon. They both laugh and describe their plan in detail how she tricked Uruvi and entered in temple as pallu woman and then rest of the incidents.

Uruvi confronts Karn and says she is wrongly alleged and cannot play with her medical knowledge, he should call Ayurved scholar Shyam Prasad from Hastinapur and get medicine examined, then he will believe her. Kasturi hears their conversation and gets tensed that Shyam Prasad will easily identify that Uruvi’s medicine was adulterated by me. She walks in and says they cannot doubt Uruvi’s knowledge, she delayed consuming medicine and some poisonous insect must have fallen in it. Karn blames Uruvi that if she should have fed Kasturi medicine immediately, Kasturi would not have felt ill. Uruvi walks away shattered. Kasturi smirks that Karn broke Uruvi’s heart again and soon will get her out of his life.

Uruvi packs her clothes. Radha walks to her and asks where is she going. She says Karn is doubting her and it is difficult for her to stay here anymore. Her medicine box falls down and she walks behind it to pick it. In Kasturi’s room, she tells her father that she had to save herself by supporting Uruvi, else if Hastinapur’s vaidya had come, he would have identified that I have not lost memory. They see someone coming, and father hides in trunk. Uruvi says she heard someone’s voice here. Kasturi says nobody was here and talks about Chandi maa temple incident. Once Uruvi leaves, father comes out of trunk and they both smirk. Uruvi returns to her room amused thinking when Kasturi has lost her memory, how can she remember Chandi maa temple.

Radha insists Karn to speak to Uruvi as she is very disturbed. Karn writes letter to Uruvi that he wants to meet her in garden tonight and speak a lot to her. Maid takes letter towards Uruvi’s room when Kasturi stops her and acts as ill and sending her to get water reads Karn’s letter and thinks she will meet Karn before Uruvi meets. Uruvi also reads letter and thinks she will meet him and inform him about her doubts towards Kasturi’s suspicious behavior. Karn waits for Uruvi in garden and seeing a woman coming in says he loves her a lot. Kasturi walks in and hugging him says even she loves him. Uruvi walks in next and stands shattered. Kasturi shows her face, and Karn stands shocked and sees Uruvi leaving from there. Urui runs to her room and cries that Karn loves Kasturi now and not her. Karn knocks door and requests to let him explain.

Precap: Kasturi burns her veil herself and shouts for help. Uruvi rushes for her help followed by Karn.

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