Shakti 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh’s heart melts seeing Soumya saving his family

Shakti 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh taking the baby from Soumya and asking her to leave. He asks her to remember that she is a kinnar. Soumya goes to her room. Preeto asks Harman to go and handle Soumya. Harman goes. Harak Singh asks baby not to take tension and says your fever is gone. In the morning, Preeto asks Harman about Soumya. Harman says she is giving bath to Soham and making him ready. Pandit ji comes there and says today is auspicious day for you and asks them to break coconut of Soham’s name. Raavi says we will take Soham. Harman says Soham had fever last night, we all shall go leaving Soumya and Soham at home. Preeto tells Pandit ji that they will go and will take puja stuff from there. Pandit ji leaves. Preeto asks Harman to take out the car. Harman asks her to take care of herself and baby. Soumya smiles. She takes care of the baby.

Harak Singh comes home and asks where is Preet? Soumya says everyone went to temple. Harman buys the puja stuff from a veiled woman, who is none other than Sukha’s wife. They go inside the temple. Sukha’s wife says there will be a bl;ast in the coconut. Sukha and Veeran are hiding behind her. Sukha says now story begins with Soumya, Harak Singh and the baby. Varun calls Soumya and tells her that he has called her to inform that the coconut which they are breaking in the temple is a bomb. He says he is sad that Harak Singh is not there. He asks why are you wasting time to talk to me, I am a villain man. He asks her to save everyone. Soumya calls Harman, but his phone falls down as someone collides with him. Harman keeps the phone in his pocket as the phone gets switched off. Soumya gets worried, picks the baby from the Pram and runs out of the house.

Harak Singh gets a call. Sukha comes to Harak Singh and makes his phone fall intentionally. He asks him to go and save his family. He asks him to go to temple running and if he can then save the family. He says this is not a threat, but truth. Harak Singh runs to temple. Soumya is walking on the road and tries to call Harman. She thinks both Harman and Papa ji are not picking the call. She calls Preeto, but her phone is at home. Soumya runs towards the temple. Harak Singh is also running on the road. Preeto asks Harman to break the coconut. Harman picks the coconut and is about to break it, when Soumya and asks Harman to stop. She runs inside and handsover baby to Raavi. She takes coconut from Harman’s hand. Harak Singh reaches there and sees Soumya taking coconut from Harman and running out of the temple. Preeto asks what happened? Harman and Preeto run behind her. Harak Singh is shocked and recalls his words for Soumya. Soumya climbs down the temple stairs. Harman follows her and runs after her. Soumya sees secluded place and throws the coconut there. The bomb coconut explodes. Everyone is shocked. They shout Soumya and Harman. Soumya faints.

Harman tries to make her gain consciousness. Sukha and Varun get upset seeing their plan failing. Veeran tells Harak Singh that Sukha has done this and says he can do this again. Harak Singh says the savior is big than the person who is harming them. Veeran says Mata Rani saved us. Harak Singh says I am not talking about Mata Rani and looks at Soumya. Soumya gains consciousness and asks if they are all fine. Sukha says I thought to kill together, but told the truth to everyone while trying to enjoy. He gets furious. Harak Singh comes there and grabs his collar. He says you have enmity with me and asks why did he try to harm him. Varun comes there and blames Sukha for the coconut blast. Sukha blames him to confuse Harak Singh. Varun smiles. Harak Singh says if I come to know that they conspired then….Varun asks him to return the baby and then Soumya will go mad and asks him to send her to mental asylum then. Harak Singh gets angry and slaps him. He warns him not to look at the baby. Varun says I will snatch my son anyhow. Harak Singh says this will not happen until I am alive. Gurmeet keeps knife on Harak Singh. Harman comes there and holds his hand and keeps knife on Gurmeet’s neck.

Preeto asks Harman and Soumya to go somewhere with Soham. Harak Singh comes and says Harman, Soham and Soumya will not go anywhere. Soumya gets emotional seeing Harak Singh accepting her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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