Krishna Chali London 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer barges into Shukla house

Krishna Chali London 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer calling Krishna. He says your phone was coming busy, you have to be at the hospital on time, the stationery is nice, you are understanding what I need, cancel the order if machines come late, you know why. She says because you don’t like anyone getting late. He says good. She sets the alarm and goes to sleep. Its morning, Lali asks Krishna what happened. Krishna says everything is fine. Lali says you have high fever, come and take rest. Krishna says no, I will be fine, I will take medicines. She goes and takes water to have medicines. Bela stops her and asks her not to eat anything. She shows the arrangements. Shuklain says I will call pandit, end the puja and then go to hospital, this puja is for Radhe’s soul peace, you are here only because of him, you have no shame, just pretend this. Shukla asks is this necessary. Shuklain says yes, Radhe comes in my dream every day, he isn’t happy, you can attend the puja or I will do this alone. Pandit says I told you Shukla, something went wrong, you made fun of me. Shukla asks Krishna to go, he will see the hospital. Veer calls her. Bela takes her phone and asks Krishna to come for the rituals.

Veer says why isn’t Krishna answering. He calls again. Gajanan feels bad for Krishna. Krishna gets the water from pond. Shuklain asks what to do now. Pandit says make her wash feet of all the pandits. Krishna obeys him. Veer gets a call. The man says that madam hasn’t arrived yet, just Ajit is here, whose sign shall we collect. Veer says stay there, I m coming. He gets angry on Krishna.

Krishna sits in puja and does the rituals. Pandit asks them to make Krishna get a bath from pond water. Lali says Krishna is unwell, she has fever, she will get more ill if she goes in cold water. Shuklain gets angry and asks can’t you see Krishna doing rituals for my son’s peace, just go, I will do what I have to do. Another Pandit says its wrong that you are asking her to dip in the pond thrice. Head pandit doesn’t listen. Veer signs to take delivery of machines. He thinks you have done wrong Krishna, I told you to be here on time. Krishna takes the dips in water and comes out shivering. Lali goes to wipe her hair. Pandit stops her and says don’t do this, Krishna is a widow, you can’t give your cloth to her. Shuklain scolds Lali for showing up sympathy. She says if you do such a thing again, you will be out of this house with Krishna. Pandit says one last ritual is left, then serve food to pandits and give them dakshina. Shuklain asks what ritual. He says its written in Shastras, you will have to cut Krishna’s hair with these scissors, you have to do this for Radhe’s soul peace. Everyone gets shocked.

Pandit says Shukla has insulted me, see what I do now. Lali asks Krishna not to let this happen. Shuklain goes to cut Krishna’s hair. Krishna says if you think this would make Radhe happy, you will be satisfied, then you can cut my hair without hesitation. Shuklain says you will have to give this sacrifice for my son’s happiness. Lali says I wish somebody could stop all this. Veer comes there. Shuklain makes Krishna sit and holds her hair to cut. Veer shouts Krishna Shukla and barges in. Pinky says Krishna isn’t here, everyone took her near the bond. He goes to the pond area and shouts Krishna Shukla. Everyone looks on. He gets shocked seeing Shuklain cutting Krishna’s hair. He holds Krishna’s hand and gets her. He says you have fever, come with me. Shuklain says stop, where are you taking her, we have to perform the rituals, she is my son’s widow.

Veer says whatever you are doing is wrong. Krishna gets into an argument with the man. The man tries to misbehave with her, knowing she is a widow. Veer comes to protect her and beats the man. He fights the goons.

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