Karn Sangini 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Uruvi To Get Remarried?

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Shubhra and Vihusha inform Uruvi that they will get her remarried. Uruvi says she is already married. Vihusha says this palace is his and he will see who will stop him. Radha gets ready to go to Pukheya wearing shawl to bring Uruvi back. Shon asks to take him along. She says she will go alone to bring her bahu back. In Pukheya, Vihusha ties Uruvi and orders Pandit to do her purificaiton. Pandit performs pooja and says princess’ purification is over. Radha walks near Pukheya palace and sees crowd and secuity on main door, asks flower lady what is happening. Lady says king Vihusha is performing princess Uruvi’s purification and remarriage. Radha is shocked and asks flowr lady to search her gold coin as she dropped it somewhere. Lady searches. Radha makes lady unconscious and wearing her clothes gets into palace. Shubhra passes by and Radha drops flower thali in fear. Shubhra walks to Radha when maid informs her that king Vihusha is calling her and she walks away. Radha walks further when Surili sees her. Surili calls guards. Radha pleads no. Surili holding her hands takes her aside and says princess is on the other side. Radha asks why is she helping her going against Shubhra. Surili being with Radha she realized that Uruvi loves Karn. She takes her towards wedding venue. Radha sees Uruvi opposing and telling she is Karn’s wife and will always be and thinks she loves her son so much.

Karn with his praja reaches devi maa’s temple for pooja. Pandit says pooja is performed only by upper cast king. Karn says god does not believe in caste and looks at only bhakti. Pandit grins and says if devimaa gets angry, Karn has to sacrifice his head to calm her down. Karn says he is a warrior and is not afraid of death, he will sacrifice his life if god wants. Pandit gets tensed.

Vihusha asks his mahamantri’s son to marry Uruvi and become future king. Boy is about to tie mangalsutra in Uruvi’s neck when Radha shouts snake. Everyone panic. Radha creates smoke from havan fire, frees Uruvi and takes her along beating soldiers on the way. Uruvi stops and says she will not come with her as she will not let her love become scapegoat of Radha and Shubhra’s revenge. Radha pleads to come along before soldiers catch her. Uruvi asks to take her oath and tell she did not come here to take revenge from Shubhra and came to take her bahu. Radha stops. Uruvi says she will not come with her. Radha says she came here to take revenge, but seeing Uruvi’s love for her son, she changed her mind and takes Karn’s oath that she just wants her bahu to come with her.

Precap: Uruvi is about to take holy ash when a veil dorned lady takes it.
Radha pleads to let her take it as her husband is angry on her. Lady says her husband has not seen her in years, she needs Devi maa’s blessings more.

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