Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh tells story of mata katyani.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with raja devodas thinking, I asked so many questions to mahadev and he kept answering but I did not think about what mata adishakti and mahadev would have felt about this separation, I have done a mistake. Devi sarla says this story of mata skand was inspiring. Kartikeya says, after skand mata guided kartikeya, kartikeya became the true commander of the god army, he went on to do his duties. Ganesh says yes, so whenever someone prays and does the pooja of mata skand then their troubles are taken away by mata skand. Ganesh, kartikeya, devi sarla and devodas get up and they start doing the pooja of skand mata. After the pooja, ganesh says tomorrow I will recite the story of mata katyani! The next form of mata adishakti.
There devi of ved prays to mata adishakti and says protect me from this demon mata, protect me and save me as soon as you can.
Ganesh and kartikeya come ready next day and start reciting the story of mata katyani. Ganesh says after kartikeya went for his duties, mata parvati felt alone without her son so she decided to give birth to another son, ganesh! Whom she made from the scent of her body. Kartikeya says ganesh, was intelligent and mata parvati grew him up the same way, by inculcating good values and as he did meditation, he achieved the chakras and became the pratham pujya devta! A direct form of para brahma maha ganpati. But mata parvati had to take the form of mata katyani, because she had to sacrifice and stay away from her both sons and her husband mahadev!
Ganesh says this is from that time, when the universe was terrorized by a powerful demon, who could turn into a bull too. the demon named mhaishasura! He took a wish from brahma dev that he could be killed by a woman only, mhaihasura was very powerful so he thought he was immortal because he though women were cheap and couldn’t do anything. Mhaishasura turned powerful day by day and he became the ruler of trilok by defeating the gods. The gods then went to seek help from mata katyani to kill mahiashsura. Mahadev went to convince mata parvati, thus mata took the avatar of mata katyani and all gods and tridev gave their weapons to mata katyani. Mata katyani sat on the lion and she went to vindhyachal mountain to give a last chance to mhaishasura to change. Kartikeya says but mhaishasura did not change and as he knew mata katyani was meditating on vindhyachal, he saw only a beautiful woman for whom he sent a marriage invitation.
Mata katyani told to give the message that if he wanted to marry her, then he would have to battle her and defeat her. So mhaihasura was egoistic and he went to battle mata katyani, there was a great battle between mhaishasura and mata katyani. Mata katyani destroyed and killed the entire army of mhaishasura and in the end, she stood on his chest and put the trishul and killed mhaishasura. She saved the world from that demon but continued doing her tandav in anger. Ganesh says now we shall focus on sashtam chakra, because it is known as tritiya chakra too so to pray to mata katyani, you focus on that bindu.
Raja devodas does as said, he feels peace, calm and happiness. Ganesh says one who prays to mata katyani, she gives them divya darshan and mata blesses them with everything of moksh and those who pray to her with all bhakti, from their life fear, soksh and bhay is gone forever and he attains salvation for life. ganesh and everyone then get to do the prayer of mata katyani!
There ved mata is in the spell and she is getting weaker. Durgamasura says you have become very weak devi of ved, he laughs. Devi says free me from here durgamasura! He laughs and says ved mata, if I free you then the world will get knowledge and everyone will become positive and god, the gods prayers will continue so I will keep you here jailed. Durgamasura says this way, I will become god and everyone will pray to me!
Ganesh there thinks, if mata adishakti and mahadev are not brough together then durgamasura will torment this universe and end it soon.

Precap: Ganesh tells the story of mata kal ratri, the most dangerous and fierce form of mata adishakti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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