Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha finds jaidev.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying brother balram do you really think I have done something to jaidev brother? Look in my eyes and tell me that I have done a crime. Balram sees and then looks down and says kanha, I know you cannot do something like this but what about jaidev? When he disappeared even you weren’t there and radha has told everyone you have done something to him, even the mountain came back in its form so it cannot be an evil mountain. Kanha says brother that is because the mountain is evil, it wont be destroyed so easily. Kanha says I will go and find jaidev, the you will trust me that I was not lying. Kanha goes and sits under the banyan tree and starts meditating. Kanha sees through his power and projects himself in astral form inside the mandhrachal mountain. Kanha sees jaidev, jaidev is calling everyone for help and kanha thinks I knew it, mandhrachal has kidnapped jaidev brother! I have to tell this to brother balram, even all people should know it, only then they will know that the mountain is evil and it is mandhrachal. Kanha goes back and he goes to balram.
Kanha says brother, come on I have found jaidev brother. Balram is surprised and he says lets go. kanha takes him outside mandhrachal and says listen carefully, brother jaidev is calling for help. Balram listens properly and he says yes kanha, that is true, jaidev is calling for help from inside. Kanha says I told you this mountain is evil, balram says forgive me kanha I did not trust you. kanha goes as balram waits and nand and all people come there. Nand says jaidev is inside this mountain, we can hear the screams. Nand says people I believe kanha, this mountain is evil. Kanha comes and says father, jaidev has been held inside this mountain and if he has to be saved then this mountain has to be destroyed, because it is a demon. Nand says kanha is right, this is not prabhu vishnu’s mountain. Kanha says jaidev will be saved, trust me but now everyone has to get back to the village, I will find a solution. Everyone trust kanha and go to the villag.
In Mathura, kansa outs the evil forces inside the golden crab. Shokrcahara says kansa now we have to summon the demons around the universe and put all their powers and them inside the golden crab. Kansa and shokracharya say the mantras and summon all evil powerful demons. The white demon stands for everyone and says kansa, you called us, what happened? Kansa says you have wanted revenge from Vishnu for a long time now and I am giving you that chance, come and join inside this crab with all evil forces and karkasura will be very powerful. The demon says kansa, the kurma avatar holds a special place among vishnu’s 10 avatars, it is very powerful and cannot be defeated so easily. Kansa says yes it can be defeated, because if all evil powers with you all get inside then karkasura will be invincible, he can then kill kurma avatar too. the demons say okay then, we will combine inside together. The demons all get inside the golden crab. Kansa says now this karkasura has become very powerful and invincible.
In vrindavan as all people gather, they suddenly hear the screams of cows. Kanha says that is the mooing of savre, the cows are in danger. All people follow the sounds and they see their cows and all grains and milk being sucked towards the mountain. The people scream and are sad, they say our cows and grains are being pulled somewhere. The people follow their cows and they see the mountain opens and takes all cows, grains and milk inside. Kanha says the mountain is evil.

Precap: Karkasura and the kurma avatar fight. kansa opens the mouth of mandhrachal and slowly takes all people of vrindavan inside the mountain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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