Kanchi FS #that_one_shot #by_TRISHA (shot 2)

Hey guys trisha here….

So I have decided to lengthen my FS nd the result is it will be little shorter sometimes …but promise I will post that regularly !

Kanchi in kitchen …!

Kabeer- by the way ur seniors have called u 10 times asking wether u got me or not !

Saachi- how dare u touch my phone ! U thief !

Kabeer (he was still preparing his omlet)- whtever !

Saachi- don’t show ur dammn attitude mr Kabeer kapoor ! I have changed my mind ! Nd for ur knowledge I am going to call my seniors nd informing tht u r here !

Kabeer- definitely go ahead nd tell them that u helped a murderer !

Sachi- (gasps)- fine now stop blk mailing nd lemme talk to them !

Kabeer- I will see how u will talk to them !

Saachi called his seniors …
She was in call ….
Sachi- yes sir …no sir ….yeah yeah ..!

Kabeer turned towards her holded her from her waist pulls towards himself with her bck lying on his chest ….removed her hairs from her right shoulder wd his left hand …Nd pressed his cheeks against her …she was shocked at his sudden act…

Saachi-(trying difficult to talk in phone )- ohh….yeaaaaah sirr !!
She stood still for a second !

His touch was shivering her ….unknowingly she forgot abt the call nd lost in his touch …the ph was abt to fall frm her hands …when he holded her hand wd her ph….
Both looked at each other nd shared a deep eye lock !
After few seconds …a call tone got them out of the moment they felt little embarrassed nd parted !
She picked the call and apologised to her seniors !!

The call was cut after few minutes !

Saachi- what was that !
Kabeer- what !
Saachi- that !
Kabeer- what !
Saachi(almost shouted )- that !
Kabeer- that is I am asking what ?

She just holded him from his collar pulled him towards her nd touched her cheeks wd his !!
Both were engrossed in each other’s arms !
Background played …

“Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re
Ang laga de re
Mohe rang laga de re

Main toh teri joganiya
Tu jog laga de re

Jog laga de re
Prem ka rog laga de re
Main toh teri joganiyaan
Tu jog laga de re”

Both realised their positions nd she immediately left for her room !

After half an hr they met in gym area of the house where Sachi was doing her exercises in sweatpants nd sports bra !

Kabeer- oh wow ! Never thought u as a sports women !

Saachi- of course how would an uncle know this !

Kabeer- what the wuck ! You …you just called me that!

Saachi- yes “uncle”

Kabeer-then u r a behanji !

Saachi- woah look who’s talking just bcz of u I can’t go outside my house wd u…or else I would be suspended for helping u khduus !nd I never knew a girl in sweatpants nd sports dress look like bhn ji wow a mad doctor. !

She just went still nd took a 5 kg of dumbell ; giving a smirk to him !
He too got up nd took up 10 kg of weight !
Now the war started !
She took 15
He took 20
She took 25 nd the weight was abt to fall on her when she saw a strong pair of arms holding the weights to prevent them frm falling on her … !
Kabeer- “this is not for girls ; they look good only in the kitchen “…!
She looked shocked for few seconds !
Kabeer- I am glad u don’t have this type of thinking ! In fact I love u for this …??

He realised what he said …they got up nd he turned towards other side !

She seemed standing there only lost in thoughts !


A man- go to hell what is. This don’t u know how to cook !

Nd through a the plate on ground !

A women(crying nd gasping)- I am sorry this won’t happen again !

Man- I never want to see u again wd these sports items ! Concentrate on cooking u b*t*h !

Saachi was got out of her thoughts by his shouting frm the dining …”come khduus agent else I will eat everything ”

She turned to go just to find tears flowing thrgh her eyes !
She immediately cleared her face nd went to dining !

Kabeer- seems like u have beaten someone nd crying urself !

Saachi- do u want me to beat u ? No Na then concentrate on ur meal !

Kabeer- u knw what I am silent but not khduus like u seems u need therapy !

Saachi(frustratingly)- look dr ; remain a dr I am not ur patient !

Kabeer- btw gown suits u !

Saachi- thanku !….wait gown? I wore jeans top yesterday how did they got changed !

Kabeer- it’s too easy to guess !

Saachi- how dare u do this to me. U moron !

Kabeer- abuse is fun in English right !

Saachi- don’t divert the topic !

She said throughing the utensil on floor !

Kabeer- oh ms angry bird ! Ur maid came she changed ur little muddy clothes !

Saachi- what the wuck ! She must have asked u who u r ?

Kabeer- not a problem I let them saw our wedding pics!

Saachi just starts beating him !

Kabeer- oh khduus wait it was just photoshop I swear I didn’t married u !

She got even more suspicious ! Silently got to the sofa nd sat like a sad yet devilish angel !

Kabeer- (giving her a hanky)….
Muh mt fulao ab take this !

Precap- planning to got out of house !
Kabeer- oh Hlo who will believe u r my wife ! Atleast wear a mangalsutra !

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  1. Nice and beautiful story.keep it up????

    1. Trisha139

      Thank you anu

  2. Wow this is very unique like u Trisha just fantastic so romantic and amaking and luv u

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much ashnita your words meant a lot dear nd luv u too sis

  3. It’s amazing

  4. Moonlight25

    Sweetie….as always your epi was amazing like you….you know i don’t know what to say…i always write words to describe how you episode was but this time it will be numbers and the number is 100000000000000000000/100000000000000000000 it’s infinite…plzz post your next part and what I understand is Sanchi had a bad past..someone abused her like that Vikrant Psycho…loved the episode…and pllzzzzzzzzz post your next part soon.. and does Sanchi know that Kabir is innocent?

    1. Trisha139

      Awwww thanku so much tania for this beautiful cmmnt nd I am so glad nd happy too at the same time that u r liking the story …Nd yes Saachi knows Kabeer is innocent ! Nd sure sweetie ! Love u loads

  5. Trisha this is just so good really loved it a lot nd ur amazing as usual. Really sanchi as a cop nd their fights are just so cute, their eyelocks just kill me u nailed it again dear. Love u loads.

    1. Hey nd what about ur ff I m waiting 4 it.

    2. Trisha139

      It’s been posted dear

    3. Trisha139

      Thanku so much sweetie I am in love wd ur cmmnts !

  6. Oh my God too funny precap was awesome update soon can’t wait

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku divya nd sure

  7. sweetie………u nailed it yet again………………..the episode was fab………. i think sanchi had a bitter past & a psycho(maybe like vikrant) was a part of it………..its just a guess, i might be wrong also…………. anyways……..kanchi……they r super amazing………..just love to see them together………..
    kash cvs ko kuch akal aajae & woh kanchi ko pair up karen…………btw as an actor i luv varun(as sanskar in swaragini), but can’t imagine sanveer, he looks too much younger than sanchi in sdch………kabir suits her……….but now-a-days I feel that there in no chance for kanchi anymore…….we can just hope to see them together(even if there is a 0.000000001% chance), rest depends on cvs…….
    eagerly waiting for ur nxt one………..

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku riya nd u guessed right dear ! I hope remaining will be cleared in further chapters sweetie …Nd as for cvs I totally agree wd u saanchi looks older than veer nd as per characters Isha will look perfect wd him ! As for now I will try to post next one as soon as possible dear nd love u too ??

  8. Niyaaa

    Hey trisha

  9. Niyaaa

    I know ye soch rhi hogi ki maine khali msg kyon bhej diya actually mere pas liye meri taraf se likhs koi word nhi h tumhari tarif krne k liye so maine socha ki tum achchi writter ho apni marji se tarif k likh lo meri taraf se btw u r awsome mindblowing fanstastic

    1. Trisha139

      AWwwwww that’s so so sweet of you dear ! Ur cmmnt sare love ❤️ …?Thanku so much sweetie for this ?

  10. I am 1000% agree to you riya
    In serial savitri devi is alive so kanchi will be not in pair
    Serial waloon ki bhudi brusht ho gai hai that they are making saveer i hate them?????????????

    1. Trisha139

      Even me too agree wd riya! Sanveer ?
      Sorry sanveer fans pardon me

  11. Niyaaa

    Sorry for blank msg actually i have no words to say about u u r fab amaz n mindblowing as usual

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much niyaa that’s ok

  12. nice….i like the new side of kabeer….plz update next episode asap

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku vasundhara nd sure

  13. sis there is no words u are always the best .ur epi is are unique and ya better than the real serials luv ur epi eagerly waiting for next epi good bless u always for all these unique ff and os

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much shreya dear I am
      GLad atleast few people like them !

    2. Pls Trisha di post next part of this soon eagerly waiting ?????

  14. Abhilasha

    It was sooo so so good that I can’t express even…. Amazing Yr… Can’t wait for next!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much dear! Your words mean a lot abhilasha …

  15. trishna dear it was nice shot and i love it
    no words to say you about shots..
    you are really great..
    waiting for next one

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much sundari Nd sure

  16. Wow amazing I just enjoyed it..

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou prema ❤️

  17. Sorry guys but i dont thinks so that saveer us better than sabir but if kanchi pair is not a pair in serial plz plz dont stop writinng your ffs trisha so atleast we can enjoy sweet sabir pair plz plzzzzzzz

    1. Trisha139

      Surenkanchi thts not a Kanchi ff for me thts the life of two doctors nd for them I will always be ready till I will manage time I will try to write dear else depends on almighty ??

  18. Arre u just nailed it…. Its just too good….here i saw a differant side of kabir….

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