Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 37

CHAPTER -37 – Because he kissed her there…



“He’s a good guy” Dad speaks up from beside me and I nodded agreeing , “He is”

“I can already see your future. You both living happily ever after having three children and the fourth one trailing behind while..”

I groaned covering my ears and he chuckled but he stopped soon turning around to glare at me.

“What was Kunj Sarna doing here?”


“I..” I stuttered looking the other way and looked at Natasha , Maira and Mahi for help seeing as Yuvi and Dhruv already left.

The trio smirked at me and I rolled my eyes before turning my attention to Dad. “Well..We four have shopping to do. I have a date with Abhai tomorrow”

I said rushing towards my car and I could hear dad calling me but I made a beeline for my car and sat inside the car breathing out.

“That was so close” Natasha laughs as the three of them sit in the backseats , “What am I ? Your driver?!” I exclaimed crossing my arms and they gave me a sheepish look.

“We are actually afraid. What if you might strangle anyone of us. We didn’t exactly help you back there” Mahi mumbled and I sighed.

“Forget it. I have actually thought of something” I trailed and started up the car , “We could execute our plan. Instead of a date with Abhai alone , why don’t we all go somewhere. If it’s just the two of us , then how is it gonna effect Kunj?”

I suggested and they thought for a while before agreeing , “You’re right. Let’s have like a friend outing. We’ll go to see a movie first” Maira claps excitedly and I grinned.

“Typical Maira” Mahi mumbled and suggested her idea , “Then a club”

“And after that dinner at the torch hotel” Natasha finishes and I nodded smirking , “Just so you could hold hands secretly with Dhruv under the table”

“Hey!” She protested , “We don’t do that”

“Aww” Mahi cooed , “Is little Natasha blushing” I laughed along with them and Natasha huffed , “You guys are so annoying. Just like Rohan. He teased me all morning about Dhruv”

“Wait where was Rohan anyway?” I question and Mahi sighs , “Some girl he met in Hawaii. He brought her here and he’s like glued to her every second”


“How do I Look?” Natasha walks out of the trying room and I turn around smiling widely. “Perfect! This colour suits you well and matches your hair perfectly” I complimented her and she smiled nodding.

Her off the shoulder skater dress looked absolutely gorgeous and she twirled around to look at herself better in the outside mirror.

“You look gorgeous” I heard a familiar sound behind me and looked behind my shoulder to find a grinning Dhruv along with Rohan.

“How come you guys are here?” Natasha questions crossing her arms and Dhruv points towards the rack of dresses where Maira stood with Yuvi smiling about something.

“She can’t stay a single second without , Yuvi” I mumbled to myself and felt a hand on my shoulder and someone leaning in closer to my ear , “The same way you can’t without me , love”

I slightly looked up and found Kunj’s face a few inches farther than me and he gave me his trademark smirk before he frowned and his thumb brushed against my left cheek and he rubbed it lightly.

“What are you doing?” I whisper and his frown deepened , “He kissed you here” I looked at him and wide eyed before covering my mouth and trying to stop my laughter.

“It’s not funny” He sighed and I crossed my arms smirking , “And why not?”

“Because he touched what’s mine” he responded back.

I blinked. Once… twice

And then looked down my hair falling to my sides to hide the blush. Someone wolf-whistled and I glared at Rohan who laughed.

I sprinted towards the trying room grabbing the dress and groaned mentally seeing as there were curtains instead of doors.

Is this not supposed to be a trying room? Why’s there no door? Stupid people

I called out Mahi and stood there impatiently tapping my foot on the ground , “I need you to stay here until I try this dress. Alright?”

“No no I can’t” She whined clutching her legs together , “Mahi! You can and you will” I warned her and went inside taking in a deep breath.

Change Twinkle. You’re safe now.

I hurriedly changed into the dress and turned to the mirror.

What on earth.

I could practically see myself as a pr*stitute. No offense.

The dress couldn’t even properly cover my butt and the straps of it were too thin. I could see my cleavage…

And evil Maira said it would look perfect.

“Mhmm. Nope! You are not wearing this dress” I jumped on my spot and backed up against the wall taking in a deep breath.

I sighed thinking it was only Kunj but then freaked out. I was in that stupid dress.

“Dammit Kunj! Get out.” I shrieked and picked my shirt from the floor trying to cover up myself.

He came in and closed the curtains crossing his arms , “I have seen you before. Naked” he spoke casually and my breath hitched in my throat.

“And it was the first time I told you about my feelings” he whispered stepping ahead and I looked down with a small smile.

I looked up and found him staring at me so intensely and I wanted to run away from his heated gaze right now. “I can never get tired of looking at you”

He said in small voice and took a step ahead just as our faces were an inch apart , “What’s with you and being really cheesy today?”

He shrugged , “I thought you loved cheese” I rolled my eyes smiling and he ran a hand through my hair and stopped right at the tips of my curls , “Why did you agree for the alliance , Twinkle. You promised you wouldn’t leave me”

My heart sank at his words and I gulped hardly averting my gaze away from him , “I’m not breaking my promise”

“You are. You kind of left me..” He trailed and sighed closing his eyes for moment , “Its hard to see you so worked up about all this marriage thing with that a*sh*le. Considering you are already married and I’m your..”

“Husband. I know” I cut him off and he took a sharp intake of breath before his first connected to wall behind me.

I looked at him crossing my arms and he grunted stepping back , “Are you done? And For God sake , stop showing off about your masculinity. It’s gonna get you into deep trouble one day”

He rolled his eyes and muttered an ‘as if’

“Now if you would excuse me and get out of this trying room. I have to change and invite Abhai for tomorrow” I informed him and he smirked.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Like the guy calling the girl?” I flipped him the finger and he smiled before leaning in closer to me once again.

“If we were in our bedroom , you wouldn’t be wearing this dress till now” He left a small kiss down my neck and walked out.

I took in a deep breath and slapped my cheeks in embarrassment.

Damn it! Stupid Kunj and his wild thoughts.



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