Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 6)

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Hii dear readers , Niyati here with the next episode . Thanks guys for support and comments. So, let’s jump into the episode.

In RM –

All were sitting in dining area. Kaurwaki entered and move toward her room.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki, Come let’s join us.

Kaurwaki : No, I am not hungry.

She leave from there. Aicchik & Siya become tensed after seeing her pale face.
She come downstairs after some time for water. She is lost in her thoughts . she collide with Yagya.

Yagya : Aapko itna handsome banda nahi dikhta.
She remain silent . He is surprised by behaviour .

Yagya : Are you okay?

Kaurwaki : It’s none of your business .

Yagya : but i am ask as a friend.

Kaurwaki : Who said we are friends. I don’t want any interference in my life especially from outsiders .

Yagya really hurt by her words. He realized that her foot is bleeding.

Yagya : Miss rathore, What happen to u . Your foot is bleeding.

Kaurwaki : Mr Oberoi, Mind your own business .

She leave from there. He is really worried for her.

Yagya : Bina tadi ke toh kuch kar hi nahu sakti hai. Agar bata deti toh kya chala jaata.

In Morning –
Whole RM was decorated beautifully with lights & flowers because today is the marriage of Sona. Everyone busy in preparation.

Sona : Di, Where are you going?

Kaurwaki : I have important meeting .

Sona : Today is my marriage.

Kaurwaki : I know. I promise that I am here before your marriage.

Siya notice bandage on her feet.

Siya : What happen to your feet.

Kaurwaki : Nothing.

Siya : Hmm …. let’s go sona.

She remember yesterday’s incident & feeling guilty.

Kaurwaki : I don’t like interference in my life. I am very rude to you.

Yagya : Why are you talking with a outsider?

Kaurwaki : I know I hurt you . I am sorry.

He look at her while she was leaving. He never expected a sorry from her . He smile seeing her. ( O jaana plays) .

Sona tried to do decoration while standing on stool . She slip but Yog hold her.

Yog : Can’t you do anything without mistake.

Siya : Jaise aap toh har kaam perfect karte hai.

Yog : When I say that

Siya : Aapka matlab toh yahi tha. Chodiye mujhe!

Yog : Are you sure?

Siya : Ya, very sure.

He leaves her on floor .

Siya : Ouch……. Are you crazy?

Yog : You only want this.

She leave from there by stamping her foot.
He smile seeing her childish behaviour.

In evening-

All ladies were in Sona’s room.

Sona : Di is not coming. If she is not come, I never talk to her in my whole life.

Siya : You Don’t worry.

Sona look like an angel in red & white lehnga with Jewellery & minimal make up . She come downstairs with Siya . Yog was talking on his phone. He is mesmerized by seeing Siya in dark blue & golden lehnga with loose curls.Sona’s eyes were searching for someone.

Siya : Wo aa jayegi .

Sona : Hmm.

She is about to sit in mandap but Rahul(groom) ‘s mother stopped her.

Mrs Manchanda : Aicchik beta, Give 200 crore jewellery to Sona.

Aicchik : But she don’t want any jewellery.

Rahul : But we want.

Aicchik ( shocked) : What are you trying to say?

Mrs Manchanda : Beta , He mean that society want it.

Aicchik : We do nothing for society. If you want this, Tell me.

Rahul (irritated) : Yes , We want.

Aicchik : Are you asking for dowry(in a loud voice) ?

Mrs. Manchanda : No, We want as a gifr.

A voice from behind : Tohfe(gifts ) khushi se diye jaate hai maange nahi jaate.

Sona : Thank god di, You are coming. Give them 200 crores.

Kaurwaki : Sure, I give 500 crores.

( They both give evil smile but their smile for sometime ).

Kaurwaki : But to you not to them. Iam not giving any dowry to those greedy people.

Sona : It was my life’s decision .

Kaurwaki : Money was mine ( in a stern voice).

Mrs. Manchanda : We break this alliance.

Kaurwaki : Mrs. Manchanda aap kya todengi, mein khud todti hun.

All were shocked by her decision & sona stood numb.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki , It was the question of her life.

Siya : Vrisha, Think about Sona.

Kaurwaki : I never change my rules.

Sona : Which rules? Rules are more important than me for you.

Kaurwaki : Sona, Try to understand . Jo aaj tumhara saath nahi de sakta, wo zindagi bhar kya dega.

Sona : I don’t want to understand anything .

Kaurwaki : You ask me that rules are more important than you for me. Is money was more important than you for him.

Sona : Rahul, Give the answer.

He remain silent. Sona bend down on her knees and start crying.

Kaurwaki : Siya , Take Sona to her room.

Siya tried to do it but she was continuously
crying. Shree & Anu help siya to take her in room.
Kaurwaki become furious to see her sister’s condition . She gave a tight slap to Rahul.

Mrs Manchanda : How dare you?

Kaurwaki : Keep your voice down .Mere ghar mein khade hokar mujhse unchi awaaz mein baat karne ki kisi ki himmat nahi hai. Isse pehle mein bhul jaun ki aap umar mein mujhse badi hai. Chali jaiye yahan se.

She shout ‘get out’ to Mrs. Manchanda. All guests were scared and leave from there. Obeois feel very sad for Sona. Aicchik tried to pacify her but her mahakali avatar destroyed everything related to marriage. She leave from there and all were shocked.

Kaurwaki & Sona’s emotional talk…………..Siya talk about her past to Kaurwaki.

I know guys it’s too boring but i tried to make it funny in next episodes . Ignore grammatical & spelling errors. Do comments & keep supporting.

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