Kamalanayani – an Untold Character of the Great Epic. (Episode 35)

[I again feel guilty about the delay for this chapter.. Anyways, here we go – the most important chapter where fate changed in the life of Kamalanayani..]

Kamala and Abhimanyu found each other panting by tightly holding their fingers together and were surrounded by dense fog as if they couldn’t see anyone else..

Kamala twisted her hands over Abhimanyu’s arms and said “Swami..”; Abhimanyu signaled her it is fine…

Then after a few seconds, Kamala’s grip tightened and as Abhimanyu looked, something evolved from the snake’s body..

In a few moments, they both saw the departing soul of the snake.. with wrath in eyes..

Both of them felt really bad for killing the snake unknowingly..

Kamala opened her mouth to apologize, BUT..

I, Nagarani Ahishwari, curse you both..‘ said the soul..

Kamala intervened to stop it in mid-sentence..

She said, “Please pardon us Nagarani.. We did not mean to kill you.. We just tried to get the Punnaga Pushp for Mahadev pooja.. But the arrow stuck you unknowingly.. Please Pard..

Why should I?  Is there anything right that happened to me..” questioned Nagarani Ahishwari’s soul..

Both Kamala and Abhimanyu’s heads looked at the ground..

“I Nagarani..” again continued the curse.

“Kshama keejiye Nagarani..”  implored Kamala..

“It happened unfortunately.. We did not mean to.. Please.. Please pardon us..” said Kamala with tears in her eyes..

The soul asked, “Who is this Archer.. The one who killed me..”.

“I am Rajkumar Abhimanyu, Son of Gandivdhari Arjun and Krishna-sodari Subhadra’s son”.

“I asked who are you actually?” asked Nagarani..

Abhimanyu said, “I am Abhiman…”

“I asked your atma-swaroop” said Nagarani with anger.

I am Varcha, Son of Chandradev..” said Abhimanyu.

Kamala saw him with astonishment as she had not known that earlier..

“Who are you then?” asked the Nagarani pointing towards Kamala..

I am Kamalanayani, Madava-Mahadeva-Brahmadeva-Shanaishchara Putri Kamalanayani and in this birth I am the Jyest-Putri of Dvarakadeesh Shri Krishna and Maharani Satyabhama” completed Kamala with a heavy heart filled of guilt.

The soul remained speechless for a few moments…

“How could this happen to me, Mahadev..” said Nagarani Ahishwari..

“Anyways, you may be anyone, but you both became the reason behind my death without any reason.. and you both should get the proper Karmphal of that..” said the soul of Nagarani Ahishwari with determined mind..

I, Nagarani Ahishwari curse you, that, you will lose the reason of your birth and will not be able to bear any child in this birth.. as well as your vansh will fall just as it happened to me” by saying this the soul of Nagarani Ahishwari gathered a ball of powers any threw it towards Rajkumar Abhimanyu..

“No…” said Kamala and stood infront of her Swami and faced the power ball.. Due to its powers, she stupored over Abhimanyu with a little unconsciousness.

“Kamale..” cried Abhimanyu loudly and shook her vigorously…

Kamala gained conscious and hardly sat on the ground..

With both hands folded, she said, “If you really wanted to punish, then you should punish me, as I am sole reason behind this incident.. I was the one who wished for the Punnaga pushp and after that, all these happened.. Always, the punishment should be given to the archer, never to the arrow..” said Kamala with a lowered head looking at the ground..

“But, I will not let my Swami to lose his birth-reason.. I take this curse.. I can’t let him or his dynasty to fall..” said Kamala by raising her head..

“Kamale!” said Rajkumar Abhimanyu with teary eyes of love and pride..

I might not be your legally wedded wife, Swami.. But, by my heart, mind and soul.. You are my Pathi.. You are my Praanvallabh.. How could I stand still if something is happening to you..” said Kamala..

“Hey Nagarani.. my Kamala has been anyways, cursed by you.. Please don’t be silent.. curse me too.. ” shouted Abhimanyu on hearing Kamala’s words.

“No swami..” said Kamala.

“No, Kamale.. Don’t stop me.. I can’t see your pain in front of my eyes.. I can’t see you like this..” said Abhimanyu looking at Kamala.

Hey Nagarani, Ahishwari.. If you think that, my deed was also involved in this.. then please curse me too..” said Abhimanyu with determined mind.

“No one can escape from their Karmphal..” said Nagarani Ahishwari with krodh..

I was pregnant with my Pathi, Nagaraj Ahishwar’s children.. But, I was killed before I told him thus..  You will also experience the same.. You will not get to know that, your wife is pregnant and a snake will become the reason behind that child’s death..” cursed the soul of Nagarani Ahishwari..

Kamala cried..

Nagarani Ahishwari said “Devi, I am really proud of your deed.. Don’t worry, Chandravansh will not fall.. But, as you have taken this curse, I am not sure about Yaduvansh..”.

Kamala said “It is fine.. Please forgive us..”

By saying “Yes” the soul of Nagarani Ahishwari departed from the Earth.

Kamala then, hugged Rajkumar Abhimanyu and cried.. “I will sacrifice anything for you Swami..

“Kamale.. I am proud of you dear..” said Rajkumar Abhimanyu with teary eyes..

Then, the dense fog that surrounded them also vanished..

Today’s question: What do you think about Kamalanayani’s deed? What will happen to them next?

This story’s next part will be released soon. Stay tuned.


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