Papa By Chance 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan convinces Dhoni

Papa By Chance 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit going to beat Yuvaan. They fight. She falls down. He laughs. She throws a ball at him. He gets hit. Kids look on. He comes to Amrit and holds her close. Kids shut eyes. He refuses to leave house. She sees some chilli powder there and puts in his eyes. He shouts for water. She says you have to pay for this. Mohini thinks Yuvaan’s stay here is a way to control Harman, Yuvaan can be my friend. Harman asks Manjeet what is Yuvaan planning. Manjeet says we couldn’t find him and kids. Harman asks him to leave, he is useless. He tries to open the safe. Mohini gets tea for him. He insults her. She uses a hair pin to use the safe.

Dhoni says Bela said mum and dad won’t come back, why. Gungun and Ullu cover up and ask him to sleep. Yuvaan says I did mistake to punish Dhoni this way. Gungun says we know you don’t like us, we want to give you offer, we will give you money, tell us who killed our parents. Yuvaan asks them not to trouble. She says we are leaving. He says you won’t go, I don’t know anything. Ullu throws a glass at him. Yuvaan stops them. Dhoni wakes up. Gungun asks who has killed them, tell me. Yuvaan says no one killed them, they have come in front of the car themselves. Gungun says you are lying. Yuvaan says your parents wanted to die. Dhoni hears them and asks did they die. He asks Yuvaan to say what happened. He asks Gungun to promise and say. She refuses. Dhoni says I won’t talk to anyone, why didn’t anyone tell me. He runs away. They run after him.

Suchi gets tea for Harman. He hides Mohini and asks Suchi not to come in, he called pest control people. He takes her away. Mohini signs him. Yuvaan looks for Dhoni. Gungun scolds him. Yuvaan finds Dhoni in cupboard and apologizes. Dhoni says I don’t want to talk to anyone. Yuvaan says I m also upset like you. Dhoni asks why. Yuvaan says I m not happy. Dhoni says everyone lied to me, that my parents are dead, where do people go when they die. Yuvaan says up. Dhoni asks terrace. Yuvaan says to the sky, to Lord. He acts to call Lord and asks about Dhoni’s parents, are they happy, wow, good to know that they are enjoying in heaven. Dhoni smiles. Yuvaan says Lord said your parents are happy there. Dhoni agrees. Yuvaan says you have to grow up to talk to Lord.

Dhoni says I will drink milk and grow up. Yuvaan says you are smart, why did you get annoyed, Gungun and Ullu love you and lied, no one loves me. Dhoni says I do. He hugs Yuvaan. Gungun and Ullu come and see them. Gungun apologizes. Dhoni says its fine, Yuvaan called Lord and Lord said our parents are happy there. Yuvaan asks Gungun to see how he explained Dhoni. Gungun asks what did you say about our parents. He says sorry. She says you are a liar. He says I m taking care of you right. She says you have locked Dhoni and Ullu, you hate us, you are a bad man, so your dad left you and your mum made you away. He gets sad and thinks of Suchi.

Yuvaan and Amrit argue. Bela looks on. Yuvaan finds ways to trouble Amrit. She refuses to call electrician.

Update Credit to: Amena

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