Nimki Mukhiya 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Babbu tries to find out who sent the video

Nimki Mukhiya 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha calls Nimki. She says tell papa I am fine. She says I have to go. Mausi says I am cooking. Nimki says papa is calling. i have to go. Elena says Sweeti aunty please stay. Nimki says I will come back then we can go together. Abhi says please stay I will.. I mean Elena will like it. Nimki says I get it. Nimki leaves.

Nehar sees the video of pnachayat and laughs. He calls Tettar and says Nimki did so well in the panchayat. You made her daughter in law and see what she did. Babbu says cut his call. Nehar says i called you for something else. There will be course hearing. They need proofs. Diamond says no one knows about the video. Babbu asys we have to end this thing. Nehar says I give up on this but you lost from your daughter in law. Tettar says I cut people who come my way. Either its you or Nimki.

Scene 2
Mauha asks what happened to you. Nimki says I slipped in the washroom. Ram says Tettar.. Nimki says yes he was taking me to patna hospital. I am fine nothing happened..
Tune asks Nimki in kitchen did you fall in washroom for real? She says yes. Nimki makes Ram eat. Ismail says I can’t see ram like this. Nimki says he is being treated he will be fine.
Babbu comes to ghat tola and asks who got that video. He says everyone will tell me who was the sender. Nimki says what is he doing.

Abhi says to Mausi I am here to help you. She says go and sit with Sweeti. Are you bein shy? He says speak in low volume. She says I know you like her. Don’t I see it in your eyes? Didn’t even go to office. No work? He says make the tea.
Mausi gives Sweeti tea. Elena says we are making a new home. There is a separate room for Mausi. She says no I will sleep with you. Elena says papa where is your laptop i have to show Sweeti video. Elena says we sang a song together.
Abhi says there are files in it. Mausi says let them see the video. Elena and Abhi dance and sing the oo soniyoo re. Mausi says he sings this song a lot. Abhi says it was just playing. elena says Sweeti aunty do you like this song? Sweeti recalls when she was singing it with Abhi in the car. Elena says yes I like it.

Diamond says we will find out who made that video viral. Nimki says we can find that out. Babbu says we will do that. Go inside and site. Mauha says what will happen now. Babbu asks Mauha to bring her phone. Nimki says you are doubting my sister?? Go Mauha bring all the phones. Let them check. She gives him all the phones. Diamond says leave it. Nimki says no check Tettar’s daughter in law’s phone. Babu says to a man come here. Tune says I sent him the video first. Mauha says what will happen now. Babbu says who sent you that message? Tune says enough. You can’t harass people here like this. We can’t bear this insult. People starts protesting. Babbu shots in air.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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