Kaleerien – The Meervaan Saga (Part 3)

Part 3-

Vivaan reached home and rushed to his room to check where Meera was from last night. He entered his room and saw Meera resting her head on the bed and she was sitting on the ground. He sighed in relief.  He saw her torn clothes and deep cuts of knife at her back and her arms. How could he missed these things, her condition last night? He didn’t let her speak even for once. He ran his hand through her hairs. He was feeling guilty. He walked toward Meera calling her name but there was no response.

“Meera” He called again but no response. He reached to her and saw her sleeping as he patted her to wake her. She fell on the ground. Vivaan was shocked.

“Meeraaa… Meera what happened?” He checked her she had high temperature and she had fainted. She was in very bad condition. There were many wounds on her face, back and arms. She was murmuring something.

“I haven’t done anything. I am sorry. I was trying to help. I am sorry. Sorry.” She kept continuously saying this. Vivaan felt a pang in his heart. What has he done? Meera was in this condition because of him. He sprinkled few drops of water to get her back to consciousness. Meera tried to open her eyes but she was too weak to respond to anything.

“Meera, are you okay?”

“Meera, answer me… Meera” He kept patting her cheek.

“Vivaa…Vivaan…I am sorr….sorry. But I have…not done anything. I am sorrr…” She again fainted.

Vivaan got extremely worried for her. He put her on bed and called the doctor immediately. He rushed to get some cold water as doctor asked him to keep her temperature in check. She kept murmuring and pleading me asking for sorry. Vivaan had tears in his eyes. What he had done? Why every single time he blames everything on this girl? She had helped him so much but every time he gives her pain. He was the one to extend the hand of friendship to her but he was never able to respect it.

“Look, Mr Kapoor, your wife is very weak because of her wounds and fever. Also, I think she haven’t eaten anything from last 30 to 36 hours. This is making her even weaker. Also, I think she is under some kind of stress. Do take her proper care. I have given her medicine. She needs lot of rest and care.” Doctor had examined Meera.

“Vivaan…” Meera called Vivaan in her weak voice after the doctor left.

“Yes…What happened? Do you need anything?”

“How is Amaya?” Vivaan kept looking at her for few moments blankly. Even in this condition she was worried for Amaya.

“She is fine now. You take rest. I will bring something for you to eat. You have to take medicine.”

“No. I don’t want to eat anything. I want to sleep.”


“Please Vivaan.”

“Wait, I will call someone from your family….”

“No. No…Please don’t tell anything to anyone. I don’t want to trouble anyone. Everyone is already much stressed.”

“But, Meera…”

“Please. You won’t tell anyone.”

“And what are you doing here? Go to the hospital.” She again drifted to sleep due to the sedatives. What will he do now? Definitely he cannot leave Meera alone in this condition. But, he has to take Amaya’s reports to hospital. He cannot even let Meera’s family know about her condition. Meera is right they are already stressed out and worried. He decided to call Preeto to take care of Meera. He instructed Preeto with everything and asked her not to tell anyone about Meera. Preeto got ready to help her friend.


He reached to the hospital to know that Amaya was doing really well and they will discharge her tomorrow morning. He sighed in relief. He discussed Amaya’s health and report with doctor. Everything was normal. He mentally thanked god for being kind. But now he was very worried about Meera. He was calling Preeto every 30 minutes to check Meera’s condition.

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