My life is your smile (ek deewana tha ff) chapter – 13 shivash happytime .


This part is dedicated to the shivik who feels hell to watch edt because of current situation that make by cvs like nonsense to our akash and shivani character ….?????p

Chapter :- 13..

Varun :-what happened shivani?

Shivani   looks at akash …

*****flashback ….shown****
Radhu and aki come to office room…
Shivani looks tension …

R:- what happened shivani..
Why are you looking tension?

S:- radhu our academy land papers gone missing ..
i kept that safely but it’s not in here..

A:- how’ll it’s going … it’s paper or pat..(smile)

S:-shut up akash ..

Aki got shock ..

S:- it’s not a joke  to laugh ..

A:- I’m sorry i want to cool you..
(Look sad)

S:-(calmly)  I’m sorry .. it’s important paper so i want to submit this tomorrow court else this land will misuse by goons..

A:- If any copy or extra papers in with you..

S:-(think)  i don’t know but badima or papa know this..

R:-then we should check there …

S:-yes.. I’ll drop you to badi ma home you’ll search there I’ll go home and check ..

A:-ahh i also come with you .. then work will simple if we search as unity .. ok..


……flashback end….

Va:- how’ll papers gone missing? ?
I’ll call dad and hear about this…

Akash and shivani nods…

Anamika cries a lot..

Arjun hols her..

An:- why god why.. why you punish me like this…
My shivangi stand infront of me..
But .. but.. she’s not mine..

Ar:- calm down anami.. this is not our shivangi .. this is shivani varun’s sister ..

Ana:- then how’ll our aki come with her..

Ar:-that’s just a coincidence .. she’s his college head so they’ll come for some college issue ..

An:-you now na arjun .. how vyom and shivi love much .. they’re made for each other ..
If …(she cries badly)

Arjun hugs her…

Ar:- shh… don’t think much …

Ana:- if aki loves shivani then it’s danger for them..

Ar:-no..that’ll never happen.. I’ll do anything to stop that but you don’t behave like this then it’ll sad for mom and dad..

An:- i can’t (she cries)

Arjun holds her face..

Ar:- I’ll with you.. our love will never allow anyone hurt our aki and shivi .. they both our responsible ok… you should brave my pehelwan anami ..

She hugs him..

….tum..hi..ho.. bgm plays..


Shi:-what did papa say..

Va:- store room or his room .. we should search this two place ..

A:-we will check store room..
V:-then i check papa’s room…


They leaves to search ..


Some old building…

Goon:- boss … we got this paper …

The boss turns as one who slaped by shivi ..
His name is suraj..

Su:- Weldon work ..
He slaps the goon..

Su:-your my servant   or their …
I tells you to steal this tomorrow but you did this today if they make another one..

G:- boss i don’t think about this..

Su:- idiot … listen to me steal that papers tomorrow if they got another papers ..

Goon nods…


Aki and shivani search the papers in store room..

Ak:- why this store rooms are like ghost bangalow ..

Shivi chuckle…

Sh:- and always you oly got catch by ghost .. that’s party time and academy library ..

Akash glares at her..

A:- yah.. in library i spent time with big ghost …

Sh:- (she remembers the past how akash tells they in library together)  akash .. really you looks me in library yesterday ..

Ak:- yes … why ??

Sh:-(she thinks about kk’s words..)
In mind i don’t want to trouble him now .. I’ll clear this some other time..

Akash looks at shivani , she search papers..
He looks at her lovingly …
Aki pov..
“How’ll i propose this angry bird .. my lovable ghosty ..
I love you ?????”


Shivi turns towards him but he turns other side..

She then search the papers that time a big lizard come from book and jump on her ..

(She remove this book that jump on his shirt ..)

He returns from his romantic mood and shout..

Ak:- ahh.. what you did with me .. help me.. remove it..

He jumpes around shivi about to helps him.. they both fall on floor. Aki sleep over shivi ..
They look each other..
Aki breath heavily ..
She feels his heart beat..…plays..

Akash stands ..

Shivani laugh at him teasingly ..

Akash sets his hair innocently ..
And enjoy her happiness ..
He smirks towards her..

Sh:- what?

Ak:- that lizard in you head ..

Shivi try to remove lizard but her hair got mess up..

Varun also come their and smiles at her getup..

Varun and akash make HiFi..

Shivani glares at them..

Va:- i got papers come..
Varun gets call and leaves…

Akash hols his ears..

Aki:- sorry..

He makes her hair like before ..

…jana .. na.. plays..

Akash in mind “thank you lizard ji”

Varun comes..

V:- i informed radhu and I’ll pick her and you’ll drop akash ok..

Shivi nods…


In car ..
They reached bedi mansion ..

Aki get down from car..

Aki:- sorry again ..

Shivi smile ..

Aki got surprise ..

Aki:- wowww.. how cute… your smile is more beautiful don’t make face like angry.. smile is best for you.. and don’t shout if problem comes … if you smile then all bad thing will gone..

Sh:- really .. whose tell this to you..

Aki:- my dadi tells this to you if i got angry ..

They smile ..

Akash about to go..


He turns..


Sh:- I’m sorry for slapped you.. and I’ll delete kk video tomorrow ..

Aki got more surprise ..
Aki smiles ..

Aki:- woww.. really … then I’ll also have some surprise for you tomorrow …

Sh:-surprise what??

Aki:- waiting until tomorrow ..
(He runs in house)

She smiles at him..

S:- what surprise???

Episode ends with shivani smiling face…

Precap:- radu tells to kk “i…lo…”??
akash slaps shivani ???
Anshi fights with varun…

(A/N) sorry for the same precap I’ll clear precap next episode sorry for short one next will come zoon….

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