Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 65

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Oberoi house
Tanya tells Rohan to arrange bachelor party for boys in the club
Rohan : but bhabhi why me
Tanya : choice is yours (plays with knife funnily) either cricket team or bachelor
Rohan ; okay fine when do you want me to arrange the party
Tanya : tomorrow night, just for Sameer and Karan
Rohan : but I know Karan very well he will bring Rishab bhai too
Tanya : no way he should come there if he does then watch out
Rohan ; okay (leaves)
“Karan Sameer time for payback now you have to see your pinky’s move too” Tanya smirks
Cricket field
Karan : bachelors party ?
Rohan : of course yaar last time we didn’t have enough time and situation but you cannot miss it this time okay
Sameer : bhai please say yes we won’t get this chance next time
Karan ; if you are saying so then yea why not time for some freedom text me the club
Rohan ; yea sure
Sameer : should be call Dhruv and bhai
Karan ; bhai won’t come I know and Dhruv will go to Kritika’s union party
Sameer : there will be no fun without them
Karan : its okay we both will go
Rohan : thank god if bhai had come then my neck would not have been safe
Karan : where are you lost
Rohan ; nothing
Karan : then go and arrange for the party
Rohan ; yes Sir (leaves)
Karan and Sameer gets excited for their bachelors party but does not inform anybody.
Arora house
Sarla invites Luthra family for dinner, Tanya asks her to let them prepare food for dinner with Preeta
Sarla : are you sure dear?
“Aunty, dadi don’t worry just sit down and today just try my hand made food” Tanya makes them sit down in hall
Shrishti : do I also have to make food
Tanya : no my dear sister you will chop vegetables (batters her)
Shrishti ; it was too much of battering
Tanya : cut this vegetables for me (gives her plate and knife)
Preeta comes there to see her sister crying but does not notice onions
“Shrishti why are you crying what happened, ma she is shedding tears from now” Preeta gets worried
Sameer comes there too at the same time with whole Luthra family
Karan ; wow what an aroma it feels like mom’s cooking I am sure Sarla aunty might have prepared
Preeta : forget all that, Shrishti please tell me
Sameer and Preeta gives big headache to her
“Didi see na what I have to do before marriage, me and cooking so much torture” Shrishti pretends to cry
Rakhi : what am I seeing? Sarlaji
Sarla : nothing today Tanya wanted to make dinner so we are sitting out here
Preeta : but who told you to cook?
Shrishti : Tanya (cries) she ordered me to cut this onions
Preeta and Sameer feels like fool while Karan make fun of them
Tanya : Preeta why are you shouting? and what is this joker doing here (points knife on Karan)
Karan : bhai please explain her to keep some distance from me
Tanya : excuse me even I don’t want to stay near you okay
Rishab : what is your both problem? don’t see any time
Tanya : the thing is I can’t handle this guy in front of me for a second
Karan takes the chance and goes to kitchen increasing flame on stove. In few minutes everybody hears smell of burning
Tanya : my dal (runs inside) oh my god how did it burn
Rakhi : don’t worry dear it happens
Tanya : but aunty I reduced the flame and came outside how did
Rishab : you did all this (whisper to Karan) why do always play with fire
Karan : bhai don’t be so sentimental, you see in next minute there will be storm
Rishab : if you dare to drag me into this I swear from tomorrow your entry will be banned in my room promise
Karan : you cannot do that bhai, and I just wanted to take small revenge on her that day because of her you all shouted at me
Rishab : was the morning drama not enough for you to revenge
Karan looks at him in shock
Rishab : don’t look like that I am your brother nothing can be hidden from me and pray that this tsunami did not get any hint about your famous drama
Tanya realizes Karan went inside when she was talking to Rishab
Preeta ; oh god Tanya please don’t mess up kitchen for mom
Tanya ; don’t worry only utensil can I (picks up rolling dough)
Preeta : thank you good luck
Karan : bhai this girl is crazy she won’t even understand
Tanya stands behind him. Rishab rolls his eyes to warn Karan
“What” he tries to ask several times
Tanya gives him sarcastic smile
Karan ; oh tsunami sorry pinky no no bhabhi ji
“Bhabhi’s brother in law wait today I will show” Tanya beats him with rolling dough
Shrishti : di I feel without their fight nowadays days never pass
Preeta : shut up and who told you to become oversmart could not tell me that you were cutting onions
Tanya and Karan messes up Preeta and Shrishti’s room with their fights.
Sarla ; their fight will never end, Rakhji I will go and make food you all might be hungry
Rakhi ; don’t bother and it was Karan’s fault, poor Tanya she was making food
Preeta ; aunty when will their childishness get over (asks her)
Rishab : good question but even god cannot answer that
Karan and Tanya create mess in whole house. Roo adds fuel in their fight supporting her brother instead
Tanya : how mean
Karan keeps Roo in the middle of their fights but in chaos she is about to fall. Sahil who comes there catches her in nick time. Roo looks up to the person who saved her again sharing eye lock with him
Ek din kabhi jo khud ko taraashe
Meri nazar se tu zara
Haaye re..
Aankhon se teri kya kya chhupa hai
Tujhko dikhaaoon main zara
Haaye re..
Ek ankahi si daastaan daastaan
Kehne lagega aaina..
Subhan Allah

Jo ho raha hai pehli dafa hai
Wallah aisa hua
Jo ho raha hai pehli dafa hai
Wallah, aisa hua..

Dhruv and Kritika goes near them to tease. Both does not react
Dhruv : Kritu there is only one way to wake up sleeping tiger
Kritika : no way please your ideas are too dangerous always
Dhruv : wait a second
Kritka : dhruv no please (tries to stop him)
“Uncle” he pats on Sahil’s shoulder
Sahil looks up but sees her looking at him with affectionate smile. Dhruv throws some cold water on her face to finally come in senses
Roo : is this way to behave with girl
Dhruv : girl? which one I see only four of them and rest are our moms right Kritu do you see any other girls around
Kritika signals him to keep quiet
Dhruv : oh okay my eyes might need some good therapy I will consult good doctor
Roo : wow you are such a great doctor hatts off to you brilliant (picks up heavy vase)
Dhruv ; what are you hiding? you brought gift for me so sweet give some knowledge to your sister see kritika she is so nice
“Only I know how good she is” Kritika murmurs
Sahil : what a joke, she and smart dont’ have relation in her dictionary (whispers)
Roo : your both turn will come after right now my target is somebody else (shows Dhruv vase)
Dhruv : what are you doing? put that down kritika what kind of fiancé are you save me
Kritika ; really? from who the one you said was great while ago sorry sweetheart but I am following your orders bye come Sahil
Roo burns in jealousy seeing both of them together again
Dhruv : did you see how your dear sister took him with her alone (instigates her funnily)
Roo : did you hear that saying if you murder one or two but punishment will be the same
Dhruv : please save this poor kid, you know how much your sister tortures me in alone
Roo : didi knows how much i am dying to spend time with this nutcase but she still took him away thats so bad
Dhruv : I have an idea listen tomorrow is her class reunion party and i heard Sahil might be there too
Roo : what should i do? see both of them dancing together
Dhruv : at least hear my idea (whispers something in her ear)
Roo : if anything goes wrong then watch out i will tamper bill on your name
Dhruv : its a deal
Preeta : what have you both made to my room, runway from school kids (shouts at them)
Karan : baby doll this was her fault not mine in fact I was telling her lets clean this mess up but she didn’t hear me
Preeta : really? then why don’t you
Dhruv : wow Preeta what a nice room now I see in Nasik it was Shrishti who kept the room clean
Preeta : are you done with your nonsense? and you are so shameless wearing shoes on bed get down right now(pushes him down)
Dhruv : relax yaar
Tanya : I am so sorry Preeta I will clean your room right now
Karan : good idea bhai lets go out she will clean everything
Preeta : wait a minute whats so hurry, you both have to clean this room my dear husband
Karan : baby doll I am very hungry and we are your guests and guest are equal to god
Rishab: which nonsensical book said that would be husband is guest in his own in laws
Preeta ; thank you Rishabji you are only mature one in family or else this whole group is only small children
Dhruv : add one more to your list (goes to Roo grabbing her hair lightly)
Roo : leave my hair ruining my hair style idiot
Sahil : I thought only girl’s hair gets spoiled when did this miracle happen
Roo : the day I was born god thought what will you do in between boys whose screw are less so better become a girl who is smart and decent
Sahil : decent (giggles) actually you know what every time I hear words like that from your mouth it feels that somebody is putting their face in coal
Kritika : she is born with lack of intelligence nothing new in that
Sahil : aha maybe thats why you have huge fan following in your RJ, it reminds me Roo you are very lucky to have siblings who are celebrities brother is cricketer, sister is RJ
Roo : hello Mr whoever you are I don’t care about that because this is my family, and I know how to make myself popular
Sarla and Rakhi starts preparing food
Dhruv : wow you still have this photo album
Preeta : put that back see that on another time
Dhruv : why your would be husband should also know how his baby doll looked like
“Okay then your Kritu baby also have right to see this famous picture “ Preeta gets his small naked picture from drawer
Dhruv : spicy chili don’t act smart with me or else
Tanya taking chance takes Rishab to the terrace from everybody else
Rishab : why did you bring me here
Tanya : open your top shirt button
Rishab : what ? have you gone crazy
Tanya : please hurry up I don’t have time
Rishab : wrestler this is not time for such things I am very decent guy
Tanya : do I look something else to you
Rishab : I didn’t mean that
Tanya : do you want me to do it for you
Rishab opens his top button. She puts small locket with her picture around his neck
Rishab : you were talking about this?
Tanya : what did you think that I will pounce on your dignity (laughs out)
Rishab : you are seriously nuts
Tanya : see this locket one piece of that will remain with you and other one on me (sees his picture locket on her neck)
Rishab : where do you get such ideas? that Karan have crazy logic and same your ideas, I feel sometime my pinky was better she was so innocent and sweet, here Tanya is on my head
Tanya : you have to bear me whole life be ready for that fire Mr Luthra
Karan ; aha see baby doll here both are romancing bhai bhabhiji downstairs mom is calling for dinner
Sameer : if you want we can send dinner from our chef’s hands what say lambu
Shrishti hits on leg : do you still want to do room service shorty
“Oouch no thank you” Sameer stands on his one leg
Precap : Karan and Sameer bachelor party
Kritika Dhruv class reunion party
Ruchika gets drunk
Serious fight between Karan and Tanya

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  1. Tanya’s bachelor party plan for karan and sameer?
    Shrishti’s onion tears??
    Karnya fight and karan spoiling tanya’s food???
    Rishab and karan’s tsunami covo and tanya beating karan with rolling dough????
    Karnya messed up preeti(Preeta and shrishti) ‘s room . Poor Preeta ????? . Guest karan?
    Ruhil eyelock??
    I like even dhruv and roo’s boding
    Their fight??????
    Ruhil fight???????
    Jealous roo and dhruv giving her advice????????
    Preta and dhruv’s photo fight?????????
    Rishabh’s thoughts on Tanya’s locket??????????
    Karan’s bhabhiji???????????
    Samishti small and sweet battering????????????
    I was laughing the whole time . Thankyou for such a cute and sweet part .
    Karan amd sameer’s bachelor’s party??
    Ruvika ‘s reunion party??
    Ruchika gets drunk . Roo machayegi dhamaal. Get ready Sahil . ??
    Serious fight between karnya . No no no please no …I don’t want any serious fight between my favourites . Their fight is thd beauty of their relation but not the serious one . Why do I feel Tanya’s plan is gonna backfire resulting in this . No!!!!!
    Keep smiling ?

  2. Awesome
    Poor Rohan….. First karan and now Tanya ??
    Bachelor’s party…??
    Onion tears….??
    As soon as karnya comes face to face, their fight start??
    Karan increasing the flame??
    Karnya messing preeti’s room??
    Roo adding fuel to their fight?
    Karan and guest??
    Rishab’s answer for karan calling himself as guest?
    Roo and dhruv?
    Kritika taking sahil away?
    Jealous Roo?
    Roohil’s fight??
    Rishab’s thinking while Tanya trying to tie locket????
    Karan-bhabhi ji???
    It was overall a hilarious scene??. I couldn’t stop laughing
    Update soon dear
    Love u loads❤
    Stay blessed?

  3. Hello dear very nice ☺☺☺so funny ????
    Are you familiar with the show shashtri sisters if yes then plzzzzzzzz reply I need your help so reply as soon as possible

    1. Ashinipatel3

      No I have not heard about Shashtri sisters

  4. plz show sahil looks i mean any hero pic in fb nd rohan ,dhruv too so that we can imagine any heros in that character i think u have seen tanya as surbhi jyoti

    1. sorry it ff not fb

    2. Ashinipatel3

      I will do that in next update

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