Kaleerein 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma Alleges Meera Again

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Kaleerein 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera walks to Vivan’s room. Vivan shouts why did she come here, it is his room. Meera says she prove her this time. Vivan asks whom this time. She says Mrs. Kapoor and prove that Vivan’s mother is alive. Vivan warns her to stop her drama. Meera says she will at any cost and will even sleep on same bed. Vivan angrily holds her hand, and their argument continues. Roma passes by and seeing them on bed via window fumes that her plan failed and they are on bed. Vivan continues that his mother was greedy like other women. Meera continues her argument and sleeps on other side of bed.

Roma calls Laali to her room and informs that Vivan and Meera are getting closer. LaaLi says Vivan is emotionally strong. Roma says Vivan is also a man, so he will slip easily. She makes cloth doll used in black magi. Knife falls down. Dolly passes by and hearing sound opens door. They both hide behind curtains. Dolly closes door and leaves. Roma says she will use Indian tactics now to get Meera out.

Dolly serves water and medicine to her husand Amar and asks him what is Vivan’s motehr’s secret that he told Meera and not her. He says he will when time comes.

Roma walks into Vivan’s room while he is still asleep and fixes cloth doll on his collar. Meera washes clothes fuming on Roma. Vivan wakes up and thinks only Meera can make so much sound. He walks down after freshening up. Roma shows him doll and brainwashes Vivan that Meera is doing black magic on him and says Sumer, women empowerment ladies drama, etc., was all created by Meera and her family to marry Vivan. Vivan as usual believes her. Meera walks in passageway while Roma walks pushing her. Meera fumes.. Vivan alleges Meera that she is doing black magic on her. Meera confronts he is from London and believes in black magic. Their argument continues…

Precap: Amar asks Vivan to explain Roma that they came here to celebrate Vivan’s birthday. Roma says there is nothing to explain. Vivan walks away saying he doe snot celebrate his birthday.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks for the update. Please can you be more detailed especially in the Vivan and Meera conversations. I do not understand Hindi at all. I am watching from Nigeria. So please be detailed about the nok joks. Thank you so much. You are doing a great job.

  2. I’m disappointed with the story for the past week…. Don’t know what is happening here anymore..on top of this, the update is poorly written…and so and so continues!!!…and I have to imagine the rest. Lakshmi, if you come up here, I’m taking a few days break till I see some improvement. Why can’t this couple understand that they are married now and try to make the marriage work?? They are always angry with each other, shouting at the top of their voices, always misunderstanding each other and for a hot shot, progressive, rich and debonair businessman like Vivaan, believing in black magic?? In the same way he scoffs at this family for simple things and who has been good to him, why didn’t he scoff at the story Roma told him? What double standard is this? I also think that Amaaya is being downplayed, I like her a lot, she needs a story for herself… I’m mad mad mad….

    1. totally agree. i liked the show before.i was a bit less heavy.now with a more serious and evil villian the dynamic of the show has changed.wonder how long more they gonna make them.fight with each other.hopefully they could learn to respect each other.yeh vivaan in his anger was rude to mr dhingra and silly to juat accuse meera for charming hi with black magic.hahaha.mrs kapoor is right on the inside he is really just a child. i notice meera needs to be a bit more considerate towards vivaan.messing up his room and all with her clothes all over. but i do feel bad for meera that she is being tortured by the evil stepmum and she has to fight this woman. but i think she is strong and will do it.

  3. Kavitha Supramaniam

    I wish we could see their fighting stop. Wish they could be more loving and understanding towards each other.When is this stepmum track gonna end.

  4. wish the stepmum track will end soon. not nice to see them fighting like this.thanks for the updates

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