Elite Series : Shivika : Tempting Mr Oberoi – Chapter 13

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Chapter 12
Annika and Shivaay fight
Shivaay looked at the beautiful woman who stood in front of him and could feel nothing but distaste.
Shivaay : Why did you call me here Natasha?
Natasha smiled seductively and kept a palm on his shoulder. When he shrugged it away, she pouted.
Natasha : I knew you would come. After all, You and I… We’re magic.
Shivaay snorted.
Shivaay : I don’t know if you realise but your performance is over. This is real life.
Natasha’s eyes flashed and Shivaay remembered how just a short while ago, those eyes had pleased him. Her glints had always been charming to him, until now. He found it extremely tacky.
Shivaay : I said we’re done. Forever. Do not attempt to contact me again.
He shrugged off her hand from his person and caught the quiet look of anger that passed through her before becoming calm and patronising again.
Natasha : It’s because of that girl, Isn’t it? The one who was sitting with you?
Shivaay’s voice became ice-cold as he glared at her.
Shivaay : That girl is my sister. I will not have you….
Natasha (dismissively) : I did not mean your sister. I recognised her immediately. She’s gorgeous, just like you are. I am talking about the one sitting next to you. The passably pretty one, the one who seems so unsure of herself. The one who infact… Who acts like a mouse.
Shivaay : NATASHA!
Natasha : I don’t know why you would want her. Except for the fact that she must be filthy rich ofcourse. Is that it?
Shivaay : Jealous?
Natasha (chuckling) : Ofcourse not. She is nothing like me.
A vision of Annika came unbidden, all heated words and angry looks and heightened emotion. Annika, who had chased him down in public, for God’s sake, without a care in the world for how it might be perceived, simply to serve him a scathing set down. Annika, who was so very alive and changing and unpredictable—and so very much the opposite of the cold and untouchable Natasha.
One side of his mouth lifted in a wry smile.
Shivaay : You’re so right, Natasha. She is nothing like you.
Hearing the thinly veiled insult behind his word, Natasha frowned and glared at him.
Natasha : You really want that mouse over me?
Shivaay : This is the second time you’ve called her a mouse. You better mind your business and your words Natasha. She is a member of the Elite. You do not want to make her an enemy.
Realising the truth in his words, Natasha acknowledged them with a graceful smile and turning away from him. Shivaay accepted her surrender with a nod and made to turn away when her voice stopped him.
Natasha : You will hurt her, You know.
Shivaay : What do you mean?
Natasha : She is nothing like you and me. She is not jaded. She will want love. And if you pursue her, You will break her heart.
Shivaay (turning around and catching her eye in the mirror) : I don’t know what she wants or believes in. I only know that she is helping my sister out and is her friend.
Natasha : But what are you to her?
When he did not respond, one side of her mouth curved in a wry smile.
Natasha : The best seat in the theatre is mine, Shivaay.
Shivaay turned away from the room without saying a word.

Annika : I will kill him. How dare he call me a coward!
She paced her bedroom floor, still livid at what had happened tonight. She had arrived home an hour before but hadn’t stopped moving long enough to undress or to even allow Seema Aunty to speak.
Seema aunty : Well, Considering that you actually made a move to strike him. In public, that too.
Annika glared at the woman.
Annika : Whose side are you on? Besides! There’s nothing cowardly about striking someone. Hah! Calling me a coward, How dare he?
Missing Seema aunty’s chuckle, she sat herself down on a sofa still fuming.
Seema : What are you so annoyed about anyways? You wanted an adventure and he’s giving you one.
Annika : I most certainly didn’t ask for an adventure where he would end up kissing me in public.
One of Seema aunty’s eyebrows raised in a disbelieving gesture.
Seema : I suppose you enjoyed it a lot.
Annika : NO!
Seema : Not even a little bit?
Annika : Not even a bit.
Seema : Hmmm…
She sat besides Annika and began combing her dark hair, removing the tangles slowly.
Annika : Alright fine. I may have like it a bit.
Seema : Oh!
Annika : But just a little bit.
Seema : Yes, you told.
Annika turned around, stopping Seema aunty’s work and looking at her.
Annika : Fine! I loved it. A LOT. Just like I’ve loved all the other times he’s kissed me.
Seema (surprised) : Other times?
Annika (sighing) : Yes, other times. And why wouldn’t I enjoy it? The man is clearly an expert kisser.
Seema : Clearly.
Annika : He’s all dark looks and seductive poses and smoldering kisses…..
Her voice dropped as she lost herself in his memory. Seema aunty moved to comb her hair again but was again interrupted by Annika turning around.
Annika (annoyed) : And when he’s done, you know what he does? He ruins the good mood by…
Seema : Calling you a coward.
Annika : Calling me a coward. How dare he?
She stayed quiet long enough for Seema aunty to comb her hair and pin it up with a clip. Annika changed into comfortable pajamas and with that, a modicum of her anger disappeared. She sat on the floor resting her head on the bed as she watched Seema aunty fold and place her laundered clothes inside.
Annika : I just wish I weren’t such a ninny around him.
Seema : You always have been, if it concerns him.
Annika : I know. But now I am near him far more. It’s different.
Seema : How so?
Annika : Before he was just a dream. He was only in my head. Someone who didn’t know I existed. But now.. We talk almost everyday. Actually talking to him. Actually discovering the real Shivaay. He is no longer a creature I invented. He is flesh and blood and…now I can’t help wondering…
She trailed off, unwilling to say what she was thinking. What if he were mine?
She did not have to say the words aloud; Seema aunty heard them anyway. When Annika opened her eyes and met Seema aunty’s gaze in the mirror, she saw her response there. Shivaay is not for you, Annu.
Annika : I know, Seema aunty.
She said to convince herself as much as she did to convinve Seema aunty. Of course, she didn’t know. Not anymore. Mere weeks ago, Annika would have laughed at the idea that Shivaay Singh Oberoi even knew her name…let alone was willing to engage in conversation with her. And now…Now he was kissing her in dark alleys and darkened hallways…and reminding her why she had been such a fool for him since the beginning.
He had gone to visit his girl friend today. She was sure of it. And why wouldn’t he? Natasha was gorgeous, all sultry and seductive. Whereas, she… Annika looked in the mirror and counted her flawss – her plain dark brown hair which was so common, her eyes, also brown, her face seemed too big, She could go on and on.
Why on earth would Shivaay want her? Obviously he had turned to the beautiful Natasha leaving Annika to come to her house alone, to her bed, to dream of the impossible.
Tears sprang to her eyes, and Annika tried to dash them away before Seema aunty could see, but soon they were coming fast, on top of each other, and she couldn’t hide her sadness. She sniffled, drawing attention from her aunt, who, with one look, stopped and crouched low next to her charge.
Annika allowed the older woman to put her arms around her, and she placed her head upon Seema aunty’s shoulder and allowed the tears to come. She sobbed, exposing the sadness that had consumed her for years. Through years of seasons, the weddings of all of her friends, Gauri’s betrothal—years of getting older, years of not being considered eligible to wed someone—she had hidden her sorrow, refusing to allow her regret to shadow the happiness of others.
But now, with Shivaay wreaking havoc on her senses and reminding her of everything she had always wanted and would never have, it was too much. She could no longer hold it in.
She cried for long minutes, Seema aunty murmuring soothing sounds as she stroked Annika’s back. When she was done, unable to find the energy to continue with tears, Annika sat up straight, pulling back from Seema aunty and offering a watery smile of self-conscious thanks.
Annika : I don’t know what’s happened to me.
Seema : Oh, my Annu. Don’t worry. You’ll get your white knight.
Annika : I don’t think so. Besides, what is the point of having a white knight when all you want is a dark knight?
Seema aunty kissed Annika’s forehead and smiled a little.
Seema : I think I would love it if you decided to pursue another item on your list instead of crying your heart out. You should stay away from that man.
Annika knew she was right. But, There was something so very compelling about the man—it didn’t seem to matter that he infuriated her. To the contrary, his arrogance only served to make him more attractive.
Annika (sighing) : Easier said than done. Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I should steer clear of Shivaay and focus on my list again. Ofcourse I don’t have any easy tasks left.
Seema (snorting) : Like the others were easy. What do you have left?
Annika : Gambling, Fencing, Shooting and dancing.
She decided to leave out the last one. The one closest to her heart.
Seema : Oh my. That is a challenge. But you know what?
Annika : What?
Seema : No one can call you a coward if you accomplish these tasks.
She gave a conspiratorial smile at Annika and met her eyes. After a surprised silence, the two women laughed.
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