Badho Bahu 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal gets kidnapped for real

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Badho Bahu 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram ji keeps his phone in his pocket. Titli asks him who he was talking to. He lies that he was talking to her Bua. She wants to come in your wedding. What could I tell her? I told her that your alliance broke. My daughter’s life is getting destroyed. Titli suggests making some distance from Lucky and his family. He is sure Lucky only must have said this to her. You anyways do not understand what someone else says. She knows he might think that Lucky is wrong but I feel he thinks well before doing anything. I will support him. Ram ji is not interested in her explanations and asks her to go inside. She asks him to join them for lunch. He agrees to join in a few minutes. She tells him that things will fall in place. There is no point worrying. She goes inside.

Lucky is picking clothes for Komal. Malti ji asks him to eat first but he asks her to choose which will suit Komal most. She selects the pink one. He is happy that they both think alike. Is the kheer ready? Badho is coming after all. She wouldn’t have eaten anything nice in Ashram since many days. Malti ji reminds him that he likes it as well. He replies that Badho likes it too. She tells him she has made kheer and done all the preps for her also. He smiles. I will do my duty today and from tomorrow onwards, Badho will do her duty. She will take care of me. Malti ji smiles. They joke. He wants to clean the house a bit and decorate it. Titli offers to help him. Malti ji does not seem so happy but Lucky continues to tease her. Malti ji tells Titli that after what happened today, it does not seem right for her to be alone with Lucky in his room. Villagers make fuss of any small matter. Lucky seconds her but adds that no villager / outsider is here right now. How does it matter who thinks what? Titli says the same. Lucky has helped me always. It is my turn to help him now. Lucky agrees. She will support me even in cleaning the fans. Malti ji agrees. She goes to make other preps. Titli asks Lucky to get the broom but he instead ends up making her bring it. He looks at Badho’s clothes happily.

Pinki and Rana are on their way to the (supposed) Ashram. He asks her if she is sure this is the route. She advises him to stop the car and ask someone if he does not trust her. He denies. Don’t get upset please. She thinks she isn’t upset with him but Chunnu and Munnu. They are good for nothing. Komal is sitting under the tree unconscious. Pinki gets a message from Chunnu / Munnu. It is written that they will find Komal under the tree near the old temple. She excitedly tells Rana that they are on the right path. I will heave a sigh of relief once I take Badho home safely.

Someone clicks a photo of Lucky and Komal’s wedding photo.

Few goons are looking for a girl. Her location is the same as Badho.

Premika meets Teji and Pragya. Teji welcomes her inside the room. Premika apologizes for coming unannounced. I brought a new kurta for Vardaan ji and thought to show Pragya ji. Pragya says why to ask me. premika says you only know his likes and dislikes. Tell me if he will like it or not. Teji says who likes such boring colours. Pragya says I only suggested her. Vardaan ji likes light colour clothes. She tells Premika that this is good for Vardaan ji. Teji ji does not know anything. Premika says it does not matter what he (Teji) thinks. If Pragya ji likes it then Vardaan ji will also like it very much.

Lucky and Titli have cleaned and decorated the room. She says Badho wont get much time to spend with you as there are so many people in queue. He agrees that he will meet her properly tomorrow itself. She promises to unite Badho and Lucky. I will organize a candle light dinner for you guys in the room. Lucky loves the idea. No one will trouble us then.

Vardaan asks Premika why she had to bring it. Premika replies that she cannot thank him for his help the other day. See if you like it. He checks the kurta. You took trouble for no reason. Payal seconds him. Vardaan has lot many kurtas. He does not need to take a kurta from anyone else. You can take it and give someone else. Premika says I dint come to sell it. I thought it would suit Vardaan ji. Payal again tells her to gift it to someone else. Premika turns to go sadly but Vardaan asks her to leave it here. It is my favourite colour. I accept your gift as a thank you. She smiles as she hands it over to him. Payal thinks Premika has decided to chase Vardaan. Hope my plan does not backfire and Vardaan does not get stuck with Premika. Premika smiles at Vardaan. Payal asks her to leave if she is done. Premika goes. Vardaan asks his Bhabhi to go too. I have to finish my work before Didi comes.

Pinki tells Rana they will reach in another 5 minutes. She keeps guiding him.

The other guys reach the place where Badho has been left by Chunnu and Munnu. They identify her with the photo they had received and abduct her. Rana and Pinki are still on their way. Their car crosses the goons’ car but they do not see anything untoward. Pinki looks around but cannot see Badho anywhere. Where did she disappear?

The goons update their boss that the work is done. They check her to make sure she is still unconscious.

Pinki makes Badho stop the car. She acts to cough and gets down the car pretending to feel uneasy on the pretext of looking for Badho. She worries seeing her nowhere around the said place. Rana gives her water. He tells her that she can rest once they find Badho. She nods. Go in the car. I will come. She panics that Chunnu and Munnu told her that Badho will be here only but she seems to have disappeared. What should I do now!

Lucky smiles thinking about Badho. I cannot spend my time while waiting for you. Titli thanks Lord for helping her every time in Lucky’s disguise. I accept that everything is happening as per your wish. Lucky has always supported me as my friend. This time he needs you. He is feeling lonely without Badho. You will make him meet her asap right? Send her here asap so they can fix everything in the house. Unite them Lord. You can do this much for your real devotees. Raghubir ji looks on from far and prays that Titli’s wish is heard. Help all 3 of them. Do something that Lucky and Komal are tied together for forever and Titli also gets blessed. He walks up to her. Titli says God will have to hear my prayers. He nods and blesses her.

Precap: The goons tell Komal to stay put and not try to struggle. You will very soon find out why we brought you here. Ram ji stands in front of Komal. Zalim Singh challenges Lucky for a wrestling match. If you defeat me then I wont show you my face ever again! Titli will be mine if I win the match! Lucky accepts the challenge.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ram ji is the lowest of the low! I thought Kamla was bad but he’s a nasty old man.
    Does this mean Badho won’t be coming back and Titli will gradually take over ?!!! No!!
    Without Komal it’s not Badho Bahu!

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara, Exactly my thoughts too. However, the cover still has Komal with Lucky ji standing in the centre and Titli aside to his left. I assume from this that Komal will return but there is a possibility that Komal may not?
      I find it very difficult to warm towards Titli, her character oozes arrogance..whilst Premika, although she started out to cause problems for Vaardan, i find myself warming to her character quite easy. Her persona come across screen kind and soft, whilst Titli is opposite. When Titli was praying for Komal and Lucky to reunite again, her performance was not convincing nor did I believe she meant it either…she is like a ticking time bomb! Never know when she is going to explode and lose her top!

  2. Hi Summer,

    I do hope the original Badho actress comes and not a replacement.
    As for Premika yes she genuinely likes Vardhan and he seems to like her too. I hope this story line gets better. Finally Pragya will understand what she lost.

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara,
      Yes, likewise. Premika will make Vardhan happy, she truly does like him and genuinely cares for him. Like you say, i think Pragya will realise what a total scum bag Teji is and what she has lost…by then, it’s too late! Having said that, Pragya seems affected that Premika has shown affection towards Vardhan, this could be the wake up call she needs to appreciate and value Vardhan…before it’s too late?

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