Kaleerein 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Silky and Laali Use Amar To Blackmail Vivan

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Silky runs and hugs Amar and pleads him to save her as Meera wants to kill her and warned her not to go near Vivan. Amar gets angry. Laali starts her drama and gathers Sunny’s parents. Amar asks her to stop. Laaali asks why should keep quiet when Meera is doing wrong. Amar shouts why she threatened Silky. Meera says Silky is lying, she was not with Vivan that night. Amar shouts what difference does it make, why she wants to save Vivan. Silky starts drama that Vivan showed his right as husband and now backing off from marrying her, even her sister Meera is threatening her. Vivan warns to shut up and stop her acting, she was not with him that day and he will never marry her. Amar shouts who was with him then. Vivan looks at Meera and says Silky itself. Amar holds Vivan’s collaar and shouts he spoilt Meera’s life and will not let him spoil Silky’s life now, he has to marry Silky at any cost. Laali acts and says her brother fulfilled his duty, she is not worried about Silky now. Silky also acts and thanks Amar and says she wants to clear her misunderstanding Meera. Amar says sisters should not have misunderstanding and asks Meera to accompany Silky.

Silky takes Meera to a room and says she is not same Silky now, last time she snatched Vivan from her, this time, she will not let her snatch Vivan back. She says she knew who spent night with Vivan that day and if she informs that, Meera will be insulted and Amar will get more angry on Meera, she will get more closer to Vivan then.. Meera says excellent, Silky is a very good actor and always won against her, even got Soni Kudi Academy admission first and even all the boys selected her and not me. Silky gets very happy. Meera then taunts Silky cannot win with her lies and will flat on her face, she had worn Vivan’s name’s kaleerein and will always wear them. Silky gets angry/.

Vivan standing on terrace looks at stars sadly. Meera walks to him and consoles. He sits and she leans her head on his shoulder. Mai to Tera ho chuka hun….song..plays in the background. Meera returns to her room and cries. Dolly walks in and says she knows Meera was with Vivan that night. Meera gets tensed. Dolly suggests her to inform truth to Amar before it is too late. Meera hugs her and cries she does not know what to do.

Sweety gets Silky read for engagement and says she braids hair better than parlor ladies and touches neck cut. Silky says she will not spare Meera for her mistake. Sweety suggests her to get plastic surgery done, shorten her nose and uplift her chin and cheek bones. Silky yells to get new Silky itself. Laali asks not to pester Silky and says Meera should be punished, but how will they get rid of her, she is very strong willed and finds way somehow.

Vivan walks into Meera’s room. She hugs him tightly and cries. He asks her to let him go. Sunny walks in. They both part ways. Sunny says Silky played her game yesterday, they should be more careful now, Vivan should get engaged to Silky to get sometime to plan. Meera suggests same. They both walk out. Dolly walks in and consoles Meera. Sunny’s mother walks in with shagun dress and says Meeera and Vivan will be united tonight. Once she leaves, Meera says she will not wear it. She walks out and sees Laali showing bracelet with VS written on it and tells Vivan VS means Vivan and Silky, she will gift him during engagement tonight. Once she leaves, Meera asks Vivan to remnove as she cannot see anyone else with him, she is his wife and will always be, let us go and inform truth to papaji, he gave oath and will have to take it back.

Amar excitedly checks engagement arrangements. His friend asks him to relax. AAmar asks him to sit and asks Dolly to bring tea. Sunny passes by and Amar’s cut finger and applies baandage on it and asks to get tetanus injection. Meera walks down and tells Amar she cannot get engaged.

Precap: Sunny revealed he came to destroy Vivan and not help him. Meera shows Sunny’s evil side to Vivan.

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  1. Hello writers,you seem to be leaving no effort । to shoo away a few existing viewers like me….as if the current villains are not enough ,Sunny is added to the list ….Give us a break ,guys…,,,,we are really fed up of these silly tracks…..this is negativity in the extreme…I don’t think the world is that bad to bring so much negativity into this couple’s life… Just disappointing …

  2. As if Amar, Laali, Silky and Sweety weren’t bad enough…now we have Sunny! Is this show deliberately trying to prove that there are no good Samaritans in this world anymore? Every new entry starts off good…only to end up having bad intentions. How much villains does this show need anyway?

    1. Zeetv morals wat do ?

  3. Agree with you Lakshmi……can’t digest so much of negativity…..writers please change dis track….It’s became habit for us to criticize u everyday….please give us a chance where we appreciate u also….we r so sincere viewers of dis show dat inspite of having so much of negativity we r stick to dis show…one gud thing …..Vivaan &Meeta r together now…but for how many days…..no idea….

  4. If you wanna see cr*p, you don’t have to go potty just watch this show.

    Vivaan & Meera have totally no chemistry… is all so fake and negativity.

  5. Seriously all, technically how they can get engaged, if they are technically still married and not divorced.
    Why meera..and vivan… don’t say screw you all, we are still married and pack and go to london… then let, shorty sunny marry silky the long nose.
    Sorry guys, meera.. don’t seem to be able to spit out what she wants which is her hubby and claim her Haq.. jeezlouise. Spit it out women .. instead of dragging it. Tell papajiii.. the looney… Dude, no can do getting engaged since I am still married, don’t want divorce , love my husband, deal with it you all..
    Ok, said enough… done.
    Nighty night you all

  6. How can you be married and engaged with someone else?

  7. What country in the world that approves engagement to somebody else while still married? Is this some kind of a joke? Zee TV, what are you trying to tell your viewers? That Its ok to engage while you’re still married?.unbelievable..Is this your message to the world?

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