Muskaan 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan leaves a clue for Aarti

Muskaan 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti agreeing to all conditions of Sir ji. He says I like those girls who listen to me, go and find your daughter. Aarti runs out. Aarti and police look for Muskaan. Aarti prays to Maa Durga that she finds Muskaan. Muskaan gets an idea and thinks mumma said right, there is a solution for every problem. Aarti says Devimaa will help me. Muskaan sees the grill and tries to reach there. She jumps. She asks the girls not to cry and think she is their friend. She says I have an idea to leave from here. The girl says we are young, how can we go out. Muskaan tells them that unity has power, we have to be united. She tells her idea. They all join hands.

The kids stay to form a staircase for Muskaan. Muskaan throws stones out of the mesh. Aarti sees the stones and goes to check. She tries to look inside. Inspector says we will get Muskaan soon. Aarti comes running to inspector. He says we have checked well, there is no one. Aarti says someone is throwing stones there, please lets check there once again. Tabassum says VIP will be coming, what will we answer him. VIP comes and asks what happened, did I come on any wrong time, did I catch any mistake or do any mistake. Tabassum says no. He says I had to come here to meet Muskaan. Sir ji says I will come. Tabassum asks him not to come empty handed. Aarti and police check the godown. The goons see them and get alert. Inspector asks the goon to open the door. Goon says there is nothing. The goons try to take the kids away. Aarti doesn’t find anything. They ask about Muskaan. The goon says there is no one here. Aarti checks everywhere. The goons take the kids. The goon says you can waste time by checking well. The kids are locked up. Aarti says we should keep trying, my Muskaan is here.

Inspector says we have to believe you, our team will find your daughter, come on now. Muskaan cries. Aarti leaves. VIP asks Tabassum to call Muskaan. A man comes and says the girl isn’t found. VIP asks is he talking about Muskaan. He asks Tabassum to answer. She says no, he is saying about some goat. VIP says I will get anyone whom Muskaan likes, call her. Ghosh says sure and worriedly goes.

The goons take the kids away in a truck. Aarti and police go to their jeep. Muskaan cries and sees Aarti leaving. VIP gets a call and says maybe Muskaan has become a fairy, I couldn’t see her today, any ways, I got an urgent work, I will come some other day. He leaves. Aarti asks inspector to check for some vehicle, she has heard a sound. They see the truck leaving. Police stops the truck. Muskaan sees Aarti. She throws her hair pin there. The truck doesn’t stop and races ahead. Police gets shocked. Muskaan throws her dupatta to Aarti. The dupatta falls over Aarti. Aarti shouts Muskaan.

Police follows the truck. The driver races the truck.

Update Credit to: Amena

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