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vivian congratulates Sunny and promises Amar that he will take care of all the marriage arrangements…..Amar comes out with another demand that his friend and his son should be accommodated in the Kapoor House itself and he wants the best of the best for them ….Vivaan assures him that they would get nothing less than five star luxuries in hs mansion….he calls his manager then itself and instructs her to get on with the job ,else she will lose her job…After cautioning her ,Vivaan walks past Meera and leaves the room….Amar goes to his friend and hugs him saying that their friendship will be culminating into family relationship in a few days….

Dolly goes to Amaya’s room to check on her but stops in the doorway as she finds Vivaan sitting by his sister’s bedside and pouring out his pain and hurt to his unconscious sister….with a choked voice he beseeches her to wake up as he is all alone now and desperately wants someone to talk to him and share his grief…Remembering his sister’s words that Meera is the best partner for him,he tells her to get up and help him as he is not able to make out what is in Meera’s mind.Moved to tears at his hurt and helplessness,Dolly ,standing in the doorway thinks how Meera is just pretending to bow down to her father’s wishes ,when actually she has other plans …But seeing Vivaan’s misery ,Dolly fears that the situation might go out of hand if Meera continues to keep Vivaan in the dark as to her true intentions…she runs back to Meera’s room to caution her daughter that enough is enough ….it is time to go to Vivaan and take him into confidence as he is beginning to misunderstand her.

Biji ,who is with Meera,asks her Bahu why is she looking do scared and confused….Dolly explains the situation to Meera and asks her to hurry up..Meera calms her down and reveals that she would like to see whether Vivaan will trust and understand her….Dolly gets anxious and asks her what if Vivaan doesn’t understand…will she marry Sunny? Meera assures her that nothing of that sort will happen as Vivaan will certainly triumph in this test…drawing parallels with the purification of gold by burning it in fire ,Meera tells her mother that Vivaan has to undergo a similar test to appreciate the value of relations …Hugging Dolly , Meera promises her mother that Vivaan will become a perfect husband and an ideal son in law very shortly..

Meera enters Sunny’s room with a tray of refreshments and finds him playing the piani…Meera praises his harmonium playing skills…..tongue in cheek ,Sunny says thank you and explains that it is a piano.As she keeps the tray on the table ,he tells her that she should n’t have bothered ….Meera tells him that it is courtesy on her part as he is their guest and he helped her a lot by obliging her request…Feeling embarrassed,Sunny says that he just wanted Vivaan to realise his mistake…Meera interrupts him and explains that Vivaan is at fault but not bad…Sunny supports her saying that he could make out how much he loves her …the way Vivaan was about to hit him says it all…Meera says sorry on behalf of Vivaan but Sunny replies no need for apologies as everything is fair in love and war….Sweety who overhears everything understands that Sunny is hand in hand with Meera and playing to her tune…As Meera stands hesitating ,Sunny accepts the glass of juice from her and asks her to shoot out what is in her mind because he knows she has something to ask him….Meera feels shy but says she just wants to know why he has consented to help her…Sunny replies for two reasons,,,,when his fatherl first told him about her ,he understood that she still loves her husband ,,,the same got confirmed after meeting her….he wants to help two people in love…When Meera waits for the second reason,,he simply says he wants to have a good friend in her…when he extends a friendly hand ,Meera first hesitates ,then accepts…

Sweety hastens to her room to inform Laali that their plan is a flop as Meera has already made friends with Sunny….As Laali is not at home,Silky calls her mother on phone and Sweety explains tge situation….Laali smiles and says nothing to worry as everything is still in their hands…After listening to her plan,Sweety and Silky relax and get ready with their next step….

As Meera chats with Sunny, he tells her that Vivaan is very lucky to have her as his wife…As Meera shyly thanks him,Sweety comes there and remarks that they look beautiful together…Meera feels awkward and gets ready to leave but Silky stops her and asks Sunny if he would like to have tea….when he politely refuses,Sweety ,on the pretext of taking the tray from Meera,spills the tea on Sunny’s tea shirt…Shocked ,Meera goes near hmm and starts wiping his shirt with her dupatta. ….as per the plan ,Silky,standing outside at the window takes the snap ….Mission accomplished,Sweety sends t Meera out and offers to clean Sunny’s dress…

Silky goes to Vivaan ‘s room and tries to comfort him but he evades her touch and sits on the cot….Not willing to back off,Silky ,in a soft voice ,advises him to try and come out of this misery….Vivaan replies that there is no escaping from this pain which is rather increasing day by day….Silky ,trying to impress on him ,comments neither he is that bad as he is thinking himself to be nor Meera that great as he is imagining…ln fact Meera has so many faults….When Vivaan responds that he can not find any faults with Meera and he loves her,Silky says she will show Meera’s faults ….she takes out her mobile and shows Sunny and Meera’s photos…Cutting a sorry figure,Silky says that she didn’t want to hurt him by sharing Meera’s truth with him,but he left her with no other alternative…She asks him bluntly till when he will keep loving Meera knowing fully well that his love is one sided…..if Meera really loves him,she can never go this close to Sunny….As Vivaan stands expressionless,she soothingly advises him to leave Meera who doesn’t love him and choose another girl who cares for him and shares his sorrows,,,Silky looks back to see his reaction but gets a shock to see Vivaan gone.

Furious ,Vivaan walks up to Sunny and asks him how dare he is to cross his limits with Meera even before getting married…When Sunny coolly asks him to chill up as Meera is his would be wife now,Vivaan ,unable to control himself ,screams that Meera is his wife not his would be….Alarmed at this development Sweety takes aside Silky and tells her that she has overdone things and if someone sees the video ,they will be in trouble ..asking Silky to go and get her mobile from Vivaan ,she repents for becoming a part of Laali’s dirty plan …

In the hall Vivaan cautions Sunny not to cross his line as Meera s just pretending to make him jealous….Showing his fist to Sunny ,Vivaan warns him to be careful…else he will have to taste the blows of his fist….Just then Meera comes there and shouts at him to stop from being a ruffian..When Meera tries to remind him who Sunny is ,Vivaan replies that he very well remembers who Sunny is and who he is….Telling her that he has learnt his lessons,he asks Meera to stop all this…When Meera says she is nit able to understand what he means,he sounds sarcastic and asks doesn’t she really know… When Meera reiterates that she doesn’t know anything except he is trying to hurt her,Vivaan tells her that it is the other way round ..When Meera becomes exasperated and shouts at him to stop all this ruckus ,Vivaan ,in the same tone ,begs her to stop her drama and shows the video on Silky’s mobile….Silky ,watching ,all ths ,runs back to her room to pack up and leave…When Sweety enquires,she tells her that her mobile is now with Meera and she will kill her if she does n’t tanswer her queries,,,As she packs up,Sweety stops her and explains the next master plan…

Meera is about to explain her position but Vivaan ,in no mood to listen ,says that Silky has taken these photos to show him and make him understand her true intentions…He tells Meera that he was wrong in assuming that she was doing all this to make him realise his faults and change him into a good human being and a better husband but the truth is she moved on…and the way she is taking the sides of Sunny and not contradicting what he alleges, proves that she has indeed moved on….

Looking at Sunny,Vivaan says that he is his guest now ,the reason why he is keeping quiet…but if he crosses his limits ,he does n!t know what he will do…Meera tries to explain but looking absolutely exhausted , Vivaan stops her to say that he doesn’t know anymore what she does and what she thinks and what is going on….he takes out the mobile from his pocket ,keeps it in Meera’s hand and walks away leaving Meera miserable….

End of the episode

Update Credit to: Lakshmi

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    You know..I tried ..I tried so much to feel bad for Vivaan, I really did. But the truth is..it is so hard for people to change. It didn’t occur to Vivaan to think why silky would even be recording that..and what did what’s her face do exactly?? Did she kiss the guy? So cleaning a guy’s shirt is now a bad thing? Guess it is for serials! Oh well..as usual, what’s her face lost! Again.

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