Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan and Genda strike a deal

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli’s ad playing on tv. Everyone claps and praise her. Puttan says I have got a tv fixed for Chaitu in jail, he is getting all the facilities. Imli says I worry for state too. Puttan says I will do the rest. Jha says you have interview today. Imli goes. Khoji questions Imli about the new ghee brand. She answers everything. Khoji says thanks for the interview. Jhilmil says you got my fav Genda brand ghee banned. Puttan says I will bring that ghee for you, you can give me the order. She says I will pay you money. He shouts will I get money from you and spoil our relation. She says don’t try to stick to me. She goes. The new ghee gets sold in big quantities. Khoji says people are falling ill after having the new ghee brand. Uncle asks Genda to take advantage of the situation when media comes. Khoji comes to take her interview. She says the one who did this scam should be punished, its Imli behind this.

Puttan also falls ill. Doctor says we have to know what was added in ghee. Agarwal says I got grease added to it. They all get shocked. Agarwal gets beaten up. He says I think you got the wrong bottles accidentally, save me from this mess, I will make your commission double. Puttan says fine, send all the left over samples to me, this news shouldn’t do out. Khoji gives this breaking news. Imli says its a fast channel. Puttan says just hide that we are ill. Khoji asks Imli about him. Imli says no comments. Puttan is unable to answer. Khoji asks is everything fine. Puttan says I have answered you, go now. Khoji says Puttan didn’t give any opinion. Jha says you are CM, people are accepting things on your saying. Pahelwan comes and says my Saas went in coma because of your ghee brand, my wife left the house. Whisky says my wife blocked me. Pahelwan says we will withdraw our support. Puttan says Agarwal said he will double commission for us. Pahelwan and Whisky agree.

Puttan hides the Genda brand ghee. Imli questions him. Puttan says Jhilmil liked this brand and asked me, so I got it. Imli says you seem to care a lot for her, do you like her, shall I talk about marriage. He says let me win her heart, then we will get married. Malai says I find her cunning. Puttan says I m also cunning. Malai says don’t down his moral, I m with you. Puttan thanks her. Khoji says breaking news, Imli has pressurized people to have Ghee brand. Jhilmil comes and says you were boasting a lot, the ghee brand is bad. Puttan says you won’t understand the opposition tricks, the ghee brand is good. She asks would you like some Chole puri. He says yes. She says I have prepared this for you by the new ghee brand. Puttan thinks what to do now, she got this by love, but I have to care for my stomach. Genda learns that Puttan changed the ghee samples. Genda says I knew he will do this, so I had kept some bottles, lets decide what to do now.

Uncle says we can have a deal if we spare him. Genda agrees. Agarwal and Jain argue over their ghee brands. Genda says I have two boxes of faulty ghee, it will be proved and Imli will face blames. Puttan asks what do you want. Genda says remove the ban from Genda brand ghee, let both brand sell in market, we will have bribe from clients and get equal commission from them. Puttan supports her. Khoji says we got a breaking news, no chemical was found in Genda brand ghee, the ban has been lifted, the new ghee brand is also pure, the match has got a tie again. Puttan and Genda shake hands.

Puttan plans Jhilmil’s birthday. She asks why did you get costly phone. He says its not a big amount for me. She asks him to earn through hardwork and honesty. Puttan takes the challenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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