Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika returns to her old house

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Vaidika tells Maya that she needs to clarify the whole truth to Aarya. Maya says Aarya had to go to a restaurant for lunch. Vaidika decides to go there.
In the restaurant, Aarya notices Ved was ignoring Aarya, brainwashed by Bari Amma. Vaidika reach the restaurant and hides behind a tree. Sahil and Aarya enjoyed the meal together, Bhoomi and Ved were also there. Vaidika thinks everyone looks happy here, how she can meet Aarya in front of Sahil. Its better she doesn’t ruin this happy environment. She wonders how Sahil can be too good, he hated her but owned her mother, her daughter and even her sister. She leaves the restaurant. Sahil feels that Vaidika was present somewhere around and leaves the table. He returns calmly to take a selfie.
Gauri comes to meet a young man. She wish she could invite him home. The man Manish, he was eager to meet her since they came in contact. Gauri tells Manish that her wedding was a troubled one, and her husband only wants a womb to bear him a son. They go towards the restaurant where Sahil sat with the family. She turns to run away. Gauri meets Manish right there and greets Vaidika as the principal of the school. Vaidika asks what he is doing in this city. Manish says he came to meet his ex-wife, its been years of their divorce still he loves her. She was married again but is unhappy in her life. When Manish demands for Vaidika’s suggestion she replies that if his ex-wife believes she will live happy with him then there is nothing wrong. Manish leaves.
Vaidika finds Ved running towards the road. She saves him from being hit by a car and recognizes it was the same child as in washroom. She calls him quite a trouble maker. Ved says he is angry with his Papa, he only loves Didi. Vaidika promises to speak to his father and asks the name, Ved replies its Sahil Agarwal. Vaidika was taken aback recalling Sahil’s marriage with Bhoomi. Sahil had reached right behind them before Vaidika was able to control her nerves. He hurries towards Ved who runs to Sahil. Vaidika takes a chance and leaves in an auto. Bhoomi comes there concerned for Ved and forbids him to leave her like this again. Sahil wonders why he is so restless watching her?
In the old house, Vaidika comes towards the temple. She cries there for her daughter. She says she never knew she would feel so many emotions watching Sahil there, though she knows he hates her and doesn’t want to see her face. He even moved on in his life. Vaidika’s shadow appears from behind and says Vaidika wasn’t able to move on, she won’t move on until she doesn’t share the truth with Sahil. Sahil might hate her because she took other’s sins over her, just to save her child. She must go and tell Sahil what she spoke to Anjana. Another shadow says it’s useless, Vaidika herself told Sahil to move on. The former shadow reminds Vaidika that even Sadika has a right over her father, only Sahil can give her love of a father. The later shadow negates the thoughts that everyone’s life will be ruined if she now meets Sahil. Vaidika continue crying being confused.
Gauri returns to the room. Deepak comes in and complains that her mother denied giving him some money. Its only because of Gauri who couldn’t give him a son. Gauri strictly asks Deepak to leave her arm. He questions what else she would do otherwise? She jerks the hand away and says she is no more the old Gauri, it was good that she lost her daughter else she would have to call him as father. She is sure her daughter will really be well and happy. Deepak thinks Gauri was right here, his daughter in in a safe place.
In the Agarwal house, Bari Amma scolds Bhoomi for not taking care of Ved. She questions if Aarya means more than Ved for her. Bhoomi replies that Aarya and Ved are equal for her. Bari Amma calls Ved as an heir of this family. After Bhoomi has left, Bari Amma decides to teach a lesson to Aarya as well.
Maya brings Aarya to the old house. Aarya appreciates Maya’s suggestion to take some old belongings to US with her. She wasn’t ready to go into the house again. Maya goes in to get whatever Aarya wants. Someone place a hand over Aarya’s shoulder from behind. She turns around and was shocked to see Vaidika there; pushing her hand away she steps backward.

PRECAP: Sahil warns the family that no one must tell Vaidika this is her child. Bari Amma comes to Vaidika in her old house to give her warnings. Bhoomi runs downstairs looking for Ved. Sahil gets a call from someone about Ved.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nina

    I agree that Sahil is emotionally damaged. He really did have deep feelings for Vedika and had fallen in love with her, but to him this was the long row of suffering. He takes his inner rage at his Vedika out. Well It’s really too much of a firm refusal of love to Vedika. A fine line between love and hate.

  2. Good episode… I’m really happy that Gauri is standing up for herself in front of Deepak and now that her ex husband is in the picture, what will Deepak do when he finds out? I’m enjoying the drama a lot…. I could still feel Sahil’s in emotional pain and even though he’s laughing and talking with everyone, there’s an underlying sadness in his heart and although he says he doesn’t love Vedika, as you say Nina, there’s certainly a fine line between love and hate…. I think I understand Vedika’s pain, absence makes the heart grow fonder and time does change the way we think, even though she’s been away from her loved ones for so long, it’s hard to fix all her relationships in one go so she’s going through a lot wondering where to start from and who deserves first attention. There are so many familial dynamics happening all in one, should she attempt discussion with Sahil or Aarya? Who’s more important to her? Right now, I don’t envy these writers, they have lots of thinking to do. Then there’s her genuine belief that she’s keeping her daughter away from her father not knowing that Sahil is adamant about informing her that she had abandoned her child. What a shock this is going to be for her when this secret is revealed!! What’s it going to be like when she tells Sahil that Sadika is their daughter and equally puzzling it’s going to be for Sahil to inform her that it’s not possible that Sadika is his child? I’m sure he’s going to think that she’s crazy because as far as he knows, he was a donor for Maya… This leaves Maya as the one to confess to Sahil… Right now, this is a circus!!!

    1. Leisa s morris

      Naz sahil himself has made vedika unforgettable to himself afterall he did name her child ved although I would like to kno if dats d full name or jus an abreviation. Everytime he looks at ved and aarya he is reminded of vedika and theres no getting away from it. He also has boomi and nani (forgive me for calling her nani as dats all I know her by ) as a constant reminder. Try as much as they mite she is everywhere and as a result he will never get over her

  3. Leisa, I agree with your last comment yesterday… I’ve been saying same thing days now…would anyone be wise enough to ask themself why is BA so concerned about Ved and so particular about him on the whole? As far as everyone knows, that’s Yash’s and Vedika’s son whom she both hated so where’s all this love coming from, for Ved?? Why haven’t Sahil or Bhoomi thought of this as yet?? Strange…. So this 51% shares in the company is what BA is concerned about… Greedy wretch….and manipulative witch for poisoning Ved’s young and impressionable mind… The thing is… Ved is Yash’s…he’s Sahil’s….how do we compute this equation now…

  4. Finally Gauri is standing up for herself. It’s clear that BA had something to do With the breaking up of her first marriage.

    You are right Naz. Vedika is in turmoil. How is she going to get Sahil and Aarya back specially as BA is still after her. But we know that things move fast in this serial. Vedika is going to revolt against BA this time as she is now targeting Aarya.

    Precap is another one of BA cunning plan. Hiding Ved and blaming Vedika’s for Kidnaping him. Creating more tension between vedika and Sahil.

  5. Muniya

    Nice episode…
    Couldn’t watch it yet…but seems good.
    Precap is good too.

  6. Oh my God !!! It’s VEDIKA not “Vaidika”! Whoever writes these updates, please learn spelling first! And why do you keep referring to Vedika’s mother as “Nani”? She’s not everyone’s nani, only Aarya’s. Her name is Manjula.

  7. Please update 24th aug episode

  8. Lakshmi,when you can find some free time, would you be able to give us a condensed version of this day’s episode, 24th? I’ve seen the episode but needs to know exactly what the characters said.. I know that you have your workload so something small would be sufficient… I keep checking here but our daily writer didn’t post as you can see…

  9. Aap Ke AaJane Se 24 th August 2018 Written Episode Update
    The episode starts with Arya bluntly telling her mother that ,instead of coming to her ,she should have gone to Sahil and tell the new version of what had happened five years back ….As Vedika stares at her daughter , teary and helpless,Arya makes it clear that she considers Sahil as her father now and is ashamed of having a mother like her…unmindful of the onlookers,Arya goes on with her tirade to say that she is no more the Arya of yesteryears who would believe in her mother blindly without further questions…to Vedika ‘s shock she declares that she she is not Arya vedika Mathur now but Arya Sahil Agarwal …and advises Her mother to give her explanations to her Sahil papa , if at all she wants to prove her innocence….if he believes in her innocence ,she would too….otherwise she should n’t even try meet her in future….Without even looking back ,Arya storms out leaving her mother staring after her daughter and wondering if she is the same darling daughter of hers who played with her as a little girl ,advised her as a friend after growing up and supported her in everything….Vedika goes inside and as she reminisces those nostalgic memories ,she feels miserable at the realisation that her daughter will become a memory now if she doesn’t act fast…
    In the Agarwal house ,Badi Amma takes the goon to task and slaps him for failing to kill Arya….She is furious that the girl who has now become the cynosure of Sahil’s eye could n’t get killed…the goon explains he would have certainly eliminated her had someone not come in between ,,,,He takes out the mobile and shows the photo of that ‘someone’ who saved Arya’s life that day….And B.A stands speechless to see Arya with Vedika….
    Vedika ,in her desperation,to get proof for proving her innocence in Anjana’s murder,requests her friend maya to help her….she beseeches her to request her husband ,who is a senior police officer now ,to help her and open for one last time ,the concerned files and go into the case once again so that she can say to Sahil and Arya that she is innocent she tells her friend how She had to censure herself and accept to have committed the crime as she was threatened by the lady inspector in the jail that she would kill her unborn baby …to save Sadika ,she had to flee from Kanpur and live as a recluse for five years away from Sahil and away from her daughter….But enough is enough ,she has already paid dearly for something she has not done….As Vedika helplessly cries and begs Maya to do something ,Maya,equally helpless ,explains that her husband has already tried all possible means to unearth the truth….but ,as the case is already five years od,some files have gone missing ,the police personnel who were there that time ,got transferred…it will now be a Herculean task to reopen the case….Unwilling to accept the ground realities,Vedika ,out of frustration ,screams at her friend that there should be some way …..some way to get the truth out….explaining that it is unbearable to see her mother,daughter ,Sahil and everyone hating her,she hugs Maya and starts crying…
    The goon tells a stunned B.A that he feels the woman who saved Arya must be related to her in someway…BA comes out of her trance and wonders how can Vedika be alive ,that too in Kanpur……Vedika stops crying and promises herself that she has tolerated enough for other’s sins. And it is high time to find out the real culprit and exonerate herself from the accusation …as Sadika is growing up ,she should not live with ths accusation anymore…
    BA gives back the mobile to the goon and dismisses him hastily with the instructions that he should wait for her further orders….Once he leaves,B.A thinks how come Vedika is in Kanpur…is it for Ved…has Vedika come to know that Ved is her son….then B.a dismisses the thought reasoning that she is the only who knows who are Ved’s parents….For Sahil and Bhoomi ,Ved is the son of Vedika and Yash …and for the society,Sahil and Bhoomi are Ved’s parents..She reminisces how ,after taking away the baby from an unconscious Vedika,she convinced Sahil and Bhoomi to become his parents explaining that Vedika had abandoned the baby and fled the hospital after giving birth…She also recollects what Sahil had said while accepting the baby …that it was not the baby’s fault to be orphaned by his mother,at the same time he wouldn’t like to become parent to an orphan …instead ,he would consider this child as his own but ,to make the society believe the baby is theirs, he and Bhoomi would have to leave Kanpur for a year…B.A also recollects how Bhoomi hesitated first saying that her sister can never do such a callous thing as to abandon her baby and they should search for her …and how she made Bhoomi to accept to become Ved’s mother in case they fail to search Vedika and how all the three of them had agreed that this secret would be among the three of them only with Sahil emphasising that no one should tell Vedika that ved is her son even if she comes back…
    Reminiscing the past happenings post Ved’s birth ,B..A promises herself that this secret should remain a secret under any circumstances….but wonders about Vedika’s return to Kanpur….what if she gets even a whiff of the truth….Vedika will go to any extent to get back to her son which she shouldn’t allow at any cost….
    As Vedika ponders over what is going on and who is responsible for all this ,she is shocked to see B.A opening the doors and coming in……Without any preliminaries ,BA comes straight to the point and asks is she still not satisfied with what all she had done five years back to come back again to Kanpur and into their lives..interrupting her ,Vedika reminds BA that is he has not come to their house rather she is the one who is standing in her house…..and if anyone is intruding into anyone’s life ,it is she ..the great BA …BA ,furious with Vedika’s courage and impertinence ,warns her to exercise caution as her mother and daughter are still in her house and she should not even dream of meeting either her son ,or Bahu or grandson…if she does so ,she will be responsible for the repercussions….She threatens to raise such a storm that even if she sees Arya burning in it , she will not make any effort to rescue her….When Vedika warns her to not even touch her daughter,BA shouts at her saying that her own daughter hates her and she feels like throwing away her daughter and mother out of their house..Vedika stops BA in her tracks to make it clear if she dares to touch Arya,she will be inviting the wrath of her mother…..let Arya hate her ,it doesn’t matter….when BA tries to counter,Vedika tells her in no uncertain terms that she is not afraid of anyone as she is innocent and she will certainly prove it to Sahil and Arya….She’ll shocked,BA just stands there staring not knowing how to retaliate and Vedika shows her the door….coming out ,BA stops for a moment and decides to stop Vedika somehow before she becomes KALI MA and destroys her…for that she has to create such a situation whereby Sahil and Bhoomi will kick her out of Kanpur and out of their lives for ever….
    As Puneesh ,behind closed doors ,discusses on the phone about some deal ,his wife standing outside ,overhears the conversation and storms in to see the woman with whom he is conversing…Puneesh points out at her portrait and says she is the one whom he was talking to…feeling bad for doubting her husband ,she asks for his forgiveness…he says people and circumstances will never be the same…they do change…and they hug each other…
    As Vedika reminisces about BA ‘s threats to Arya’s life,she gets disturbed and restless….she wants to ring up Arya and warn her but remembering her daughter’s hatred for her,she decides against it…She remembers her mother and decides to call her but concludes she won’t be able to help Arya…..as she thinks of ways to contact Arya,she remembers Bhoomi…
    As Bhoomi cuddles Ved ,who is sleeping ,Sahil comes into their bedroom and stands watching Bhoomi’s affection for Ved…He wonders aloud how much Bhoomi loves Ved that she gets alarmed for every small thing….Bhoomi responds that this is the story of every mother.when Sahil thanks her for giving so much love to Ved,Bhoomi admits that five years back ,before Ved’s arrival ,she did n’t have this feeling in her heart …it is Ved who has awakened the love of a mother in her….When Sahil cautions her not to love anyone so much which might break her heart later,Bhoomi gets up and warns him not to make this statement again in future…as she is Ved’s mother and will remain his mother…so what if she has not given him birth…And Sahil has nothing to say except for watching Bhoomi kissing Ved fondly …
    Vedika finally decides to riing up Bhoomi and calls her….Sahil takes the call .and says Hello…Listening to his voice ,Many beautiful memories pour in and Vedika just lstands there listening to his voice with the beautiful song ‘mana ke hum yara nahi’ playing in the background ..Sahil disconnects the call and tells Bhoomi it must be a wrong number …And Vedika cries at her fate and ill luck…
    End of the episode..

    1. Well done dear…thanks?

  10. Naz, just now posted the update….it is just a beautiful one and emotional…not only the bond between Sahil and Vedika but between Bhoomi and Ved as well…I don’t know how this love story is going to end but it reminds me of the bond between Radhika and Jahnavi….I am really surprised at how things are shaping up in this serial but Bhoomi ‘s character started resembling that of my friend and Sid!’s wife Radhika….the same love story ,the same sacrifice for her sister….the only difference is Radha is not alive……and you know Radhika is allso watching this serial which I was not aware of till she made a mention of this story and remarked something to this effect this last week…Naz ,I do hope that Sahil and Vedika become a couple at the earliest….the more the delay ,the more heartache to everyone… I couldn’t bring myself to comment the whole of last week due to this reason only…

    1. Thanks so much for the written update Lakshmi, you are indeed a dear friend and sister to me, your account is very detailed and I could recall the episode by reading what you wrote.. Wow… Very detailed!! Lakshmi… Would you believe that that I also thought about Radikha when I saw Bhoomi lovingly caressing Ved’s hair?? The parallel was exactly the same…a woman taking care of the child begotten by her sister, and married to Sahil just like Radikha is married to Siddharth…
      I can’t imagine how Radikha is feeling seeing this story of hers in celluloid!! I’m thinking that maybe she’s hurting inside and that she couldn’t bring herself to say that there’s a story out here which epitomizes exactly what has happened to her. Oftentimes, sensible serials which are logical in its concept like this one, YTG and ISA which are within my viewership, portrays issues which at some point in our lives, were a part of our own experiences or is an ongoing scenario at the moment. I have learnt a lot through these serials over the years, believe it or not, I’ve learned how to handle family members, family issues, how to exercise patience and how to forgive. Sometimes the content highlights what happens with situations, people, relationships, heartaches and even though some feathers get ruffled, the underlying factor remains that these are issues which actually occurs in people’s lives. I don’t know if I was too harsh in my rebuttal to ABC or 1234 on ISA but that’s how I see it… I’m tired of having to see people justify issues in the name of religion and wouldn’t condemn something when they see wrong things happening to people but try to find excuses to justify why something is done because the scriptures so and so… Anyways… Just like how Radikha sees a portion of her life on script and it’s evoking memories, you know that Sahil reminds me of Pradip through and through and I can’t help but relive how exactly he must definitely have felt and had to bear when we both went apart… When this serial is over, I’d feel as if I had seen what he had gone through but my heart would be content seeing Sahil reunite with the woman he would love till death…no distance could erase Sahil’s love even though he convinced himself that he hates her….thank you once more….we’ll chat tomorrow… On a lighter note, it was Choti Bahu that thought me to be patient…my hot headed Aries blood used to rule my actions and thoughts but CB through Radika did the trick for me….and that’s the honest truth…

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