Kalash 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjay says Devika has failed exams, Savitri says i told you that she cant study, from today, her studies are finished, she will not go to college from now on, learn kitchen things, chacha ask what about your exams Sanjay? Sanjay says i failed exams too, Sanjay says i did work hard but i cant study, i wanted to work in our factory, savitri says dont worry, dont lose hope, you have to become good person, study again and you will pass this time, she says to Devika that you will give almonds to Sanjay from now on so that he can study hard, DEvika is stunned, Savitri says i will bring food for you Sanjay, Devika says to Savitri that Sanjay failed too, you can give one more chance to me too like him, Savitri says Sanjay is a boy, he has to study to become someone, but you are a girl, Rajesh will marry you and will take you from here, you are problem for us, Devika says you know why i failed, Savitri says to Sanjay that dont worry, you will pass again. she gives result paper to Devika and ask her to throw it in bin.
Devika comes to her room and cries, she recalls how Savitri used to make Sanjay study from tutor but didnt let her study from him, she recalls how she gave her work on exam day and Devika got late because of it and went late for her exam, her Dada comes there, dada says dont worry, i will fight for your happiness, DEvika says no, alot has happened because of my dream, you dont do anything now, Dada says you cant lose hope so soon, you have to fight for your studies, you have some dream and you have to fulfill it even if many problems come in way, Ambe Maa is with you too, Devika says if Ambe Maa was with me then i would have passed the exam, Dada says no, she is with you, she is pushing you to work more hard, you have to show the world that you can fulfill your dreams.

Scene 2
phone rings, professor has called and ask for Devika, Devika talks to her and says we have to take your exam again as some sheets are missing and they are called again to give exam again, devika smiles and says i will definitely, professor says tomorrow is exam, come on time, dEvika says yes, she ends call and looks at Ambe Maa.
Devika comes to Dada and says you were right, Ambe maa has given me chance again to give exam and pass this time, dada says i told you Ambe Maa is with you, Chachi says but Savitri has gone to fix your marriage, Devia is stunned.
Savitri says to Rajesh and her grandmother that all follow my order in my house, if i have fixed this marriage then no one can break it, Rajesh gets happy.
Sanjay is watching adult movie on cell phone, his elder brother(Ajay) comes and says i will watch it too, Sanjay says you are about to get married, Ajay says i dont like the girl, sanjay says then why you are marrying? Ajay says that she will bring fridge, Tv etc, its all very expansive now days. Savitri brings sweets for house and says that i have fixed Devika’s marriage, all are shocked, Dada says why you are hurrying so much, savitri says that what will she do sitting in home? she has already failed in exam, Dada says no she has not failed but her copy was missing, they will take her re-exam and she will pass it this time, Snajay says yes, i will give re-exam too, Devika says no your roll no. is not in list, Savitri says Devika will not give exam, Sanjay is depressed as he failed, how can i allow Devika, also her marriage is fixed so why she will give exam? she leaves, dada says to Devika that i will handle everything, you will give exam for sure, DEvika thanks him.

Scene 3
Devika is going for college when she finds Namrita there, she recalls how in childhood Namrita was beaten for loving her brother. Namrita looks at her and leaves. Devika meets her friend Nimi, she tells him that there is strike of rickshaws today, how will we go to school now, some boys come there on bikes, they do stunt seeing the girls, nimi sas one cute guy is looking at you only, Devika says only girls are being blamed for everything, i will not do anything which will malign my dada’s name, the guy comes to Devika and ask where you wanna go? Nimi says can you drop me to college? guy says why now, Devika says i will not go with him, Nimi says ok, Nimi sit on bike and leaves with guy, Devika comes to bus stand, it starts raining, one guy (main lead) comes there too, he looks at DEvika, Devika is covering her face behind books, Main Tainu samjhawan ki plays, guy comes closer to her, Devika thinks why he is coming near me? i will shout if he gets more closer, the guy takes sheet to cover himself which is stuck on seat behind Devika, he moves back, DEvika have sigh of relief, the guy thinks that nothing will happen just by standing here, i have to do something, he stand in middle of road, its raining heavily, he takes off his shirt, Devika is shocked, he stops a car, a girl is inside car, she finds him hot, he ask for lift, she says why should i give you lift? guy says if you didnt want to give me lift then why did you stop the car, he sits in car but find Devika standing, he comes to Devika, he says come, she will drop you too, Devika sys i dont take lift from strangers, the guy says to Devika that you dont want lift, its fine, keep standing here,he gives sheet to her, he goes to sit in car, he flirts with girl in car, they leave. Devika says what kind of man he was, she finds Ambe Maa’s picture on sheet, she says i will reach college for sure, she prays to Ambe Maa.

PRECAP- Ajay’s marriage preparations are going, the same Guy is checking preparations, the same sheet is stuck on his back, Devika comes there, takes sheet from his back and starst leaving, guy feels her presence and turns to see her going, Main Tainu Samjhawan ki plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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