Udaan 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kasturi trying to break the gate by the cart. Bhuvan tries to find the watchman. Kasturi fails to break gate and cries, saying Chakor is inside and she is unable to get her out, how will she save her now. Chakor is inside the class and lying on the ground. The postman brings Bhuvan to the watchman. Bhuvan tells him that Chakor is locked in school. He says how, I locked myself. The postman says come soon, she is small, anything can happen. He says but I don’t have keys, master ji has the keys. Bhuvan says take me to him. He says master ji goes to meet his family to Lucknow and comes back on Sunday. Imli says Chakor will die, save her.

The postman asks for some solution. The man says Bhaiya ji is owner and trustee, he has the keys. Bhuvan thinks and says he can’t go to Bhaiya ji. The man says even if he breaks the lock, he needs Bhaiya ji’s permission. Bhuvan says fine, I will go to Bhaiya ji. The man says wait, I will come. Bhuvan asks Imli to go to Kasturi and say he will get the keys soon. Imli goes. Suraj is listening music. Ragini comes to him. She says she is not getting sleep. He says shall I sing lullaby. She says you did not do right by locking Chakor in classroom. He asks her to go and sleep.

He says if she stays in school for two days, she will not go to school again and not wish to study. Ragini leaves. Imli comes to Kasturi. Kasturi asks where is key. Imli says Bhaiya ji has keys, he will give keys. Kasturi says it may get late and cries. She says she tried to break gate and could not, what will they do now. Imli wipes her tears and says don’t cry, Sheru and I will go inside and see Chakor. Kasturi says yes, you are my only support, go and get Chakor, take care.

Bhaiya ji asks why did they come at night. He asks Bhuvan did he come to say Chakor has run to Lucknow. Bhuvan says no, she did not run, she is locked on school, I went to him for keys and he said master ji took it. Bhaiya ji asks what can I do in this. Bhuvan asks for duplicate keys. Bhaiya ji says I don’t have any keys. Bhuvan says he needs his permission to break the lock, he will get Chakor out. Bhaiya ji asks how does he know Chakor is locked in school, did he see her.

Bhuvan says no, I did not see her, but Sheru went inside and got her bead necklace. Bhaiya ji laughs and says he has gone made, he is believing the dog, he is not loyal to me. He asks will I permit you to break lock for dog, if anything is stolen, who will take the responsibility. Bhuvan says he will take the responsibility, he can send him to jail. Bhaiya ji says he is beggar, he is taking responsibility of them since years and he is fed up now.

He says he will believe all this when he tells Sheru to come to me and tell me this. Bhuvan says how will dog talk. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks why, then am I joking now, even I told this, but you said Sheru told me and proved that Chakor is inside. Bhuvan begs to him and asks for keys. Bhaiya ji says I doubt that Chakor is not here, she has run to Lucknow. He says if she is found in Lucknow, I will not leave you and your family. He kicks Bhuvan and goes inside the haveli. Bhuvan cries and asks for keys.

Ragini looks on and feels bad. She goes and calls Vivaan. Vivaan asks how did she call at this time, is everything fine, how is she and everyone, how is Chakor. She tells him about Chakor locked in school and he is stunned. She tells him about Suraj locking her. Ragini says she will die if she is there for two days, no one is helping her, save her. Vivaan says don’t cry, and asks her to talk to Vice principal. Ragini says Sharma Sir. He says he will call Sharma and save Chakor. She says fine and ends the call.

Imli and Sheru come to Chakor and Imli asks her to say something, as dad went to take keys and mum is outside. Vivaan looks in telephone directory for Sharma, and says he has to call all the Sharma to know. He starts calling and gets wrong numbers. He keeps trying. Sheru pulls Imli. She asks what is he doing, and he takes her to water tap. She says I don’t want water. He starts the tap. She asks what is he doing, and gets the idea. She says she understood now, that Chakor wants water. She says how will we make water reach her.

She says we need the pipe, find it Sheru. Sheru gets the pipe and she takes it to the class. She puts it inside beneath the door passing and asks Sheru to start water. Sheru opens the tap by his mouth. The water comes in the pipe and reaches Chakor. Vivaan is shown trying to connect to Sharma.

Bhuvan tells he did not come to trouble Bhaiya ji, he has come as Chakor is locked in school. The inspector says he has also come to get Chakor, and he will investigate that its school’s carelessness or anyone’s plan. Suraj and Bhaiya ji look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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