Jamai Raja 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid confronting Sam and asking her to leave her PR job as her boss is lusting on her. She says where was he when his sister ruined her life and says she knows her boss is flirting and it is healthy flirting. Sid thinks what Patel family eats that their girls are so arrogant, he knows something is wrong.

Roshni asks Sid if he can accompany her for the contest. He says he cannot as he is busy tomorrow. She feels sad and dejected and thinks why got out of control.

Roshni reaches competition venue with Biji and family. Everyone start staring at them. Biji asks them to continue their practice and not stare at them. Raj praises Roshni that she is brave to accept the challenge is not a common girl. Biji gets irked seeing Raj praising Roshni. Simran asks her not to pay attention. Roshni says she came from house where people think she cannot take care of her family, but she wants to win this competition and prove herself. He asks her to be confident and concentrate on her competition and not wait for Sid or anybody.

Sam’s boss tells Rajveer crook that married 4 times, but did not see such a beautiful girl like Sam, he wants to marry her and says though she does not know work and makes mistake, he forgives her looking at her pretty face. Rajveer thinks if Sam marries boss/Baweja, he can take revenge from Sid, DD and Roshni. He takes cheque from Baweja and walks into life. Sam also comes into lift, he hides his face. Sam senses his presence but ignores as she is busy speaking to Mona over phone.

During competition, rival lady taunts Roshni if she loses game, her family will be humiliated. Host announces competition’s rule that competitor ladies should select grocery items for their family and tell the reason why they picked them. Roshni reminisces Simran’s words that kitchen needs daal, rice, sugar, etc. Other competitors pick costly items, but Roshni picks daal, rice, sugar… Biji says other bahus are picking costly items, but Roshni is picking cheap ones. Kritika makes her ugly face and says she and Rajveer crook will celebrate Roshni’s loss. Simran reminisces what she told roshni once. Host asks why did she pick cheap items. Roshni takes mic and says she doe snot know much about grahasti, but her mother-in-law taught that house is not run on costly items, but on necessary items with which family’s tummy can fill and house has to be run under budget. She thanks Simran. Simran gets jealous, but smiles with difficulty.

DD in her husky male looking voice and face tells Yash that she will not apologize Roshni’s in-laws and says she is just trying to save Roshni from torture and cannot see her in Khurana’s house for 2 months. Yash says he understands. She asks him to not roshni alone anytime and to help him. He says of course he will. She thanks him.

Host announces Roshni as winner and says she took only essential items, with this family can be run easily under budget. Everyone clap for her. Rival ladies and Simran get jealous while Biji and Raj smile. Raj tells Simran Roshni is perfect bahu for them. Biji happily Roshni.

Precap: Host announces saas and bahu will prepare meal and whoever prepares best meals will win. Simran says she will not go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sam is so shallow inside that it comes out on the outside,not a bad show again,DD need to accept that her daughter can handle herself well.

  2. Does this mean that Rajveer is a sort of “pimp” who finds girls for rich men?
    And what is really Rajveer’s story? He’s not really working, He does nothing yet his mother in law thinks he’s a star – more so than her own son….? This character makes no sense… they seem to be okay with a son-in-law who has no ambition… and Sid is okay with Rajveer hitting his sister ??????

  3. Being rich doesn’t make one smart (jk ) I agree with you.

  4. Sam she short a man or her taste of man gone way so she have to go n hook up with an old man rajveer he is a good for nothing its high time now he shld be out of this show why drag his character more n more

  5. this serial is soooooooooooooooooo much shit I cannot believe sometimes how on earth these writers come up such stupid scripts I am sooooooo fed up with this serial toooooooooooooooo much whining and childish games in this serial writers take a big boooooooooooooooooooooooo for that

  6. Soooo loooooooooove this show!

  7. precap is interestng…i dont think that roshni n her saas will prepare tasty meal
    today episode was goo0ood

  8. DD needs to stop her aggression or else she will lose her daughter.Why is Simran still so hateful and her daughter is adapting the same old crooked ways .I an not see this beauty in Sam.I cant.The beauty is not her face but her beauty comes from inside because I cannot see why a young girl like that with take up such an old man who was married so many times.Can this old man make it when they become intimate.Please help there will be a death because he will die from a heart attack.Rajveer is a pimp .I do not know why he and Kritika is doing in the story.They are useless.I hate to see Sid divorce really come through but if she marries Yash I do not believe this relationship will last and DD will regret it.Simran will get a shock from Rajveer that she may not be able to survive this shock.I love this story no matter what.Good.

  9. I don’t think Sid or Roshini will get devorced. I think the 3 months time period Roshini and Sid will accept their marriage. If the cast crew want to ragged the show they may show they are getting devorced but it won’t happen. Their love for each other never let them be a part again.

  10. compare to other shows Jamai Raja not a bad story!!

  11. I like Sam she is gorgeous and her face look like barbie doll but not her atititude

    1. U find sam gorgeous
      She looks like avatar

  12. not at all…. SAM looks like a cartoon ( teda meda chera- kahi nose , kahi aankh, aur kahi moooo)…..roshni is more n more beautiful than sam ….. now plz roshni try to understand that sid had done nothing plzzzzZ.
    I just love u sidhharth
    I just only have this for u :MMUUUUAAAAAAAHHHHHH….

  13. No comment

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