Kalash 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Savitri ask Saket’s mother what was the need to bring gifts, Mother says some misunderstanding happened but everything is fine now, she shows bills to Savitri and says these are bills of jewelry which Saket gifted to you people, this is for guarantee, she says give bill of ring which you gave to Saket, Savitri thinks she is very clever, saket’s mother says that i saw ring again and it looks like new, i am talking about future, if we have to repair it in future then we have to show bill so give it to me, Savitri looks at Rekha, mother ask what is problem? dont you have bill? Rekha points to Shekhar, Shkhar says i will bring bill, he goes, Rekha goes behind him, Savitri is tensed.
Navidita comes out of car, Manju says i will not leave you, Navidita calls in office and says i will be late, ask people in meeting to wait for me.
Shekhar says to Rekha that Saket’s mother wanna confirm if we have bought ring or not thats why asking for bill, REkha says this means doubt is not removed from Saket’s heart, if they get the truth then they will insult us, i will call Ravi, Shkhar says he will be late, i will tell her that bill is with DEvika and she is in office.
Ravi comes to Manju and ask how this accident happened, Manju says this car banged me, Ravi comes to Navidita and ask her to come out, she ask why are you shouting, she comes out of car, Ravi says how dare you bang my mother with your car, Navidita says to driver that its too hot, bring cold drink for me, Ravi says my mother has got wounds and you are drinking soft drink, Navidita says i answer people whom i want, Ravi ask what kind of girl you are, showing attitude, she gives him cheque and ask him to go and take her to doctor, she says i have give 1.5 lac check, Ravi throws away cheque and says i will push you away, she says if you touch me then i will i will do case on you, you have other option that is to take cheque and take your mother to hospital, Ravi takes her pictures and says i will see you, she says dont upload my pics, i have many fans on social media, Ravi ask what kind of girl are you, Ravi comes to Manju and puts her in Navidita’s car, Navidita says i dont drive with others, Ravi says so keep standing here, i am taking your car to take my mother to hospital, then i will go to police station, you come there and take car, he leaves with her car, Navidita ask driver to call other car as she has to go to police station.

Scene 2
All congratulate Devika for engagement, they go for lunch, Devika looks at Ravi’s table and says its very silent today, she recalls how he thre katchup on her, how they got wet in office, Kabhi na sukkon aaya plays, she calls Ravi and ask what happened? he says i am taking Manju to hospital, Devika says i will come, Ravi says no she is fine, i will go to police station to file case against that girl, i will come after that, he ends call.
Saket’s mother says to Saket that they made some excuse about bill, i knew something is fishy with ring, Saket says i just need some proofs then i will not leave anyone on mehndi day, i will insult them much more than they did to me and i will not leave that Ravi too who forced me to say sorry to Devika’s family.
Navidita comes in police station, she ask policeman dont you have AC here, its hot here, she sit on inspector’s chair near fan, inspector comes and sys get up from here, Navidita says ladies first, she says its smelly place, you people need AC, inspector ask have you not seen police station before? Navidita says it was my wish to see police station and circus, one is gone, where is circus.
Ravi comes in police station and finds Navidita there, he says i thought you will not have guts to come here even then police would have brought you here, you will now go in jail for what you have done, he says to inspector that she did accident of my mother and was drinking soft drink, she says weird girl, i have proofs, she shows her pictures as proofs, Navidita says i have different real story, someone else did his mother’s accident and i was passingby from there and stopped to help her, if i was culprit then i would have not come here myself, Ravi says she is lying, there were many witnesses who have seen her on spot, Navidita says bring them here and they will give statement in my favor only, inspector says to RAvi that bring your mother here, she is witness, this girl is behaving as if police station is hers, call your mother then we will arrest her, Ravi goes to call Manju, Navidta ask inspector to put AC here, he says once i arrest you then we will think about it.
Ravi is calling Manju, he says once Manju comes here then i will teach lesson to that weird girl, he says why Maa is not picking call, he bangs his hand to wall, blood comes out, Devika comes there and ask what are you doing, he ask what you are doing here? Devika says i was free so came here, he says i am waiting for Maa to come and give statement against that girl, DEvika tears her dupatta and ties around his hand, Navidita looks at them and ask policeman that if they are couple? the say she is caring for him, it shows they are lovers. Ravi is looking at Devika with love, they look away, Navidita says no they are awkward so they are not lovers, she ask should we bet? police man ask arent you afraid that you will go in jail? Navidita ask do you have AC in jail? he says no, she says then i will definitely go there.
Ravi comes to inspector and says i am calling my mother but she is not picking call, i will bring her but keep this girl here, Navidita ask if you are going then bring ice cream for me, Ravi ask what? Manju comes there, Ravi ask her to say truth now, Manju says that this girl have big heart, Manju this is girl(Navidita) is great, we cannot find girl like her these days, she is a gem of a person, Ravi and Devika are stunned, Manju says she didnt do my accident, she brought me hospital, did my bandage, she is great girl.

PRECAP- Shekhar says to Ravi that when he have not bought ring then how will we bring bill? Rekha says to Ravi that day you handled things but Saket asking fro bill implies that he still have doubt in his mind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Don’t you guys think before writing such stupidity… This was a strong story but don’t know whose fault it is, this serial leaves no impact. Very ordinary.

    1. I think u hve lost ur mind!

  2. Nycc epi

  3. atiba your update has some mistake. When Ravi got injured, devika took her handkerchief and tied to him. You wrote it as her duppata. plzz change it.

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