Hello Pratibha 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shubda ji gets alert at Pratibha’s name. Mahen tells Pratibha she must give her best inside, she asks her to come inside and asks her hand. Pratibha keeps hers on his. Everyone claps as Pratibha heads, Pratibha was about to enter when a crew man tells Pratibha she can’t participate in the auditon, she has been rejected out of the competition. Mahen comes to reception and complains they are wild card entry. The first auditionary tells them that Shubda mam is inside, she is extremely rude person. Mahen was enraged and says he won’t let this woman do this to her, she goes inside to the hall. He accuses in front of judges that this woman is playing with his wife. Shubda ji says he took his wife from her class himself. Mahen says she is making a petty matter an issue of revenge for my wife’s whole life’s dreams. The crew watched the drama on screen in the back room. A judge sends Mahen outside promising that they need to talk alone. The others ask Shubda that this contestant is her student, her husband is accusing her. Shubda ji leaves saying they are pointing at her, she consider it as her disrespect. The director comes inside, the other judges tell the director that Pratibha’s husband might create a drama. The director and the judges smile that they must do a drama session of this show tomorrow with the names of Pratibha Agarwal. Mahen accuses Shubda as she was leaving. A crew member informs them they are called for audition tomorrow morning, they are relieved.
At home, Anmol was waiting restlessly and is excited to hear the story of audition. Kaashi asks them to rest. Mahen says they said no to Pratibha. Peehu and Sunidhi were happy. Mahen smiles and says they then said yes, they have called them for interview tomorrow. He says her teacher Shubda is judge there, but tomorrow Pratibha is going on audition. Sanjeev says the fate of this house is also going to change. Mahen nods at Pratibha watching her lost.
Sunidhi’s mother scolds her for being upset here. Sunidhi complains she is left to rot in kitchen now, and that Pratibha has become a singer getting selected for auditions of talent hunt. Her mother tells Sunidhi that Pratibha will lose for sure, in the talent hunt. Sunidhi is relaxed.
At night, Mahen notices Pratibha as being lost. He makes her sit and says why is she worried. He says her voice is sweet and beautiful, then what fear she has? Pratibha says she is tensed, it isn’t as easy as she thought. Mahen says when she has made up her mind, it will all be fine. He goes to bring her a saree from wardrobe and tells her to wear this, she wore it on Peehu’s birthday and looked beautiful. Mahen says to Pratibha he feels tomorrow something good is going to happen. Pratibha thinks Mahen is struggling for her dream so hard, she must come upto his hopes.
In the morning, Rishi brings salary to Sumitra. Sumitra stops Namrita and asks him to give it to her, she wants her to take all her responsibilities of home. She tells Namrita to be careful, she is handing all her responsibilities to her today. Rishi forwards the envelop, Namrita takes it. Sumitra says today she must bring grocery, this time she will make a list for her. Namrita says she will try her best to come upto her expectations, Sumitra reminds her about her dish on stove.
Mahen and Pratibha come to venue, Mahen asks Pratibha what happened. Pratibha asks isn’t this all awkward, why is there such less crowd today. Mahen asks her to concentrate on her own self. The receptionist announces they will take time now. A few dramatic people are here, Mahen and Pratibha smile. The judges fake an laugh at the performance, the judge comments how can a person sing so bad. The judges comment that such people entertain them well, in the afternoon they have real singing competition. Pratibha’s turn is called, Mahen tells her they will love her voice, she must give her best. Pratibha comes inside, the judges share looks watching Pratibha. Pratibha notices Shubda ji absent. Pratibha starts her singing, the judges nod at her. The director tells the judges to get some entertainment from her, as her some interesting questions from her. The judge stops Pratibha in the way. The director says now there must be fun. Pratibha asks to sing another song. The judge asks why she participated in this competition, what brought her here in this age. Pratibha was clueless.

PRECAP: Pratibha gives the credit of her singing to her husband. The judge asks she is here because of her husband, doesn’t she trust herself?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The writers of these soapies find pleasure in undermining woman power. It is time they realise woman have their own identity and do not depend on their husbands. Husbands like Mahen appreciate and believe in their wives and will therefore support them.

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