Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes outside with Nandini and says that you can’t leave like this as I apologized and what else am I supposed to do. Nandini says that it’s not enough and you should have thought before doing that. Manik comes to kiss her and she pushes his face away and leaves by saying that what are you doing. She goes to Dhruv who is standing alone who thinks that what do feel about Nandini is love than what about ALiya. Nandini thinks that why don’t I love Dhruv as he has everything I like and than about Manik. Manik comes down and sees the two of them together.
Dhruv says to her that I am glad that we are friends, Nandini replies saying that you are great friend and you understood as well. Cabir comes drunk and stands with Manik, he then realizes that Manik is standing with him while Dhruv is there with Nandini. Nandini thanks DHruv and tells him to drop her home. Cabir says that I will talk for you as I am your friend and when he goes Manik brings her inside. Inside Manik comes and says that it was my fault and now Nandini isn’t accepting my apology.

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Cabir says to Manik that what are you talking about this apology and all. Manik says that it’s a long story but the thing I learned is that you should think before you act. Cabir says that you didn’t learn this in 19 years and Nandini taught you. Manik says that it just that I don’t want to hurt Dhruv as I don’t know what Dhruv thinks of her. Once Dhruv will tell me that he has moved than I will… Cabir says that if Dhruv says that he hasn’t moved on that what will you do.
Manik holds Cabir by the color and says that I will screw you. He starts to laugh and then goes to Nandini after saying to Manik that to find the solution to your problem. He goes to Nandini and asks where she is going. She replies saying that going to Navya as she was asleep when I left so I should go. Cabir says that you are leaving for the sleeping and there are some crying here for you. Manik looks away as he says this and Cabir says that those who are not sleeping you are concerned about them at all.
Muktii says to Cabir that let her go as she wants Dhruv to drop her home. Cabir brings her inside and says that let’s drink and we will Never have I ever. Muktii wants to play as she wants to know all the secrets and later Cabir explains the rules to Nandini. Manik grabs Cabir and says that this is a childish game when Cabir mocks him and says that I am doing this for you.
Navya goes to meet Harshad at the jail; Harshad says to Navya that I know that you are angry and don’t want to see my face as no one else will as well. Harshad says to her that you should know my story as well. He says that whatever you saw wasn’t a lie but the Fab5 aren’t angels as well. Navya says that what about the recordings as you did all the things and who am I supposed to trust now.
The game is played and Nandini says that she has never cheated in an exam while everyone else drinks the drink meaning that they have. Nandini is surprised and Cabir says that how else did we get to college. Dhruv says that he has never made a girl cry and when Manik is about to drink Nandini says to him that you should eat the whole bowl. Manik’s turn comes and he says that I have never taken a no for an answer. The rest of them drink from the bowl when Muktii’s turns comes. Muktii says that she has never done it and Nandini asks of what it is.
Cabir says that we should explain this to Nandini and Muktii says that never have I kissed before. Manik and Nandini drink from the bowl and Cabir asks her who it was. Nandini says that it is none of your business when Dhrun drinks as well and all them ask him of whom did he kiss. Muktii says to Aliya that your love story is going well. Cabir says to Manik that this is what they were doing in the corner. Manik tells him to shut up and Muktii asks Dhruv if the girl is still here.
Dhruv leaves the place and goes to the washroom and says that how am I supposed to explain this to these guys. When he comes out Manik asks for his phone and finds it locked, he says that its secrets and all when Dhruv says that it’s nothing like that. Manik asks of who did he kiss and DHruv says that he was about to tell but feeling a little shy. Manik says that you know that you can share anything with me. Dhruv says that he knows but didn’t know how you will react; Manik says that I will be happy as I am your friend.
He asks again of who she was and Dhruv agrees that it wasn’t Nandini and that there is nothing like this between him and Nandini as she thinks of him only as a friend. Manik asks of what about you, Dhruv says that I think that I should move on. Manik says that why is that and Dhruv says that one side is never completed and what you do you think about it.

Precap: Cabir and Nandini talk about getting hurt in love and the one who is running away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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