Bandhan 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan asks sheetal did they find ganesh? She says they are looking for him. darpan says I miss him a lot. meethi says you feel bad? that dev’s skin is burning and your brother isn’t here to enjoy it? She pretends like talking on phone? She says have you find ganesh oh yes? Darpan says yayy ganesh is found. she jumps in happiness. Meti says he will be sad to see you. He will think that you are so weak. Did they give you something to eat? You should eat. ganesh will be ahppy to see you. sheetal says let me bring you something. meethi syas I will give her food. She takes darpan with yher. sheetal says please bring ganesh to her. only he can protect her.

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Meethi is cooking for darpan. she mixes spices in her dish. She says in heart now we will enjoy the same. Darpan’s mouth burns when she eat it. She says its too spicy. She jumps. Sheetal says meethi ma what have you done? Raghav, sanju and pinky laugh. meethi sas what you thought? I will serve you after doing this to dve. you have to eat it this is your punishment. She says I have not done anything. dev says you mixed spices in the haldi? look at my face. Meethi says you punishments has not even been started. I should tell bhao about this. He beats kids when they do these things. darpan says what will I do if he stops looking for ganesh. dev says you want us not to tell this to bhao? okay we won but you will have to pay for you mistake. You have eta this. sheetal says don’t do this to her. Meethi syas he is right. she should be punished or forget your brother. darpan says I will eat it. Sheetal says stop it something will happen to her. Meethi says okay bring the phone. darpan says no I will eat it. Darpan starts eating it. She is crying and her throat is burning. Everyone laughs. darpan says in heart come back ganesh. Ganesh is in front of the tree. He screams. A dog comes in the kitchen and throws darpan’s plate. pinky and sanju hide behind a pillar. Sheetal says I know you are here for thi girl God.

Darpan is crying. Sheetal comes to her and says are you okay. Raghav comes and gives her water. He is bit embarrassed of what they have done. Darpan says u didn’t mix the spices. Sheetal says I know you would never do this. God helped you. Darpan says gano sahib sent my brother. ganesh must have asked him to send th dog. meethu says you don’t have to accept the punish if its not your mistake. she hugs her.

Ganesh runs to go to darpan. He sees a man who is pointing a gun at him. He stops.

Sheetal gives cake to darpan and says you will feel better. darpan starts crying. sheetal says what happened now? She says I miss papa. He made me a cake when I was not going to school. I wont ever go to school? Sheetal says I will talk to bhao and I will arrange all your stuff for school. darpan says really? Sheetal says yes. darpan says you are so nice. Ganesh will love you like I do. You know school is my favorite place. I know when we go to school we become good man.

Its a shooting. The man says he is such a trained elephant Director says yeah we should have him in the movie. Ganesh starts running. THey all ru after him.

Darpan goes out and sees raghav working. she says I was looking for you? he says why Darpan gives him a bunny. He says where did you get it from? Darpan says he was alone outside. She says thank you for the cake. She says this bunny was alone and scared I thought he should have a friend. Raghav says all right thanks. He takes the bunny and caresses it. Darpan sees the books and says what were you studying? He says maths its so difficult. darpan says no I like maths. sheetal aunty told me that I will go to school with you all. I have missed it all. can you teach me what has been taught in school. He says I will think about it. darpan says I will teach you maths.

Shaku looks at darpan and says she is still smiling?

Precap-shaku syas to darpan and says we have found ganehs. darpan says thank you. she syas if you are really thankful you have to pretend like servant of payal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. And you hard to spoil this innocent series also…..go to hell zeetv

  2. Is darpan father dead

  3. Such a disappointment to watch it now. Every moment watched is so pitiful. Not worth watching anymore. Disgusting! It is showing extremities of child and animal abuse .

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