PS I Hate You 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

PS I Hate You 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simple tells to enough If Dimple tells anything she will slap..Dimple tells why Simple didnt thinked about father..Simple tells its her life..Ayaan comes….Dimple and simple fights..while Aisha records the video..Kabir holds Simple…While..Ayaan pulls Dimple…Aisha tells that her first plan is successfully over…At home..Dr Sood sees the video and scolds and asks why they were fighting in public..Dimple tells that simple was doing a launchry photoshoot…Dr Sood asks what??Simple tells that it was a small photshoot…Dr Sood shouts on simple tells that how he will face relatives???Dr Sood tells he have not become a father..Dimple tells its waste to explain Simple..Simple shouts on Dimple saying its her life…Dr Sood is upset and worried..Simple goes to her room
Next day in college..Mounika tells she is worried for hockey team…Dimple tells Mounika to meet near sports club in half an hour…Dimple does boxing..Ayaan asks till now she is worried??Dimple says as…if she wouldnt have reached on time the \what Simple would have done…Dimple asks Ayaan why he is was very much intrested for taking out of Studio..Ayaan tells should stay away from fights..Ayaan asks Dimple did dhe forget about her hockey team Mission??Tells that till today afternoon Dimple have to Introduce her players to principal…otherwise her Mission to create a girls hockey team will fail..Dimple tells she have to do something..Ayaan tells Dimple she should concentrate on her mission more.
Mounika and Dimple are sitting in campus…Dimple makes strategies…tells that she have lara… she want a central girl….Dimple sees two girls fighting and smiles…Mounika tells Dimple that she has selected eight girls but they will agree or not…Dimple tells they will…Dimple asks Mounika would she goal keeper??.Mounika says yes..Dimple and Mounika hugs.
Dimple tells the girls to come on hockey team..but slow by slow all goes….Aisha comes and tells Lara…to.make a stay in diva club or hockey team…Aisha goes…Dimple tells Lara to ignore..But Lara is worried…
On another Side Dr sood gets worried tells that he should talk quietly with Simple and Dimple and show love..Dr sood sees the photograph of her expired wife Semmi and tells that…Some issues are there which mother can only handle..In panic.tells Lara have gone..and how to explain girls That their real.motive is Hockey….Dimple sees krrish and gets an idea…Dimple tells mounika to handle….Gunjan.and kriish goes in campus…Gunjan tells that girls look good in kitchen only..Mounika tells that they are future player..A girl tells yes they can play hockey also and they will play..Mounika smiles..
Aisha tells Ayaan..her plan is Dimple and simple doesnt see eye to eye…And Dimple’s hockey finished..Aisha tells Ayaan that Dimple will be emotionally broken and this is the right time to destroy her..Aisha tells Ayaan to destroy Dimple…Ayaan tells Aisha not to irritate her..Aisha tells that she gave him money to destroy Dimple”s life ….
Principal shouts at Dimple tells she have already said Dimple..Mounika comes.and tells ready..all girls comes..Dimple.gets happy…A girl comes and tells Dimple that they are dancers but can become hockey play also…Principal tells that they are giving two week time to Dimple’s team…All claps.and makes rounds of Dimple..DImple sees Ayaan…Ayaan shows a thumbs upp While Aisha sees and gets jealous.

precap:Precap::Dr sood tells Simple the door but no response

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