Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts of with an aunty telling Manik and Nandini that God has made them for each other and that they should always stay with one another. Everyone claps for them and the aunty starts to have a reaction like Rishabh. Nandini rushes towards her and brings water. Manik comes as well and a flashback is shown of Rishabh having the same reaction. Manik and Nandini’s hands touch when she gives aunty the water and they share a small moment but snap out of it quickly. Aunty drinks the water and starts saying the the aliens will definitely come and take her. She is taken out of the room.

An uncle explains to them that she often gets reactions like this and that she has created her own small world in her brain. He explains that she likes to read and often confuses reality with the fictional world. Manik and Nandini question as to what she was talking about and the uncle tells them she was talking about aliens. He tells them not to worry and that she will be fine. He also tells them that they performed well and thanks them. He also jokes by asking them if they’re aliens.

As they begin to leave, Manik tells Nandini that she was nice, performance-wise. Nandini thanks him and goes on to appreciate his guitar playing. Manik also thanks her and says that it was their first time tuning together and it turned out good. He also tells her that Mrs. D’Costa’s situation was weird. Nandini tells him that she’s handled such situations before so she knew what to do. Manik is taken aback and finds it strange that he’s also handled similar before and tells her the same. Manik invites her to come with him, but she refuses and says she will go in the auto. Manik tells her that they just performed together and they have bonded. He also reminds her that it’s friendship day and that she needs to trust a new friend. Nandini agrees.

Manik and Nandini are in the car together. Nandini and Manik both reach to the tune control and Nandini pulls back first. Manik aploogises and asks her if she wants him to turn it off. She says it’s fine but Manik says don’t worry and turns it off. They continue driving. Nandini realises that they’ve gone farther than the college and tells Manik the same. Manik looks back and says really or did I leave it behind? Nandini is shocked and asks where are they going. Manik calls her stupid and asks her if she really thought he would let her go this easily. Manik tells her that since she’s his new friend, he’ll take her to a friendship day party in his style. Nandini trys to get out of the car but it’s locked and asks him to unlock it. He tells her that the game is not yet over and Nandini is scared. Nandini tells him that she doesn’t want to go anywhere and to just drop her off over here. Manik asks her why, are you scared? Nandini says no. Manik speeds up the car and Nandini tells him to slow down. She tells him that if he wants her to be scared, then this plan is not going to work and that she’s not scared of him. Manik asks her why she’s looking around. He tells her to stop looking at the path in which they’re travelling, the people who live in Mumbai don’t even know this path and she’s only been here for a month.

Later on in the evening

Manik brings Nandini to an unknown place and she looks around. Manik asks her why and says that she’s getting scared and why wouldn’t she be? She’s in an isolated place and there’s no one around to help her. Nandini says that nothing’s going to happen. Manik asks her if she’s sure and she replies yes. Manik tells her to come in then. Manik and Nandini go inside. Everyone is dancing and drinking. Nandini is shocked that he actually brought her to a party and Manik tells her that he told her not to be scared, that it’s just a party. Manik goes with Aliya, leaving Nandini alone.

Mukti is talking Vikram when Aliya comes. Aliya is introduced to Vikram. Mukti tells her that he also has a huge interest in music. Aliya pulls Mukti aside and jokes around with her about Vikram. Aliya tells Vikram thatt she and Mukti play in the same band and that Mukti has interest in anyone who likes music. Vikram leaves to get Mukti a drink. Aliya and Mukti talk about Vikram and how Mukti finds him cool and interesting. Aliya tells Mukti that maybe she is falling for him. Mukti tells her that after seeing her parents, she realised at a young age that there is no such thing as love. The two move on to talk about Manik and Nandini and how they have big plans for her.

Manik introduces Nandini to some of his other friends who are all drunk. Nandini is grossed out by them. Aliya gives Manik a drank which he passes on to Nandini. Nandini intitially refuses but on Manik’s insistence, she takes the drink. Manik insists on her drinking and as soon as he turns around, she runs away. Nandini puts the drink down and sits. Manik comes and sits next to her. Nandini gets up and Manik asks her why she didn’t have her drink. Nandini leaves him again.

Nandini doesn’t like the party. Navya comes to Nandini and asks her what she’s doing. She goes on to tell her that she’s only seen parties like this on TV. Navya is happy about being at the Fab 5’s party and explains to Nandini that they’re not bad people. She says that she knows things haven’t gone that well between the two of them but they should start over as friends.

Cabir sees Navya & Nandini talking and calls them over. He shakes hands with both of them, saying Happy Friendship Day. He hands them both shots and Navya readily takes hers. Nandini refuses, saying she doesn’t drink. Cabir asks her if she doesn’t drink water? Manik comes and says lets make a toast to friendship day. Navya puts her drink down saying that she also doesn’t drink alcohol, not water. Manik tells them to drink and not be spoilsports. Cabir says to leave it and the two have their drinks. Cabir says it’s time to rock and roll with his favourite song. The song plays and Navya says that it’s her favourite too and if she didn’t dance, she would feel bad. She tells Nandini to come with her. Navya is dancing on the dance floor and Nandini feels uncomfortable with the drunk people around her. Navya dances with another guy who had earlier bumped into Nandini/

Nandini goes to Dhruv but he gets called away and Manik comes to Nandini again. Manik insists on Nandini dancing and when she refuses, he takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor. Someone bumps into Nandini and as she is about to fall, Dhruv catches her. The two share a little moment.

While everyone is dancing, Nandini is on her phone, searching for network. A guy comes up to her and asks her for a lighter and she says no. She asks him if there is any transportation to get out of here and he says that he just wants to party. Manik tells her that she can’t stay on the dance floor for long which is why she’s not having fun. He says he’ll show her around.

Cabir brings shots with him and tells Aliya to come with him. They go to Navya and Cabir asks her if she’s having fun. He also asks her for how long is she going to dress like a behenji, after all, she is in the Fab 5’s party and also at their college. He hands Aliya a shot and tells her to drink with them. Aliya has the shot and tells her that there’s nothing to it and that they’ll all drink together. Cabir tells her that it’s time she stops being boring and has a little fun. Navya takes the shot from him and drinks it. Navya said it tastes like watermelon and she likes watermelon and nothing happened to her after drinking it. Cabir asks her if she wants more and calls the waiter over. Cabir and Aliya make her drink more. Navya starts talking about how much she loves tarbooz (watermelon). Navya asks if there was something else in it and Aliya replies with a maybe. Navya starts acting crazy and drinks some more. Cabir says they’re going to have more fun because now they’re going to take a selfie. Cabir takes pictures of Navya doing crazy poses.

Nandini goes to the bathroom and prays to God for a way out of this party and away from Manik. Manik appears behind her and says it’s sweet how she’s missing him already. Nandini is shocked at finding him there. Manik tells her that if she wants to go home, she has to drink since he’s been offering it to her for so long. When Nandini looks again, she doesn’t find him there and runs out. Manik comes out from behind the curtains and says I guess we’re towards the end now and that it’ll be fun now.

PRECAP: Everyone is telling Nandini to drink when Navya asks why they are irritating her, and she’s her best friend so today she will complete her right as a best friend. Nandini tries to get her to come down from where she is standing, but ends up standing right next to her. Navya hands her a can and tells her to drink but Nandini gets mad and throws it and some more bottles on the ground. The screen freezes on Manik and Nandini.

Update Credit to: serendipity

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