Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini was crying and she went upstairs and collide with Dhruv. they share n eyelock and then Nandini asked Dhruv bow hat he wants. whats new task she was crying. Dhruv handover her a chit with Fab5 banner on it. he told her to Go somewhere. Nadini went frm there and enter in a play room (Dun know which Indoor play ground dat was) and she asked if anybody there . then lights went off and den door get locked. Nandini get scared and start shoutinga s somebody was making noises and teasing her. then she heard music coming frm her pen. then lights came and manik was there. Manik said take ur pen and then go and promised he will not move frm there. Nandini was abt to get But Manik said did she complete any task? Nandini said no then Manik said she dun lyk people lie to him and broke promises. He said but its okiee and told nandini again to take Pen and then he threw pen outside window and pen fall on ground and broke into pieces.

Manik smirked and Nandini went ran outside crying and she went downstairs and saw her pen broken into pieces. she was crying and all gathered there. Fab 5 reached there and girls started teasing her. Then Manik came and Nandini shouted at him dat It was very precious for him as it was his Dad’s last memory or possesion she have.She said for them everything is Fun as taking videos of person who was abt to commit suicide n girl who saved him they put Him in Bin and all .Manik behaved innocent and said I m sorry dun get Hurt as he was never knew this thing and then he started laughing again and said if she wanted him to say all dis she is mistaken. he was Taunting Her again. Nandini could not tolerate dis anymore and she punched Manik on face very hard.

Alisha/Alia(Ps. Confusion) PUshed nanadini and asked her how dare she touched Manik. Manik said he will answer it and went from dere in rage. all Fab 5 went following him. Navya came to nadini n console her and said she really enjoyed how she punched Manik.Bith start laughing. Fab5 Was tensed as Manik was inside music room and was not in good mood. Kabair said dey ist not right to go near him at dis tym as he will not listen to them. Alisha asked Dhruv ko go inside as Manik will only hear to Him. Dhruv said he is his frnd too and went inside. Al other 3 sat there waiting for them to come outside. Manik n Dhruv were singing Yaaro dosti badi haseen hai. then tehy Both sat and Dhruv asked him how he is .Manik said it feels when someone punched and he was still in angry mood. Dhruv Asked Manik how he is feeling after getting Punch frm a girl . Mnaik amiled and said Saale ! its hurts and the way she punched its painibg now. Both laughed and then Manik sid lets go outside. Dhruv said Manik please dun irriatte Nandini Much as she does not deserve dis much . She is nice. Mnaik shocked But replied dat he will see and try to.

Precap there was Announcement that there is dance competition and everyone has to chose new partners. Kabir chose Navya and Dhruv was about to take Nadini’s name when Manik chose Nandini and she was shocked at this. Dhruv went to Nandini home and gift her Red pearl which was in her Pen. Nandini gets happy.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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