Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts off with Harshad bringing Rishabh out of the pool and a worried Nandini rushes towards him. Nandini thanks Harshad and he tells her not to worry and that all of the water has come out and he will be fine. Nandini and Rishabh leave and so does Harshad. Manik is about to go after Harshad when Aliya blocks his way. Manik is furious at Harshad for interfering while Cabir emerges from the pool with the pen. He tells them that the game is not over and throws the pen to Manik.

Nandini puts Rishabh to bed and tells him not to worry. Everyone is there and that he needs to be strong. Nandini tells him that the pen is important but to her, he is important. Nandini picks up a drawing book and looks through, smiling. She has a pencil in her hand and asks herself where the pen is. She gets up and looks for it but can’t find it and realises that it is still at Manik’s house. On the other hand, Cabir and Manik are waiting for Nandini to come back. Cabir tells Manik that it’s pointless and she isn’t going to come back but Manik tells him to wait, and that she will come back for sure.

Nandini comes to the Saxena house and is about to knock on the door but stops herself. She puts her ear to the door to hear what’s going on inside. At the pool, Cabir tells Manik that after all they did to her, not even her angel will come back. Manik tells him that he knows that she will come back. Nandini is confused as to what she should do. Manik tells Cabir to wait for 5 more minutes and if she comes, they’ll know how much they can torture her for the pen. Nandini is about to leave but someone opens the door so she comes back. She’s invited into the house once again.

Manik sees Nandini coming and tells Cabir to hide. Nandini looks for her pen in the pool and in the meanwhile, Cabir is about to sneak up on her until Aliya calls Manik and Nandini runs out before Manik and Cabir can do anything. Cabir and Manik make fun of how she ran away and how it’s going to be fun torturing her.

The next morning at college, everyone is betting. Nandini comes and she is informed that the betting is on her. It is because she took a stand against the Fab 5 and now they’re definitely going to kick her out. Nandini replies that she isn’t going anywhere. She sees Navya walking by and calls out to her but Navya ignores her and leaves the room.

The Fab 5 enter and Aliya asks Nandini why she came back to her house and if she forgot something. She shows her the pen and asks her if she forgot that. Nandini tries to take it back but Aliya doesn’t give it back. Mukti tells Nandini that if she wants something back from them, she has to earn it. She says that they will play a game. Manik also comes up to her and tells her that they are all friends, not enemies and that the Fab 5 are not bad people. He also tells her that it’s a good thing that she showered. Manik tells her that if she plays the game, he promises to give her the pen in return. He tells her that nothing is free in this world and that it is just give and take. A flashback is shown of Nyonika saying the same. Nandini asks what she’ll have to do. Cabir answers her question by saying that each member of the Fab 5 will give her a dare to complete and that’s all. Nandini agrees. Cabir gives her the first dare. Her first dare is to read the essay that Cabir will give her for her music history class, rather than the one she has written. Cabir pushes Nandini away and she leaves.

Navya’s teacher tells her that the research she has done is good but not enough. He wants his class as students to understand what inspired their masters. He tells them that music isn’t in the instruments, it’s in the musicians who play the instruments. Next is Nandini’s turn and she takes what Cabir told her to read. It turns out to be written on a magazine page. Nandini reads what is written. The teacher takes the book away from Nandini and a note falls out. It’s from Aliya, telling her to be at the canteen at 11. Nandini leaves the class.

The teacher asks Cabir what kind of prank this is and that is disgusting. Cabir tells the teacher that it was about to get disgusting and he stopped it. The teacher tells him that he knows exactly what is happening and it is all done by him. He tells him that one day he will definitely be caught. Cabir laughs and tells him that he will wait for that day and leaves.

It’s time for Nandini’s second dare. Aliya tells Nandini that she wants to see how well she can kiss. Aliya tells her to go kiss someone, the choice is hers. Nandini doesn’t want to do this. Mukti reminds her of what Manik told her earlier about give and take. Aliya tells her to go and complete the dare. Navya tells her to come to her and Nandini is about to go but Aliya stops her. Aliya tells her that whoever she kisses will have to face the Fab 5. Navya backs out at the last moment making an excuse and runs away. Everyone Nandini goes to runs away and Nandini ends up with only the old janitor. He asks her if she dropped anything and needs it to be cleaned. She thanks him for cleaning everything without complaining and gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Aliya and Mukti are shocked. The janitor tells her that it’s his job and there’s no need. Nandini replies by saying that no matter how many times they thank him, it won’t be enough. The janitor gets emotional and tells her to go and study with all her heart.

Aliya tells her that she didn’t complete the dare as she doesn’t call that a kiss. Nandini argues that she did exactly what she was told. Aliya tells her that she didn’t kiss him on the lips and Nandini replies that she didn’t mention anything about a kiss on the lips. Mukti interferes and states that this time she was lucky but she won’t be this lucky every time. Mukti gives her another note and the two leave. The note tells her to meet behind gate n0. 2 and it’s from Mukti. Nandini says a quick prayer to God.

Nandini comes and Mukti reminds her of her emotional scene with the janitor. She also tells her that the guard doesn’t get all that and she should give him a little too. Mukti tells her that she has to give him a sexy dance. Nandini says that this is something that she can’t do. Mukti tells her that if the pen isn’t important to her than don’t do it. Nandini says that the pen is important for her so she agrees to do it.

Nandini starts doing classical dance and Mukti stops her, telling her that she asked her to do something sexy. Nandini is in tears but dances anyways while Cabir is filming her. Aliya gives her a hat and she throws it off and runs out.

Everyone in the college sees the video and is laughing while Navya and Nandini are shocked. Boys start throwing stuff at her and she pushes one of them away and runs. The scene ends with Nandini crying.

PRECAP: It’s Dhruv’s turn to give Nandini a dare and she is mad. She asks what should she do for him? Jump out the window or dance and he shows a note. Manik is giving Nandini her pen back, telling her that the game is over but throws it out the window instead. Navya is telling someone that today Nandini punched Manik. Manik is shown angry with a bloody lip and hands and is playing crazily on his guitar. Dhruv asks him how he liked a girl’s punch.

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