Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts off with everyone dancing and Vikram looking at the artifact. He asks Mukti why it’s here and she tells him that it belongs to Manik’s mum and that she likes to collect unique things like this. Vikram asks why she said things, and does that mean she has more. Mukti replies with a yes.

Nandini is trying to get out when she gets a call from her Chachi. Rishabh is having an attack but she doesn’t tell Nandini about it and tells her to come home as it’s getting late. Nandini tells her she’s at a party and will come home soon. Mukti drags Nandini to the group where everyone is telling her to drink. Navya interrupts them and says that Nandini is her second best friend, her first is music, and that no one should irritate her. Nandini tries to get Navya to come down from where she is standing but Navya is too drunk and keeps talking about random stuff. Nandini tries again to get her to come down but Navya pulls her up next to her instead. Navya hands Nandini a can and Nandini throws it down in anger, telling them that this is payback in a way for all that the Fab 5 have done to them. She throws some more cans and bottles and also throws the artifact. It breaks and Manik is angry and Nandini is scared. He throws Nandini over his shoulder and takes her out.

Outside, he tells her the value of the artifact and tells her that he knows that the value of all of her family’s salary and property is not equal to the value of the artifact. He also tells her that his mom is the one paying for her scholarship and if she finds out that she was the one who broke the artifact, then she’ll be out of the college and it will affect her brother’s treatment. Manik gives her two options, either she pay him the 25 lacs (the market value of the artifact), or she becomes his spot girl/servant. Nandini tells him that she can’t do this. Manik tells her to decide quickly. Nandini refuses again and Manik tells her if she really wants to pay for the artifact, he’ll send her the bill. Manik gives her 6 hours to make her decision. Manik takes her back into the party.

When the two come back in, Manik tells her to get out as she has ruined the party for everyone. Everyone else leaves too and Manik tells Nandini to take Navya with her and that when she gets out of her drunken state, they’ll get back at her and also to be at his house at 6AM sharp. Nandini tries to control Navya as she is insulting the Fab 5. In the end she manages to get her outside.

The Fab 5’s jeep stops in front of Navya and Nandini as they are leaving and Navya pukes next to the jeep. Harshad shows up and says that he will drop of Navya and Nandini. There is some sort of tension between Harshad and Manik.

Nandini gets home late and her Chachi asks her where she was. She replies with a short version of the story and asks about Rishabh. Her Chachi informs her that Rishabh had an attack but everything is fine now. Her Chachu tells her that they’ve talked to the doctor and they will have to do another expensive test, but it’s important. Her Chachi says she has some money saved up and they can use that.

Nandini goes to see her brother. Nandini sees the star design on the wall and in Rishabh’s book and thinks that she has seen it somewhere before. She tries to think of where and remembers that it’s the design on the chip inside of her dad’s pen and is confused how Rishabh drew this.

Nandini remembers what Manik had told her earlier about the deal. She says that he can’t force her to work for him and he probably had too much to drink so he just said it like that.

The next morning at 6 exactly, Manik comes to Nandini’s room and wakes her up. Nandini is shocked at seeing him there. He tells her that it’s time to make her decision.

PRECAP: A repeat of what Manik told Nandini about the artifact and old scenes of Nandini crying.

Update Credit to: serendipity

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